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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    If you don't know what's wrong, try percussive maintenance... 50/50 chance of working...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    Thanks for reminding me of this thread...
    I just completed a cleanup and optimization op for a client's notebook... Who the flying faq uses SpeedupMyPC?? There are also tons of crapware and a few viruses on that thing and it's barely a month old...  I returned it afterwards, then he asked why the video app on the win8 tablet that he had won't work... Got VLC player for him but he almost clicked an ad for some shady software... Oh man...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    That reminds me of the upcoming marketing project that we have... The video will be shown on a large TV in the library's lobby... The thing is, the students don't have powerful hardware to render in 1080p within an acceptable time frame... So what happens is that the submissions end up as 480p videos... Luckily, the videos are locally stored and not streamed from Youtube...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    I educate my peers on this...
    When they buy a PC/Laptop:
    Ask and clarify warranty terms. Clarify if the warranty still applies if they were to change a piece of hardware or software on the machine (some shops here actually void your warranty if you reformat the machine or open up the case) If the seller says that an Windows comes with the system, DO NOT BUY THE MACHINE WITHOUT (AT LEAST) THE LICENSE STICKER. Test the machine in the shop before you finalize your purchase. Clarify warranty terms again. If they encounter a suspicious seller, record the conversation. I've seen machines with warranty stickers on each and every screw on the housing which makes numbers 1, 2, and 5 really important...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    that moment when they don't even know how to internet properly... or install software... or turn on a PC confidently...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from J.b091 in What types of mechanical switches are you using?   
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from JohnT in Windows 8 machine hacked :( How??   
    If you know the KB numbers for the necessary updates, you can sideload them using the Microsoft Update Catalog (https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx).
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    DigitalHermit reacted to H0R53 in What the fuck is wrong with RAM prices   
    It can. It's an HP DV7 1127 CL. HP says on their site that it supports 8GB.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MrDrWho13 in Buying old laptop, upgrading hardware   
    I looked up  the specs and found the ff: https://www.engadget.com/products/hp/compaq/6710b/specs/

    To highlight, CPU: Core2Duo T7500
    This would be either BGA or socket mounted, depending on the fancies of the manufacturer. An i5 6600K is physically incompatible with the unit, not to mention that we're talking about hardware that's around 10 years old.
    Depending on your use case a Thinkpad T470 may give you more mileage, unless you're programming for iOS. in that case a MacBook Air would be more useful.

