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Richard Webster

Anyone download NoCD Cracks because they're lazy?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Did any of you download those NoCD Cracks back in the day, because you couldn't be bothered putting the disc in every time you wanted to play the game? I did on a few games that I'd throw many hours into. Age of Empires, Elder Scrolls etc.

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At this point I end up doing it since most of the discs I use are backups of the real thing. Though the added laziness of not having to hunt for the disc i need is great.

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Not really.

Back in the day I was either a kid without a credit card or options to purchase stuff (there was no Steam) ( pre- Half-Life days , when Unreal Tournament was popular) or i was too poor to buy things anyway.

Here in Romania, there were few options to buy retail packages even if you had the money.

I think some computer stores started to sell games like World of Warcraft and time cards and Counter Strike and from there, there were more "retail" games available.


When i was a student and started working as a freelancer so i had some money, I started buying games from Steam. Sometimes I'm pirating a game and buying it later when it's on sale.

So pretty much I'm only downloading no-cd or specific cracks from sites like gamecopyworld only when i want a particular version of the executable in order to work with a game trainer. There's some games like let's say Ori and the Blind Forest which are harder to play without gamepad or controller so trainers help getting over some more difficult places and then i can play without trainers.


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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, r4tch3t said:

In the really early days I did, but then I got a 8GB hard drive. I could rip the entire CD and virtually mount it. 

Absolute genius.

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I did with Mass Effect 2, but only because I had it installed on my PC but I lost the disc...

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WinCD emu

pull the ISO and mount it on a virtual drive

did that for all my sims disks, of which I had like 10 disks

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If you answered "no" to any of those, close the tab.

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i.e. "What B360 motherboard should I buy?"

>someone replies with a PC partpicker list with a ryzen system

Not what was asked.

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Yeah that was a stupid requirement. Reminds me of CD-keys, which were NEVER in the same place. Worse part is when it was printed on a single plastic sheet you could easily lose. 

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I had to in one particular games, GTR 2 Steam version. I need NoCD + manual update to enable all cars liveries because Steam version doesn't have those so many cars doesn't have any textures on them. 

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Nah, just virtual drive.

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