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1 minute ago, James said:

32:9 super ultrawide monitor with a 5120x1440p resolution

@Turtle Rig aren't you the one who made like ten posts about wanting to get a 32:9 monitor?

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9 minutes ago, r2724r16 said:

@Turtle Rig aren't you the one who made like ten posts about wanting to get a 32:9 monitor?

Yes I was obsessing about the Samsung CRG9 coming out May 2nd.  OP,  I recommend waiting for the Sammy, because its QLED HDR 1000nits freesync 2 and 120hz 5120x1440 :)

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That in built KVM switch looks really nice... if the LG had that, it would be the perfect screen. The no swivel + no speaker etc etc in the Dell just makes it probably not worth it... But KVM.


Tech, why you do this to me!!! 🤣

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Question on this. Would you be able to get better frame rates if you were doing the multi-system split screen? For example, if I were to be using my Mac to run streams on one half and my PC to play on the other, would it theoretically be capable of reaching higher FPS?


I remember reading on some of the other monitors like this is would also decrease the Hz of the display when doing this though as well which might have an impact on that.

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Still rocking my LG 34UM95 from FIVE YEARS AGO and it has never skipped a beat. Jumping on the ultra wide band wagon was definitely worth it, and it isn't a horrible gaming experience either. I also still rock 4-way SLI with 980Ti's but that's another story 😎


I had briefly toyed with the idea of upgrading to a 38 inch 3840 x 1600 when those first appeared, but like I said in my link above, increasing the resolution doesn't necessarily give you a better monitor. And it wasn't that big of a resolution increase either.


This 49 inch beast however at 5120 x 1440 is a significant bump from 3440 x 1440 - more real estate spread wider to lay out your windows, desktop tools/widgets and other important work stuff. These are definitely designed more for productivity, with gaming just a secondary trick.


The built-in KVM is HUGE if you need to work with dual systems (workstation + server, gaming + stream rig, windows box + CentOS box). It would also look super clean sitting next to a case that holds two motherboards.


it would be pretty interesting seeing three of these side by side for a near 270 degree field of view with a 4th monitor sitting up top. That kind of multi monitor setup would probably be best matched with a rig that has a pair of Quadro RXT 8000 cards nv linked together for 96GB of VRAM. Maybe that might be enough to run X-Plane maxxed out LOL

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TL;DR: Two new curved ultra-wide gaming monitors from LG and Dell, both with the same panel, manufactured by LG Display


Specs (Shared)

  • 5120x1440 (32:9 - Basically two QHD monitors side-by-side with no bezel in the middle)
  • 49" diagonal
  • 60Hz, was able to overclock to a stable ~76Hz
  • 3800R curve (e.g. straighter than the Samsung CHG90)
  • Professional-grade color accuracy / range (avg dE < 2 / 98% coverage respectively - Note: This is for the Dell model. The LG one is slightly worse.)
  • 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.4
  • USB ports (I think I got these right, the script was a little unclear here)
    • Dell: 5x downstream type-A, 2x upstream type-B, 1x upstream type-C
    • LG: 4x downstream type-A, 1x upstream type-C
    • Shared: Type-C has DisplayPort alternate mode and 90W power delivery, with no bulky power brick
  • Integrated KB/M - You can hook up two PCs at once in side-by-side mode, and control with a single set of peripherals

Downsides (Shared)

  • Low refresh rate for hardcore gaming
  • ~$1350 / ~$1500 depending on model


  • Plastic back color (Dell is grey, LG is white)
  • Dell has 3 more USB ports than LG (different composition, see above)
  • Slight color accuracy/range improvements on the Dell model
  • LG stand swivels, rotates, and goes lower than the Dell. Dell product page says it swivels/rotates, but it did not do so when tested - The product page is wrong here.
  • LG has ambient light sensor on the top for adaptive brightness, Dell doesn't
  • LG supports HDR 10 software-side (Doesn't really seem to have any effect at all)
  • LG has built-in speakers, Dell doesn't
  • LG is $150 more expensive than Dell

Writer recommends them if you're willing to pay a premium for a really big, really high-rez monitor, but don't care about your refresh rate. Strongly recommends the LG over the Dell if you're willing to pay the $150 more for various LG-exclusive features.

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My next monitor will probably just be a 40" 4K display I can throw against my wall out of the way


why is no one making 4k 21:9 displays?

I edit my posts a lot

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As conclusion I would say:

Laptop/Apple users buy LG & Pro (Work) Users by dell.

I've 2x B2791QSU-B1 (and to many 22" on desk)  with different devices connected and a 4x output usb kvm, so the with the dell i cloud use 8 different systems with "just" 4 monitors.

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In theory. Could you use 2 video outputs from 1 computer and will the monitor act as 2 separate screens? That way I can Fullscreen one side but still have whatever going on the other?

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I am wondering the same and i can't find that info anywhere.


Can this monitor do picture in picture on one PC? 

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