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  1. I tried getting one of those Volta cables but they don't sell the tips individually and the cables they do have either don't come with the tips I need or are out of stock. THB they are also quite expensive compared to the $10 bargain bin ones I can pick up at Staples. While it would be nice having a single cable to juice my iPhone and Android stuff, adding it all up in the end and throwing $100+ at it is just too much. And then I haven't even gotten to the connector replacements I would need in my car where I have two phones and a tablet mount. My advice to Volta - sell the tips in
  2. Great. Did you get yours with the 3080 because now that option is gone too.
  3. Could Dell possibly have royally screwed up the launch of this laptop worse than it already has??? I was online just the other day and the 4K display option is gone. You cannot configure it. Also gone for whatever bizarre reason is the Win 10 Pro option - you get home OS only. As for the mechanical keyboard option that's gone too. Why the hell does a company market a product with features/specs that doesn't exist and they cannot deliver? Is this even a real shipping item or yet another month of May paper launch??? The selections available in their online con
  4. I wonder if hybrid graphics are doable with these AMD solutions - plug a monitor into a HDMI/DP port on a mobo and get discreet GPU pass thru. That would be a neat setup for when you want to use the on-board graphics for your desktop/2D stuff, but then instantly switch over to the more powerful GPU when a 3D title gets fired up. It's been done before on the nVidia side (albeit not so well), so I would think AMD could make it happen with the right drivers and mobo/BIOS support. If that doesn't work (and I suspect it doesn't) how about a dual monitor arrangement where the mobo and de
  5. "Cannot fit in the top slot LOL" Can we all agree on the BACKWARDNESS of the ATX spec. This now 36 year old massively outdated and antiquated PC standard is what is holding innovation, development and progress back. <<<-- video topic Linus??? Because in the good old dusty wild west untamed pioneering days of Windows 95 you didn't have TRIPLE SLOT 350W GPU's nor did the single core processors even remotely need the type of cooling and power delivery today's 20+ core silicon behemoths require. Why the heck can't they come up with a new ATX standard th
  6. I remember this question cropped up for me on the F@H forum a few years back. Linux always gave higher PPD than Windows, but unless you had GRID compatible cards or ran thru hyper visor it was impossible to get GPU pass thru to work. Yeah, if you had Linux installed as a base and Windows running in a VM it wouldn't be a problem, but going the other way around, absolutely no chance. Because yes, if the limitation is removed, it would now allow F@H the ability to work in Linux via VM on consumer cards. That's good news for the folding community! Maybe nVidia can;t get eno
  7. Small cases like these and the work that goes into putting it together (a complete system) really has me scratching my head. Because as cool as it looks, they again forego style for functionality. Think about maintenance - will you be disassembling the entire build just to change the fluid? Without a reservoir you're depending on your tubes, blocks and rads to carry the water level - components that by design are always meant to be full, not 50% full and not 90% full, but 100% full. Yeah, you could work out the micro air bubbles over a week or two, but trying to top it off will be
  8. Wanna give me some of what you've been smoking? Because I just did a battery swap myself on a S6 edge+ using an iFixit guide. Actually, I was forced to because the pack became inflated and the phone was splitting in two like that guy's head when the alien creature comes out LOL. I had absolutely no desire for the thing to explode in my hand or in my pocket. Truth be told it's issues like this that makes the argument for swappable batteries that much more relevant again if the quality of the components these shady manufacturers are putting inside are prone to such failure, never min
  9. "Since manufacturers aren't penalized for the excess waste their mentality generates..." Mother nature would like to have a word with you!!! You don't need to Google too hard to find the effects of industry on the environment, when fresh water rivers get diverted, deforestation occurs, atmosphere is polluted and man-made waste get ejected into the surrounding soil and is left unchecked. In the last 100 years humans have gained the ability to DESTROY THIS PLANET. Yet instead of saving it, we live with a "I don't give a shit" attitude oblivious to things like climate change and speci
  10. Yeah, the 8020 thing, where it's 80% brains and 20% effort for a job done right??? Except today you were at 20% caffeine-deprived brains and 80% silly effort. But then I guess it wouldn't have been called a "crazy video" if you had just ordered a MO-RA3 420 external PC radiator that takes standard G1/4 fittings and thrown on 18 of those 3000RPM Noctua Industrial 140mm fans in push/pull. Hey, if the goal was to create some real entertainment value you can always upgrade to those 38mm thick finger-chopping Deltas Maybe next time you can have Aquatuning and Di
  11. And that band aid on the forehead is from getting hit in the face with the eggplant, zucchini and banana
  12. Congrats on the 10M subs. That's a really great build, super unique and totally LMG level. I wouldn't have expected you guys to do it any other different. Very nicely done!!! You know the perfect complement piece would be to build a really nice stand/base for it... and hide a GPU inside of that. You could do it out of wood easy, carbon fiber or even marble if you can locate a guy that can cut the stuff.
