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Large file transfer

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am looking for a site(preferably free) to be able to transfer video files back and forth between people securely. What would y'all suggest?

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how big?

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3 minutes ago, vladonizer said:

I am looking for a site(preferably free) to be able to transfer video files back and forth between people securely. What would y'all suggest?

Google drive, or upload to youtube as a private video and share the link. There's also wetransfer which offers up to 2GB free. https://wetransfer.com

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There's also dropbox create a link and send to however needs the file

Only those with the specific link can download it

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I believe with Resilio Sync you can do this, but I've not tested how it works over the internet. Another is to setup private torrent tracker or something like that.


Though question remains, how big files?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 5/23/2019 at 6:28 PM, will1432 said:

how big?

It really depends. But mostly 1080p files, 60fps, and anywhere from a few minutes to about 40 minutes

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If the other person is somewhat tech savy you could create a torrent file for your video and send him just the torrent file by email or other means. Other person loads torrent and starts downloading from you.

You would have to keep pc running at least until transfer is complete and it works of your ISP is not messing with p2p traffic, otherwise it's fast, there's resume support...


File sharing wise DC++ is also super easy... just share a folder and agree with other person to both connect to a particular server (like a irc channel, chat room). Other person can then get file listing from you and download files.



Otherwise, google drive works and it's free.


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If you're in a home network behind a router or modem from your ISP, forwarding FTP may be difficult, as it uses one connection for commands and separate connections for each data transfer.

Torrents would work much easier as the torrent clients (uTorrent, qBitTorrent) auto configure themselves to be connectable from outside your network, or you can simply forward a single tcp port in your router/modem.


Same deal for DC++ clients,  including servers - you can set up a DC++ server in less than 5 minutes (YnHub for example is super simple to configure and launch) and you only need to forward a port for people to connect to your own private DC++ hub.

Multiple people can then connect to this private server and access each others files.


Another option would be a mini http server, for example : https://sourceforge.net/projects/miniweb/

or http://tinyserver.sourceforge.net/

or http://smallsrv.com/


Set up port forwarding in your router/modem and configure such web server to serve files from a folder... then you could simply give the other person a link, like

http :// [your ip] : [configured port] / filename.extension 


and the mini web server will simply serve the file.

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