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  1. Well my day went from mediocre to terrible, finding your dog dead really just hurts

    1. SansVarnic


      Sorry to hear this.

    2. wkdpaul


      Best wishes through that, losing a pet is really losing a family member and can be hard (been there), I really am sorry for your loss.

  2. In all likelyhood the recent update to windows 10 botched the install causing the memory leaks as that has been a fairly common issue with past updates and this particular update was quite terrible in terms of reliability. To fix it you would likely have to reinstall windows 10, in a clean install fashion. (no guarantees it would fix it though as I said this update is particularly terrible) Also I'm not downloading a zip file to look at the specifics, I assume its just a single system operation eating the ram.
  3. On the one hand this technology is likely going to abused beyond the scope of identifying targets seen by an attack drone thus being a major potential issue down the line. But if these people think that this tech used in the context of project maven would lead to more drone strikes on identified targets well they'd be wrong as the military usually launches anyway if targets appear to be "military aged men" I personally have no moral issue on working with weapons or on military projects, but given the political leanings of google employees I'm not surprised some do granted the fact
  4. The point of a poll is projection of outcome, preference or current standing if polls have become less accurate (which they have) then these projections are less meaningful, as to why they've become less accurate I can't be expected to know more than billion dollar information collection agencies but it is clear that they have become less accurate when comparing projections to outcomes in more than just the US election (pollsters even admitted it) As for statistical data I would be fine with it if it wasn't manipulated in some manner the vast majority of the time there is a reason
  5. This is true but it does mean that I can ignore them without much care without other evidence, people can use them as supporting evidence but they are not something that can stand alone, the results of elections and referendum would be far more conclusive and worth discussing.
  6. Quite a few potential reasons including network strain, the inability to prioritize business customers, potential legal fees every time netflix is laggy, the other aspects of something being a utility such as their legal responsibilities when having to deal with customers being more obtuse. But more so I think there is one key thing and you reference it in your list They would however would it placate the average consumer if it seemed that ISPs were indifferent to the law, essentially if it doesn't make the companies whom everyone hates suffer then why would it gain support
  7. Wait so people are speculating that due to all of our recent info being speculation we are going to not be seeing new Nvidia GPUs for a while and then speculated a reason why...........ok why would the lack of credible info be any different than any other launch
  8. Who the hell takes surveys Did you see election polls prior to Trump winning Frankly after Obamacare was shoved down my throat I'm all for not passing anything ever again on the federal level, I prefer my state government to the federal nonsense any day.
  9. That's because they weren't in agreement of territory boundaries yet, in essence all of these issues stem from localized monopolization of telecommunications via a "secret" (everyone knows about it) agreement between the major providers to essentially form a cartel. In essence enforce the laws that deal with cartels and the issue becomes entirely meaningless. Frankly net neutrality never stopped throttling, it just changed how they do it essentially throttling data during certain time spans for regions rather than certain content like video streams and torrent.
  10. I honestly don't think most people care tbh, democrats might care but frankly they aren't swing voters so that's a wash mostly what the republicans should do is push for states rights to decide which means they don't have to allow it but put it into an ultimately unenforceable situation while doing something their base would agree with and snuff out cries about this relatively unimportant issue (since again it doesn't fix anything)
  11. Well I doubt it will pass the house and honestly I don't want it to I'd rather the companies that are forming a cartel be broken apart as net neutrality doesn't fix anything for me what so ever.
  12. No, pricing doesn't go down on CPUs not if they're new anyway
  13. Ummm I would not do that personally the HDD could start turning in an unbalance manner potentially leading to failure, its not an absolute requirement but almost all manufacturers recommend a 90 degree variant so horizontal or vertical
  14. If its specific to chrome it is in all likely hood a software issue and given the recent instability of windows 10 updates that would be my primary suspect, can't hurt to try the extra psu though, assuming its enough to power the computer That would likely fix the issue if software related, the only other potential problematic software component that would remain afterwards would be the bios