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New Build - Looking for opinions

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15 minutes ago, Jayliss said:

What do you think of this build? I went for black with red accents for the color scheme and by dropping to an RTX 2080 you would be able to go from 1.5 TB of storage to 4 TB and have 32 GB of RAM instead of 16 GB while spending $19.91 less than your original idea.

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1 hour ago, Jayliss said:

Haha everything is expensive here bro. 15% GST and all the import costs makes it about 25% more expensive than some other countries. This is why I'm always broke spending money on PC shit LMAO. Thanks for the advice bro. Just gonna stick with 512GB for now and if I need it ill get another one


Is this NZ?

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1 hour ago, Stormseeker9 said:

Seeing what you use it for.. get a 2070. Or just a normal 2080 for around $800(usd). 2k just for the GPU? You’re mad unless you really need it. 


Could also look look at something like 2700x + B450 or X470 board + 16GB of 3000/3200 MHz ram (in case of Ryzen). 


For SSD also look at the 970 evo from Samsung. 

That's NZD/AUD pricing for yah...2080s pretty much halve the cost.

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