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  1. Just set it to what you show in the top picture until you get a DP cable. Not sure what issue you're having. Did you update your GPU? That 1650 isn't going to provide a whole lot of punch in 4K.
  2. Ah, I see. Yea, looks like your GPU upgrade will take place well into the future. Aww, that sucks. Well at least you have a GPU, some people settle for much less and much older hardware.
  3. I don't think I'll ever get around to lubing my keyboard.
  4. Syberia I and II are FREE on GOG right now. Syberia has 89% Very Positive reviews, Syberia II has 86% Very Positive reviews on Steam.
  5. Aha, I see why. It's the Prime customer price. I never have messed with Prime. Should totally put this in the title of this post. Gosh, I bet most items, if not ALL are like this for Prime customers on Amazon. I might have to look into Prime now that I think about this little nugget of information. Every time I buy something on Amazon, I'm offered a free 30 days of Prime. Might as well start that 30 days once late November comes for Black Friday and Christmas deals.
  6. I'm guessing the sale is over since it now shows as $27.99 for me. They might feel like Cherry switches but they certainly do not sound like Cherry switches and are much LOUDER. If I could go back in time, I'd have bought a keyboard with Outemu red switches. I first liked how loud my Outemu blue switches are but over time they just do not get any less louder, if that makes sense. It's just constant, noticeable, noise. Oh most definitely, 100% agree when it comes to certain types of people, gamers especially. I've actually known about this PICTEK mechanical keyboard for quite a
  7. Symphonia just released to GOG today for FREE. It originally released to the Nintendo Switch back in late June of 2020. It's a beautiful 2D hand animated musical platformer with a tight and poetic gameplay.
  8. Yea, your GPU is your bottleneck. Still not a major or moderate bottleneck. Just a minor one. Forgive me if I asked this before but is your GTX 1650 the older or newer version? To find out, check the memory. The older one is GDDR5, the newer one is GDDR6. So a little faster on the newer one. Think of the older version as a slightly underclocked GTX 970 and think of the newer version as a slightly overclocked GTX 1060 3GB. Hopefully you have the newer version because it's a solid performer for 1080p gaming and has less need for an upgrade imo. Oh wow, well that will definite
  9. You're all set. 4.5 to 4.6 GHz is excellent, especially if your temps are in check at that 4.5 to 4.6 GHz. Just make sure your minimum and maximum CPU processor states in your Windows power plan are set to 5% and 100%. My guess is that they already are. I just found a random multi-core score of 8540 and single core score of 1181 from an i7 9700 using R23 Cinebench on CPU-Monkey. The reason your Cinebench score is at just 6876 is because you ran the test at just 3.0 GHz. If you were to run the R23 Cinebench test at the 4.5 to 4.6 GHz turbo speed you're getting while gaming, it would mos
  10. Apparently this board doesn't support overclocking. So you'll want to enable turbo boost. Yes, that's enough. If you can, see what your CPU clocks to while playing a high demanding game. If it clocks to your turbo boost speed of 4.7 GHz, you are good to go.
  11. Under Advanced, disable Turbo boost. Under Main, try clicking on CPU speed(3000 MHz) to manually change it to 3100 MHz, then hit enter. Exit, save changes and restart PC. Stress test using basic Cinebench test and post result screenshot.
  12. You're all set on RAM. If you're at 65 degrees then you can bump that 3.6 GHz up a little bit. Try 3.8 GHz during a stress test. Then 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, etc, etc. I'd personally bump it up until it reaches into the 80's temps. Remember that 100 degrees is perfectly safe so the 80's would be ideal, the 90's would be for the daring. For example, my max CPU operating temp is just 71 degrees so I have my temps in the mid 50's for the most part and in some really high demanding games(and long stress tests), the temps will enter into the low 60's, but they never go above 61, 62. That
  13. Seems your score is lower than what it should be and what your friend and @SlashedM are talking about is that the motherboard doesn't allow you to get your CPU clocked to around its max turbo speed, which is 4.7 GHz. First thing you need to do is see what your CPU is clocked to in your BIOS. That board most likely has no chance to achieve 4.7 GHz but it should get over 3.0 GHz. The trick is to simply keep thermals in check and the speed you achieve is good to go. 100 degrees is its max operating temp so ideally you want your temps anywhere in the 70's and allowing it to creep somew
  14. Nioh Complete Edition is at a new historical low price right now on Newegg. ($12.49 USD) Snag it while you still can because I have no clue how long it's going to be in stock with a limit of 5 per customer. People can practically buy 5 and sell 4 for a profit. P.S. Nioh 2 Complete Edition is also at a historical low on Newegg. ($34.99) Just click on it from the same link.
  15. Shadowrun Trilogy is FREE right now on GOG. Shadowrun Trilogy Steam link. Shadowrun Returns 86% Very Positive reviews. 10,575 Positive. 1,366 Negative. Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut 87% Very Positive reviews. 4,699 Positive. 532 Negative. Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition 83% Very Positive reviews. 3,320 Positive. 534 Negative.
  16. Crucial P5 Size: 1 TB Current Price: $91.19 Warranty: 5 Years DRAM: LPDDR4 Endurance: 600 TBW S R/W: 3400/3000 Dual Core Crucial P2 Size: 1 TB Current Price: $79.99 ($11.20 cheaper) Warranty: 5 Years DRAM: DRAMLESS but does have HMB Endurance: 450 TBW S R/W: 2400/1800 Single Core Is the $11.20 extra worth one extra core, 1000/1200 more S R/W speeds, 150 more TBW and the LPDDR4 DRAM versus no DRAM but HMB technology? There's also this route that more than doubles your storage space fo
  17. ARMA Cold War Assault is FREE right now on Steam. ARMA Cold War Assault is also FREE right now on GOG. I posted both links to the same game on different storefronts so don't let it confuse you. 77% Very Positive reviews on Steam. 3,648 Positive. 954 Negative.
  18. Absolute Drift Zen Edition is FREE right now on GOG. 85% Very Positive reviews on Steam. 2,231 Positive. 289 Negative.
  19. I'd say yes, and yes. Sorry you missed when it was free, I feel blessed now because I REALLY am liking the game so far. I'm actually taking my time with it because I'm completing it pretty quickly. At least I think I am, I've kept everything about it completely fresh for many years now. Bare in mind though, the Special Edition may only be worth the extra fifty cents if you must own the MP3 version of the OST and the artbook. Because the soundtrack is on YouTube in both one full length video and individual tracks within a playlist... And the digital maps and
  20. That is the catch right there, shipping is not free. This would negate the catch, if you're near one that is.
  21. Hellpoint is FREE right now on GOG. 74% Mostly Positive reviews on Steam. 2,087 Positive. 638 Negative.
  22. Free shipping? I've never used that site so I don't know how to check. Plus there's got to be some kind of catch on this, this is easily a historical low price. At least in the past couple years of inflation going on. Agreed. Not that bad. And has it's place. One of the best ways to describe the unit imo. I like the 450BR for budget builds that aren't looking to have much overclocking going on and not much power coming from the CPU/GPU of the build. It has just a 3 year warranty but as long as you keep the watts in check, you can expect much more years out of it
  23. Titan Souls is FREE right now on Steam. 78% Very Positive reviews. 5,087 Positive. 1,243 Negative. Free to keep when you get it before Jun 14 @ 1:00pm.
  24. Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition is FREE right now on Humble. 82% Very Positive reviews on Steam. 12,780 Positive. 2,417 Negative.
  25. Museum of Other Realities is FREE right now on Steam. Free to keep when you get it before June 21st @ 2:00am.