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    Dashing Swordsman
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    Computers, furries, and Satan
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    My diet is 80% meat
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    I build things in exchange for green paper with numbers on it


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    Intel Xeon E3 1240 @ 3.7GHz
  • Motherboard
    AsRock H77M
  • RAM
    2x 8GB Avexir Core
  • GPU
    nVidia GTX 1050Ti Freedom Edition
  • Case
    Thermaltake Dragonscale
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    250GB SanDisk SSD + 1.5TB RAID0 (3x 500GB SSHD) +500GB RAID0 (2x 250GB SSHD)
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    600W Corsair CX600 v1
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    3x HP Compaq LA1905wg
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    upHere 240mm AiO
  • Keyboard
    HP KU-316
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    Some budget gaming mouse
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    Altec Lansing 2.1 Stereo Speakers
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    Windows 7 Server Platinum
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  1. I uninstalled Passmark because the D3D9 test was broken, but I can run the CPU-Z test and post a screen. I'm working on a customer's tablet right now, replying in between steps (screen glass replacement). Right now the screen is on the hot plate.
  2. I just spent a month's savings on a GTX 1070, maybe when I can afford the MB/CPU/RAM combo I'll take a look, but I'm guessing that the microcodes have been completely rewritten for the new gen of CPUs. Maybe if I win the lottery.
  3. Because buying from the manufacturer is more cost effective. Third party vendors like Amazon have more steps to complete to sell and deliver a product than going to EVGA's site to buy one. Amazon has a much higher level of operation expenses than EVGA does, so it costs more to ship it back to Amazon, they look at it, then determine if they should send it back to EVGA, which costs even more money. EVGA would then replace/refurb it and send it BACK to amazon. Your mom must be so proud of your social skills.
  4. I'm not making an account I'll never use. I don't know if it's unique to each CPU specifically, because they'd need the UID of each chip manufactured, but considering the i5s I have are both the same, I'm guessing "yes". For now I'm gonna keep my multiplier at 37 (where it belongs) to avoid damaging my Xeon, used ones are still $300+ and I got mine for three times less than that. It took about three months, starting the day I posted this (because of work). I found the unencrypted microcodes easy enough from Intel but they're "packed" in the UEFI. I didn't do the
  5. I clicked "validate" and nothing happened, does it automatically send? I'm using an old version of CPU-Z. I just use it for clock validation on BSEL mods like on LGA 77x. I also clicked "Bench" and "Submit" but nothing happened either. As far as I can tell each microcode is uniquely parsed for each CPU, so a decryption method for one set of codes won't necessarily work for a different CPU, even if it's the same family. I'm gonna see what I can do with my i5 3470. I have two of them so if I break one there's no loss.
  6. No, because they artificially inflated the market so people who actually worked hard for their money can't buy a GPU with the money they earned, instead of the lazy assholes with crazy 1070 mining rigs who didn't earn a dime of their money. Yes, BUT, the miners are not using them for their INTENDED purpose, therefore the warranty (depending on the warranty) is usually automatically void. Like using a hammer to do a saw's work, or using a lamp as a baseball bat. The manufacturer of the lamp is gonna be like "wtf, we're not replacing that"
  7. Finally. Because you're using it for something other than it's intended purpose, and with anything, that's grounds for voiding a warranty. Like using a hammer to do a saw's work, or using a car as a battering ram. I'm not using it for its intended purpose so if it breaks the fault is mine alone and therefore out of warranty. Folding@home is different from mining because the load time and load average differs from time to time and isn't always 100%. Mining is (usually) always 100%, more so that doing medical research. The mining rush is like the gold rush - people
  8. Did you settle on a case?

    1. H0R53


      I still have my Thermaltake Dragonscale, although I'm still in the market for a small case for my media PC. Why?

    2. TVwazhere


      Just wondering, saw your post about needing a metal saw. Thought you might have finally found a case and I was curious as to what case finally sated your desires lol

    3. H0R53


      I like the old Optiplex cases a lot but they are BTX, the newer ones are also very nice and are ATX. If I could cut the side panel and slap a window on an Optiplex case I'd be a happy man.

  9. AiO is push. Not enough room in my case for push-pull, RAM gets in the way. Front fans push air into the case. Main build is first link in my sig.
  10. My case has 6 fans. 2 in the front, two up top for my AiO, one in back, and my custom PSU fan.
  11. I can't find any and I'm working on a customer's laptop now so I'm not gonna rip my 1050Ti apart atm. 1050Ti fin density is much higer, btw. They go along the entire card. I wouldn't be able to do this without a very good heat gun and a lot of patience. Worst case scenario I use glue or some shit. The die is located towards the back of the PCI stripe. The pipes are very solid and if anything, I can rip the plate off with my oven and slap the 1070 plate on while it's hot. Here's a pic of the GTX 950 FTW cooler, similar except in fin de