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  1. I don't know if we do, actually. But we back up our systems to a USB drive at the end of every day
  2. I was going to set up multiple users for my works quick books system(right now it's only on one PC) following these steps here: https://www.wizxpert.com/how-to-use-quickbooks-desktop-on-two-computers/ But before I do that, I wanted to make sure that it work work how I need it to. We have 2 separate business's on the main PC(the one we would set up as the server) and the others need to be able to access either one, no matter which on the server currently has pulled up. Will this work?
  3. Will I realistically feel a difference between oled and qled as far as response time? I honestly didn't know that there was a 120hz tv. Right now I can't run it any higher then 60, but I'll probably upgrade my PC next year
  4. Well I don't really have a budget, so I'll definitely put that one on my list to look at. I don't want to spend more then I have to, but I'd I decide it's worth the extra $ I will
  5. I am wanting to make a PC gaming setup in my living room with a big 4k TV. I was hoping a 65", decent response time, and 60 fps. I'm not sure if this exists(I know nothing about TVs) I would like to know yalls opinion on what/which TV or if you have better recommendations for what I want to do
  6. The other 2 options would be wait another generation to see what AMD is coming out with next, or just upgrade my 6800k with a used cpu(if I can find one)
  7. So I should look at AMD and forget intel if I am looking to upgrade later this year?
  8. I have been away from PC building for a few years and I'm having trouble catching up on what the newest sockets & Chipsets for both AMD and Intel. If you could help me out on that, along with some suggestions of good CPU's I could get on that socket for gaming, that would be great. I'm looking to upgrade from my 6800k and I would rather go for the newest socket/chipset instead of upgrading in an outdated socket.
  9. I should also mention, right now I'm running a 6800k with 16gb of ram
  10. I'm looking for these without a price limit. But if I don't have to spend $200 dollars more for hardly any improvement, I would like to save that for my other upgrades. Not sure what brand/model of cpu would be best, how much ram and what speed, and a good motherboard to go with it that has good features/looks. Wouldn't mind some white, but not required. What I do every week is: Gaming(mostly OW), Making/rendering videos in Vegas 14, and a lot of audio editing in audacity.
  11. It really depends. But mostly 1080p files, 60fps, and anywhere from a few minutes to about 40 minutes
  12. I am looking for a site(preferably free) to be able to transfer video files back and forth between people securely. What would y'all suggest?
  13. I was gonna get one of the cheap squeeze bottles from EK Oh, yeah. That's what I was thinking Edit: Although I wanted to make sure that having the loop feeding into the top wouldn't cause an overflow while filling the system when it got close to full
  14. I know it's not a full tower, but the r6 can hold a ton of storage, you can get it with or without the window https://www.amazon.com/Fractal-Design-FD-CA-DEF-R6C-BK-TGL-Computer-Define/dp/B07HQKF7F2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=define+r6&qid=1557945805&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  15. Hey, I am new to watercooling and am planning out my loop. I was wanting to have this pump/res combo with the loop going back into the res at the top and have the port labeled "in" at the bottom actually have a drain hooked to it. And of course I will also fill the loop with another one of the top openings on the res. How well will this work? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xres-140-glass-revo-d5-pwm-incl-pump