    Addendum: This is the T470 that you're looking at, right?
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    DigitalHermit reacted to grimreeper132 in Buying old laptop, upgrading hardware   
    Am I correct in saying the HP is a laptop if yes, no it won't. The 6600K will have too high of power draw
    if no then lets move on, what CPU does it have at the moment, if it's a core 2 duo or CPU which goes i3/5/7 XYYY, where the X is either 1,2,3,4,5 then no it won't. 
    if the answer to both of those are yes then maybe send me the ebay link and I'll tell you from that 
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from soldier_ph in What to do when people laugh at your rig?   
    ignore the haters and move on...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to valdyrgramr in Gaming Rig for a Friend   
    I would only do a small oc like .2-3ish at first.  Problem is the 8350 is very power hungry.  Pushing 8320 and 8350 are overly power hungy when you push them to the mid to high 4.0 area.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to valdyrgramr in Gaming Rig for a Friend   
    Basically, the 8350 at that high is just a 9370[4.4]  or 9590[4.7].  You're sitting at a 220w TDP at that high, and probably hitting 300 something under load.  Personally, I wouldn't even OC at all on a 550w.  Really not much head room.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Coldfuson in You know you're a techie when. . .   
    when you have a box full of cables...
    when you have more tech stuff than you actually use...
    when you have a PC with no crapware/malware...
    when you name your devices with pet names... (Like how I named my rig Mutsuki)
    when you know how to use Linux to its fullest...
    when you're updated with hardware and software stuff...
    when you'd take anything tech, no matter how crappy or old, if it was given to you for free...
    when you get pissed if you don't have full control over a machine...
    when you get pissed if people don't get the best value in tech for their money...
    when you can give a rough diagnosis of something at first glance...
    when you can name the model of a device at a glance...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to njmyers3 in Experiences with non-techies   
    I originally posted this in a thread about programming, but I also decided to share it here  Enjoy!
    That's pretty funny because about 2 days ago my friend and I made a java program that runs a VBscript to do the same thing! We haven't put it into startup... yet.
    We have too much free time in programming class considering half of the class doesn't know what a method is or are still learning if statements  
    Did I mention it's an AP class? Yeah, pretty crazy.
    Going off-topic here, but  On the first day the teacher asked how many people had any past programming experience and only half the class raided their hands. No offence to the people that are new, but you shouldn't take an AP class without knowing the basics first.
    Each student also has a private samba server share called the H drive (H://) and we discovered that we have FULL access to it, not just read, write, and execute, but we can change the permissions. My friend removed the administrators from the permissions list and it stayed that way. I didn't think that it would work and assumed it would block removing a permission, but nope! Also, guess what the groups are called for the students and staff! "WOWstaff" and "WOWstudents" Do they play World of Warcraft or something?! Well I hope you enjoy this story even though it should probably be in Experiences with non-techies. (As it is now.)
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    DigitalHermit reacted to DocSwag in Experiences with non-techies   
    You, "You know how to install RAM, right?"
    Them, "Of course; it's so easy. Do you think I'm stupid?"
    You, "Whatever you say..."
    ~1 week later~
    Them, "I tried to install ram in my computer, and now it won't turn on..."
    You, "What did you do?"
    Them, "I installed the RAM."
    You, "How?"
    Them, "Duh. I found a spot on the large green thing that didn't have grooves in it so I stuck two sticks of RAM there. They wouldn't stay so I pushed them in until a groove was made in the large green thing and they were stuck. Why isn't it working now?"
    You: Hello face, meet hand. Hello hand, meet face.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Lurick in Experiences with non-techies   
    Even technically literate people can be complete buffoons sometimes, listening to themselves instead of someone else because it's not their idea or that person hasn't been doing things as long as they have.
    -Start Rant-
    When you spend time telling a group of people over and over again "Product A is a bad option for the customer, go with Product B" and they keep ignoring you and going for "Product A" for the sole purpose "It's what the customer is looking at right now" even though the customer would be happier and better off with Product B, it would meet their needs better and provide an all around better solution. Right now it's missing 1 feature which the customer wants but that's coming in the next iteration of code.
    They continue to ignore me every time I try to bring it up in a positive and constructive manner. Up until now Product B has been missing just that single feature, well due to issues with Product A a new patch needs to be made to fix it. The software which will allow the missing feature to be available in Product B will be available in about a week. The patch to fix Product A will take 3 weeks and require additional testing. So we're going to be doing additional and new testing on either platform but they still won't pull their heads out of their butts and consider that Product B, especially now, is the better option. I'm about ready to throw in the towel, shut my mouth, finish documenting everything I've done to stop this crap show from continuing, and just let them dig their own graves.
    -End Rant-
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    DigitalHermit reacted to fisch1l in Experiences with non-techies   
    OK she apparently figured my disabling of their monitoring systems out. They got County IT involved. Sat me down, explained that if I didn't show how I disabled things, they would give my 3 days of in school suspention. Crap. 
    So I had to stop. Apparently, I managed to corrupt the monitoring software file and they had to reinstall it. Now they are watching me like hawks. 
    Tl;Dr: messed with computers at school, got the county involved and almost got suspended. 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to AresKrieger in Redo the iMac Review   
    Fanboyism will not get them to review something, just an fyi, also there was nothing wrong with their review
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Thaldor in Experiences with non-techies   
    Seems like I'm surrounded by idiots...
    Firstly I was telling my friend how I OC'd my FX-8350 to 4.8Ghz without even sweating bullets. I believed he knew how OC'ing works, but he had a "great" idea: "Why companies don't sell already OC'd CPUs, like they do with GPUs?". After I told him that it's not the CPU we are OC'ing, but we are telling the mobo to give some more juice and clocks/multiplier to the CPU his idea grew "Then why they don't sell already OC'd mobos?". On papers he is better studied on hardware and in IT than I (I never finnished my schools) and I ended up explaning him what the silicon lottery is and how people would end up frying their CPUs by not having enough cooling and all the other ways idiots end up Fing up in OC'ing.
    But that's not bad, that's acctually quite good thinking, but my younger sister is the whole other story. They are starting to do their school test with computers and they need 4GB USB-memory to do it, so she called me and asked where she could get one. She had really bad time trying to get her head around how 16GB memorystick which costs 10€ is enough and she doesn't need to buy 4GB stick which could possibly cost a lot more because they are not as common anymore and probably only places selling those are ripoff markets and Apple stores. She ended either way buying 30€ 4GB card from some bookstore...
    On that matter I would like to see that guys CV and stuff who thought it would be a really great idea make a whole own Linux distro with which students can make their test with their own laptops. Because they didn't come to think of that there's a lot of different hardware in laptops and now that they are starting to test it around 1 out of 4 laptops are acctually supported (or the distro has drivers for the hardware). Ofcourse it's not possible to install laptops drivers on that distro because it could mean that someone could hack or alternate how it's surveilance and security and proofing. Also they thought that only 10% of students per school might have a laptop that isn't supported, so there isn't even enough backup computers in schools to cover this great F up. But well, what else someone can except from public IT project in Finland, this time at least the company behind it isn't Tieto (aka TietoEnator and many other names because they F up so badly every project that they end up changing their name) and they might have somethign that works as long as you have laptop with most standard hardware (bye bye touch screens, dedicated GPUs and many other things) which is a lot because in the past 10-15 years nearly every single public IT project has been some kind of F ups, they don't stay in budget, they are not even close to be easy to use, they are made so only the developing company can uphold them, they are filled with major bugs and they are simply over doing everything so much that they end up sucking (like there was this one project which I was part in school that we designed software and hardware that would make emergency cars signal through radios (so the siren could be heard in radios), basicly very simple system to overlap every radio signal on small area. But no, they needed it to be able to send prerecorded messages and able to just shout over that system and it needed to be synced with every emergency car in the city and every car needed to be able to send the signal to the whole city and some other quite unneccesary things that ended up making the project impossible).
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    DigitalHermit reacted to NunoLava1998 in Experiences with non-techies   
    My Chrome is probably made by non-techies. THAT IS A REAL SCREEN, WHAT THE HECK CHROME, I DON'T EVEN...

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    DigitalHermit reacted to Space Reptile in Experiences with non-techies   
    lets see
    nothing wrong w/ that
    no problems here
    yep yep all good
    real computers have those
    a good start
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    DigitalHermit reacted to vanished in Experiences with non-techies   
    Wait, why am I complaining, I can just fix this myself...