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  1. They're a well know site to get cheap electronics and such. Never had an issue with them and they have refunded me before when a part didn't arrive. Be warned shipping times greatly vary. Anywhere from a week to 2 months is normal.
  2. Do you still need network access? If not you could manually change from DHCP to a random IP apply it then set it back to DHCP to reconnect. Or https://www.itechtics.com/3-ways-disableblock-internet-connection-temporarily/
  3. Common occurrence with the moths, but if doubt its what caused that corrosion, there's just too much and its all over the board /heatsink. Curious as to your local weather conditions aswell. From my experience finding parts for graphics cards can be frustratingly difficult. Those components in the top picture look like they got a little toasty too. Most likely diodes.
  4. Sounds like you cpu is bottlenecking your gpu.
  5. I can't find any info on if usb c audio is on your laptop. Have you tried the headset in another 3.5mm jack? It might be the headset cable that is broken. You can always get a USB soundcard though.
  6. No. I have used a screwdriver I bought from the hardware store about 10 years ago. You'll be fine as long as you use an anti static strap or touch the metal of a plugged in case every so often when building the pc.
  7. Possibly. Look on the back for the part number. Should be able to figure out all the specs that way.
  8. Create another partition on your drive and make it a bootable windows installer?
  9. You may have bent some of the pins in the slot causing a short. Get that mobo under some light and look at the pins. If they're bent you could try unbending them.
  10. You need a 4 channel 2 output mixer. Otherwise the signals can feed back from one device to another. The mixers combine the analog signals safely. The ons @Mira Yurizaki would work great, however as he said there are cheaper options. For instance I was researching a few months back and the can be had for under $50. Be warned though, the cheaper ones use lower quality everything so your output sound may be lower quality than a brand name one. Another possibility is to plug the echo into your pc line in /mic port and have the pc pass it to your speakers
  11. If you hate Disney it's probably a no go. It's a Disney themed final fantasy basically. That said it is a very well made game and a ton of fun. (just don't try to follow the story...) The combat is interesting (think final fantasy xiii) and there's a lot to do. All in all I'd suggest getting it and seeing if you enjoy it. I'm not a huge Disney fan but I love kingdom hearts.
  12. Depends how far you go. 30 seconds in the BIOS to get 4GHz is definately worth it. However are you running into bottlenecks? I turned my overclock off on my 3570k for less power consumption because it still runs great today in games.
  13. Nope. It uses the same port but the pinout is very different. You'll need something like This. A serial port has specific signaling protocols and sends data at a rate speed whereas the genisis is almost literally shorting pins together.
  14. Facebook and gumtree? (is gumtree still a thing?)
  15. Have you considered YouTube Red? I got it years ago and haven't looked back. Allows you to just steam audio with your phone screen off or while using another app. You can also download full quality videos to view later. No ads either.