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Powering multiple external HDDs

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I want to add another external usb HDD to my orange pi pc plus mini "server" but I'm having some issues. When I plug in the second HDD the first one gets unmounted or it starts powering on and off. I tried to use a atx power supply to power it via gpio, but it didn't work even with a single drive. What are my options? 

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12 hours ago, James Evens said:

@TopHatTom ground/shielding isn't necessary for high speed datalines ^^

Huh?? I never mentioned grounding/shielding. I just did the diagram in paint... 


I found a similar diagram on the old google.


Image result for splicing power into USB 

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14 hours ago, James Evens said:

@TopHatTom ground/shielding isn't necessary for high speed datalines ^^

That is completely false. Without a common return there is no reference for the data line between the two devices. You also need to make sure you are using a proper cable and not just long wires as you need to maintain a characteristic impedance of 90 ohms. Without proper shielding or a properly design cable reflections will become bad enough to make the signal unusable.



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