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  1. Original Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/verizon-looks-to-unload-tumblr-blogging-site-11556823135 Non-Paywalled Secondary Source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/05/02/verizon-reportedly-seeking-to-sell-tumblr/ Story: In 2013, Yahoo bought the Tumblr platform for over $1 billion. In 2017, this passed through to Verizon (and shortly afterwards to the "Verizon Media Group" brand) when Verizon bought Yahoo. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting from unnamed sources that Verizon is seeking to sell Tumblr off. The platform was originally marketed as a "blogging" application wh
  2. Source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/05/01/tesla-sued-in-wrongful-death-lawsuit-that-alleges-autopilot-caused-crash/ Story: Apple engineer Walter Huang was killed after his Tesla Model X accelerated into and crashed into a highway median, and now his family is suing Tesla for a variety of allegations including "product liability, defective product design, failure to warn, breach of warranty, intentional and negligent misrepresentation and false advertising". They are also naming the California DoT in the suit, as they failed to replace a crash attenuator guard on the median after a
  3. If for some reason they actually do follow through, then great, that's good for the internet as a whole. However, I have no expectation whatsoever that that will happen. That's literally just Facebook saying "We are resolving to make business decisions that will dramatically cut our revenue. Trust us." That said, it could potentially be possible if they are in danger of massive revenue-based fines* (similar to what GDPR does), or even criminal action being taken (less likely), that they would basically be forced to do this, and are making it a big spectacle to look good in the medi
  4. Not exactly. Securities laws themselves have been pretty set in stone for a long time, and Tesla pretty much close the potential for argument of "but it's his personal account" when they routinely tell investors that Musk's account is an official source of Tesla business statements, along with the actual Tesla account. That's why that argument wasn't brought up at the hearing at all, and instead they decided to attack "what constitutes material information".
  5. Source for background info: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/17/telsa-ceo-elon-musk-sued-by-thai-rescue-diver-vernon-unsworth.html Source for motion to dismiss: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/dec/27/elon-musk-pedo-diver-vernon-unsworth-defamation-lawsuit-dismiss Source (From one of Unsworth's lawyers): Background: Back when one of the biggest news stories around was the story of a youth soccer team being trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand, Elon Musk publicly decided that he was going to attempt to have SpaceX engineers design a mini-submarine to aid i
  6. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/26/tech/elon-musk-sec-settlement/index.html Source for full list of material information: https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/26/elon-musk-sec-agree-to-guidelines-on-twitter-use/ Background: Elon Musk was brought to court by the SEC last year for securities fraud after he tweeted an untrue statement that Tesla was willing and able to go private at $420 per share, which caused stock prices for Tesla to jump instantly. They settled with an agreement that: Musk and Tesla would pay $20 million each in fines which would go to investors harmed by
  7. TLDW: Apple "New Airpods" (Referred to here as "Airpods 2" - Apple is taking a cue from Nintendo here I guess) Buds themselves look/feel identical to the old ones Released in conjunction with new wireless charging-capable charging case (which still has a lightning port for if you don't have a wireless charging pad) that also looks a bit nicer than the old one Very slight improvements Battery time during calls increased from 2h to 3h Uses Bluetooth 5 instead of 4.2 Able to activate Siri by voice now instead of just double-tapping 1-2s
  8. Sounds like it's your email account that's insecure then. Change your password there, and maybe consider setting up 2FA on one or the other
  9. Update was pushed yesterday, so if you've updated since yesterday you should have the fix.
  10. To clarify on the previous response, this is the typical process: To register a new user Generate a random salt (This doesn't need to be crypto-secure randomness, just whatever's easiest to generate a random number.) Concatenate the salt to the end of the user's password and hash that concatenated value (Do NOT implement this yourself, use the crypto library you mentioned, and if you're able to specify an algo, something like bcrypt is best. Do NOT use MD5 or another algo used for checksums and not for encryption.) Store the following values in a file for lookup l
  11. Source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/16/ea-origin-bug-exposed-hackers/ Story: EA has released an update for their "Origin" game launcher on Windows, fixing a vulnerability that could allow for arbitrary code execution at the privilege level of the currently logged-in user. The exploit must be triggered by following a maliciously constructed origin:// link from within a web browser. That type of link is typically used to launch Origin on the user's computer and perform an action automatically (for example, to navigate to a game on the store, or to launch a game from the app). How
  12. Every article about this event doesn't mention whether it was sandboxed, because the correct assumption is that it is. Saying that the articles indicate a problem is basically just assuming that they fucked up, because they didn't explicitly state that they didn't. If you read a local news article about someone getting arrested, you're not going to just assume that the officer randomly shot a cat because the article didn't say "no cats were randomly shot, per protocol".
  13. Very bad and misleading headline. It was done specifically for analysis purposes, and though it doesn't explicitly state as such, we can assume that it was done on a sandboxed machine. That's a basic procedure, and without plugging it into any machine ever, you can't get the full picture for forensics. It's really sad how every tech news site right now is chomping at the bit to say "LOOK THEY DID THIS THING THAT'S BAD AT THE VERY MOST SURFACE LEVEL!!!" when in context it's business as usual.
  14. TLDW: Gigabyte Aero 15 x9 "AI Laptop" (Gaming Laptop) Specs: Intel Core i9-8950HK CPU (Overclockable) Nvidia RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU 16GB DDR4 RAM 1TB NVMe SSD 94Wh battery I/O: 3x USB 3.1 type-A 1x HDMI 2.0 1x RJ45 (Ethernet) 1x DP 1.4 USB 3.1 Type-C 1x Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.1 Type-C UHS-II Card Reader Combo Audio Jack Main selling point: "AI" optimization for games 144Hz 15" 1080p display OR 60Hz 15" 4K display (Option) $2400 for their recommended opt