  13. Sony had a much better idea for a product like this a few years back. Can't remember the model number though and it doesn't seem to be on sale any more either sadly. Their version was also a smartphone clip on, but rather than attach directly to the smartphone lens it connected to your phone through a dedicated Sony camera app. The lens itself was also a full blown DSLR lens like they used in their actual cameras, only modified with wireless and removed the screen and buttons etc... but kept the sensors and other picture taking hardware. I don't know how it performed an
  14. Alphacool were for a while shipping the wrong screws with their rads. Not sure how they didn't QC this because the difference between metric and imperial thread IS noticeable, except these I believe were metric, but had the incorrect PITCH (thread spacing), so when you tried to screw it in it would seize. This was right about the same time they dropped supplying those nice gold foil stickers in the box and did their own blue label thing which I really didn't like because it was oriented upside down in my case. Sadly, that first hole in one of my radiators got mutilated, but nothing some thread
  15. So LMG is getting horny now. I'll stick around for the one where Sarah and Madison lube up their bodies with high applications of thermal grease and then loop the one where where Anthony and James just shove their fist in and go for it #slooflirpa
  16. Goal Zero makes similar stuff. I picked up a Yeti 3000 last year when my building had a partial power loss right in the middle of the COVID madness. Helped keep my fridge/freezer on while letting me still use a microwave, toaster and razor. Extension cords definitely came in handy. The number of charging ports on it is really nuts - two regular AC bricks can plug in at the same time, a dedicated port for a huge fast charger, and will also handle 6x200W of solar panels. The only downside is that the charging cables/splitters you need are proprietary, Lose or break one and it's not e
  17. Not under $100 and not wireless but I enjoy using my Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 gaming headset. Large drivers, wide frequency response, a handy mic mute button and very ergonomic ear pads and headband. It works great for Skype calls too. They even include a USB dongle in case you don't have a 3.5mm jack. Of course when I have no need for a mic my goto choice is my prized Sony XB700 cans. Again, not wireless and nowhere near the price range of these budget buys, but they are the benchmark standard many audiophiles and headphone lovers will swear by. I use these paired with a TEAC UD-50
  18. SLI may be dead, but there are definitely use cases for having multiple GPU's in one system, and I don't immediately hint at mining. F@H, professional rendering and encoding/transcoding tasks have for years been running on graphics hardware. And these aren't single tasking applications either - you can effectively game and fold at the same time when you have a second GPU in there. Consider also multi monitor applications that need more than four outputs from your GPU. With Windows anyway you can have a maximum of 32 display outputs. Then on the other end of the line you have headle
  19. Hard drives still have two big things going for it - price and capacity. If you have more than 8TB to store you know how painful SSD pricing is. Even a few short years ago a 2TB SSD was still a thousand dollar affair. And while prices have come down, capacity demands for people continue to grow, so larger SSD's still remain expensive. I remember when I built my rig I went with 7200RPM notebook drives. I have three 750GB drives in RAID0 to host my steam library. Performance is great, came out far cheaper than a 2TB SSD would have cost in 2016 and I was easy to set up since I had the
  20. That GPU excuse was pretty lame. AMD/nVidia saw it happen already in 2018 with the crypto boom/bust that happened earlier... and chose to ignore it. They are to blame for 10x0 prices being jacked and staying there ever since. Do you seriously think they would not want to line their pockets with that very convenient extra cash??? Don't fool yourself - these are greedy companies run by greedy CEO's who have the power to manipulate the market. Only now it's gotten to the point where they can no longer do anything about it. They had a shot and failed. Might have been worth your while a
  21. It's great that you guys can throw hardware together from spare, unused old inventory - stuff doesn't get thrown out, hardware gets to live that little bit longer and money gets saved. Happy that Luke gets to rock some better horsepower. Funny enough, the board you pulled out is probably NEWER than what I am still using right now. I jumped on X99 at launch and got a good sample 5960X (with a spare mobo and CPU just in case). My goal was to have a long-term build, and while it is showing it's age, it doesn't "feel" any bit slow. I could use a GPU upgrade of course, but that's anothe
  22. Not sure why this hasn't been brought up yet, but the split screen keyboard used on the Surface Go (and Surface RT originally) is a pretty good native keyboard solution for typing. I can even use it lying down on a sofa resting my arms and type with it quite comfortably. Maybe not for doing a 2-3 page Word doc, but certainly usable for punching out a piece like this in a pinch. Maybe that 8 inch screen size is the sweet spot. I'm wondering why they haven't considered doing a "thicker" Surface Go type device with beefier hardware/battery under the hood. It would certainl
  23. I'm not going to rehash what I said over in the last thread, but this is becoming a serious problem for the PC market as a whole, not just PC gaming. Consider those building brand new - you NEED a GPU to complete the system. Integrated graphics may be fine for the number crunchers and social media junkies but how many mobos come equipped with those? Hardly any. Even if you are not a gamer and just need a desktop because you have no need for a laptop, the GPU shortage will affect you. Then you have those upgrading their rigs. I'm rocking 980Ti's in 4-way SLI. A single 30
  24. Yeah, I was going to mention that but got lost in my thought process. It's stable AF, which is why many governments keep reserves of the stuff and use it to back their currency. Stocks and crypto just don't offer the same liquidity, can be difficult to quickly dump and will always be far more volatile. As for office security/valuables, a typical 4U rack server can go for $50K-$250K easily. Their camera equipment alone is worth far more, but I am confident they have a better than average security system there (and police response times) to deal with it. Jewellery is easy to wash
  25. That $69K USD price is pretty bang on if it's between 2-3lbs. I was actually drooling over a 36 inch 1 inch wide Cuban link chain the other day that I saw and when I quoted them on the price got told $57K. This is an outfit based in Miami. Not sure the wife there really understands the purpose of gold. Yes, it's a commodity that get traded, but it is also an investment. And the price of gold continues to rise as it becomes rarer and harder to mine. It will never lose it's value, so the money you put into it stays. It can also always be exchanged for cash if you need money in an eme