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  1. Maybe you like owning your games, but its still a good offer, have you tried xbox game pass for pc? Lots of good looking games, and its honestly very cheap, it has games like metro, bethesda games, forza horizon 4, etc. Imho microsoft is doing a great job with the games selection
  2. First of all, I know theres a clear difference between vegan and vegeterian, I dont evek know who is who, but why do they have to hate on people that have an omnivore diet... I was eating with my girlfriend in a restaurant this 14th of Februrary and wooow, out of nowhere like 20 people start protesting infront of the restaurant.. it was all alright but they got in and started yelling at everyone that we were wrong, etc etc. I honestly think this is just ridiculous, why do people that eat "normally" have to respect them, when they cant even behave themselves. Everyone please, live a
  3. I got lucky with bohemia studios then, I bought an used physical copy from amazon and the key had a global ban, they just asked me for proof of purchase and gave me a new key. I think this was before the game got popular with all the youtubers (frankieonpc)
  4. Because I would like to improve thermals I think its still mid to high end, gtx 1080, i7 7820hk, I oc to 4.2ghz when I play heavy games like rdr2 and warzone. I repasted it like 3 months ago and temps maxed at 88c and fans arent that loud but I would really like to try it out Its a big laptop, 17 inches, I use an external mouse.
  5. I dreamed last night about this, turning my laptop into a desktop. How doable is this? Ive seen a video were the guy grabs an old laptop and transforms it into a desktop but it was a cheap one. It would obviously need a custom made tower, fans, and a little ingenuity, but I think its possible. Maybe even a custom watercooling thingy might be possible aswell??. What do you guys think? In the video I saw, the guy ditches the keyboard, trackpad, screen, he uses the ports to conect all that stuff.
  6. Aww yes, thank you for reminding me of we are the minuteman mod, I always play with them, Ive never modded in companions to fo4, I had willow on new vegas but that was about it, I might try llama's mod. I also have quite a few power armor mods, I never leave my tank lol, especially because im a looting biach. Thank you for the recomendations.
  7. I seriously forgot how fun is it to mod a bethesda game, so far I have 28 mods loaded, enb preset and a few graphical enhancement mods and the game is running pretty stable, no crashes, except yesterday, I died to a bottlecap mine and the game returned me to main menu. Right now the main mods Im using are sim settlements 2, nuclear winter and the gas masks of the commonwealth. Ive been having so much fun with settlements, especially since I installed the scrap everything mod, I still havnt got to diamond city and Im already stacked on caps and resources by just doing settlement stu
  8. Its honestly not that hard getting a few millions in a few days worth. You can always join activities that other players start and just friend them so they can invite back. You dont need the expensive stuff right away, find someone that already has the high end apartments so you can play heists with them, almost everyone that has that kind of stuff will be willing to give you a better cut of the jobs. Ive been playing since 2013 and I have over 350mil, keep in mind Ive spent more than that on all the new stuff thats been coming out. IMHO its definetely worth it, theres soo much fun to have, es
  9. My thoughts are that GTA 6 was confirmed pretty much since GTA III got its success, I dont think rockstar will stop developing GTA games ever, its probably the most successful franchise ever made in the videogames industry.
  10. People are angry because they got an unplayable game with a full price tag, cdpr shouldve never launched the game on old gen in this state. Im really wondering if they tested the game beforehand?? I seriously lost all hope/hype for the game when they announced it was a first person shooter.
  11. This is kind of silly, but I remember when I had jak and daxter 2 on ps2 I beated the game without any problems, cant remember my exact age but I think I was about 7-9 years old. Now that Im way older, I bought jak's collection on ps4, and Im having a horrible time beating some of the missions. Same happened to me with gta III and SA, I was a beast in those 2 games, but now I cant even handle some of the missions. I have an hypothesis, I think it is because of how the controls have changed over the years, I got so used to modern third/first person games, and now I cant seem to get used to old
  12. yes! there are servers with pve, its very fun and no real need for microphone. I dont remember the mode name, but try hopping into a server. Obviously there are ranks where you will be requiered to have a mic, like pilot and squad leaders i think, but if you go for engineers, medics, etc you wont have a problem and no one will yell at you
  13. I definetely recomend you getting the windows edition, its night and day difference in performance. The only downside is the modding. Im always capped at 75fps in windows edition, while on java I get a ton of hiccups
  14. If you thought AC was a decent game then you should definetely try the rest, 2 and brotherhood are my favorite, they tone down the difficulty by alot, thats my only problem. Plus the story and soundtrack are fantastic imho.
  15. Most of the games I play on PC, I played them first on console, gta, rdr2, fallout 3/4/NV, the elder scrolls games, etc. I've always enjoyed more playing third person games/rpgs on console because of the commodity I think lol. I'm definitely getting it first on consoles, then on a steam sale, I´ll be getting it on pc.