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    DigitalHermit reacted to Biased Opinion in Psybrid Theory   
    Soundcloud link if you nerds want it.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to CatCloud in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh god, I don't even want to count how far behind I am with visual and light novels =_= I just can't keep up, + all the anime, manga and, manwha.And then there are the TV shows and movies I haven't seen yet... Zzz
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MyInnerFred in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    The event is near impossible to clear with what limited resources that the players have... Someone even went ahead and spent a HUGE amount of money for cash-items and FAILED to clear the final segment of the event... I'm stuck in the second part of the event and there are 6 parts with cash-item rewards and event-only ships...
    You remind me of myslef... 200+ volumes of light novels in backlog and an extra 20+ visual novels...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MyInnerFred in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I'm still waiting for the next installment in Touhou but ZUN seems to be busy with family matters after Touhou 14...
    I'm also playing Kantai Collection right now, and there's an event... Lot's of people might be quitting after this one...
    You should try Touhou 12.5 and 13.5 which are really good 2d fighters...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MyInnerFred in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I loved this image set... (seen it on Danbooru)...
    Speaking of Touhou, anyone playing here?
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    DigitalHermit reacted to FizzyFantom in Why do people hate AMD cpu's so much   
    Many people have spread the misconceptions that AMD "are just crap" and "run really hot" (as evidenced in this thread). Anyone who has any real world experience with AMD CPUs will know that these are both lies and AMD is actually as good an option as Intel (most times). Please note I said "as good as" not better. Neither is "better" than the other overall (they possibly are for very specific uses) so saying that they all "just run hot" (which I see far too much) is simply not true.
    People "hate" AMD for the same reason they "hate" Nvidia, or Asus, or Gigabyte etc. Fanboyism. Anyone who claims "AMD is just crap" or "AMDs just run hot" are talking rubbish. Please stop...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MyInnerFred in How would you rate your ability to speak/write/read the english language?   
    Tut mir leid. Ich kann nicht Englisch.
    Ipagpaumanhin po, hindi po ako nakakaintindi ng Ingles.
    12 units of college English, and growing up with English as a second language.. Of course I have some mastery... (Not in German or Japanese though)...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Crimluck in Software EQ similar to Poweramp on Android   
    Ah... Did'nt see the edit...
    Do you have a Realtek HD Audio on your system? The driver suite has software postprocessing included... You need to open the mixer then click on the speaker icon... The equalizer is under the Enhancements tab...
    Otherwise, Try looking around in the audio settings, there should be something there...
    If you really need a player with this feature, I recommend Gom Player (really good postprocessing imo), VLC Player (it works), and AIMP3 (mp3 only)
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    DigitalHermit reacted to RatedBlam in The USA Vs. GTR Nuff Said   
    Ford Escort Mk I rs2000.
    'nuff said.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to MrCthuntoo in Safe anti static environment.   
    Although you may end up with a pube or two stuck somewhere inside your computer.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Randomacts in Heaven Society - Week 13 Anime Poll   
    Well.. uhh
    I bought a log horizon sticker for my laptop.
    I would pay for crunchy roll if it wasn't so much worse then watching fansubs.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to fringie in Why do people hate AMD cpu's so much   
    Because people are misinformed/have brand loyalties/are easily influenced/bandwagon.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from AlwaysFSX in The USA Vs. GTR Nuff Said   
    And in my opinion an outdated Alto can beat a GTR when racing the narrow back streets of Manila.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to AlwaysFSX in The USA Vs. GTR Nuff Said   
    What happened to having skill and knowing how your car handles and reacts to the road? You don't need computers to drive fast and go around corners for you.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to hojnikb in Are low end PSU really that bad?   
    Never ever skimp on PSU.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from TheRagingGamer in Why do people hate AMD cpu's so much   
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    DigitalHermit reacted to TheRagingGamer in Why do people hate AMD cpu's so much   
    G3258 is overhyped bullshit. Does anyone ever look at benchmarks here, that cpu is shit. Just because its overclockable doesnt mean its good 
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Imabigmac in Could someone explain this whole room watercooling set up to me?   
    It was supposed to hang outside the room's window with industrial Noctua fans iirc...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to TheSLSAMG in Carey Holzman says some stuff about LTT.   
    A thread I created is slowly giving me *insert terminal disease here* from a bunch of fanboys. There are a few people who actually know what they are talking about, but not a lot.
    @jmaster299, I agree.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to jmaster299 in Carey Holzman says some stuff about LTT.   
    I don't know if he cares enough to bother, but @LinusTech could almost argue a case of libel against this guy. LTT people are obviously defending Linus in the comments, myself included, but Carey keeps responding by saying that Linus never gives a bad review and only says what the companies want. Because if he didn't he wouldn't actually have a successful business. Anyone that watches Linus's videos knows thats not true, so Carey is other wilfully ignorant or he's lying. If he's lying that makes it libel because he's making false accusations against Linus and his company.

    I regret the fact that I contributed to his views because of all of this.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Syraz in Carey Holzman says some stuff about LTT.   
    I wanna see a mashup of the 2 for pc builds..in depth with quirkiness and sexual innuendos 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to ForsakenLive in Are VGA (D-sub) connections THAT bad?   
    VGA requires a DAC to send the signal, similar to audio DACs but for video, this adds another point of quality lowering on the final image. Basically colors look slightly more faded, but that can be subject to further degradation thanks to the possibility of interference messing with the signals. In different scenarios with light variations on the room and the ability of the monitor to represent colors there will be more or less difference on the final output.
    More information: http://www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/23769.aspx
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from ripanotha2013og in accessories that had no bushiness being included with your hardware   
    Hey... I bought my monitor in Q4 2013 (Samsung S19C150 1366x768 18.5") and I can tell you that they still manufacture VGA only monitors... VGA monitors are the only ones that are common enough and cheap enough to consider... Everything else is way too overpriced...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to aidenrelkoff in "The LAN Station" by aidenrelkoff   
    Introducing the LAN Station! a portable box for all your lanparty needs! includes a 6 port power bar, router, and much more!


    Order today! 19 easy payments of $49.95
    patent pending
    but like yeah, i siliconed a power bar inside, put some router screws into the lid and stuff and this came out. i made this for camping so me and my friend can game, lawl.