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  1. A soundbar has Dolby Atmos certification. Note to self: Dolby Atmos Certification is meaningless.
  2. Here's one for the Foot Wiki...
  3. BAC looks like what a self-aware colonoscopy machine would look like.
  4. If it's so important, why not just use mirroring instead of parity?
  5. Nice to see someone else just puts their case backwards.
  6. I'm using my 800x600 120Hz projector to watch this video. Calculated size is about 90 Inches. I use my apartment wall as a screen. I paid 3.00 USD for it.
  7. Finally, someone mentions Doom's multi-display mode.
  8. That's a video on ShortCircuit. This don't get forum topics. This is the forum topic for Don't Build a Hackintosh.
  9. Why is he wearing a hat indoors?
  10. Buy that man a tripod. Please. For the love of <Insert whatever Canada has instead of God>.
  11. Because that wouldn't be a triangle, you unseasoned chicken wing.
  12. 2 Wide, with one on top in the middle... A... Pyramid!