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    The ruler of the server kingdom (my loft)

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    Wondering why Motherboards hate me.
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    Figuring out what brokeneded itself this time.
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    Windy Bread is now alive. in other news, the Laptop still works, the Portable Slice of Bread still is "brilliant", the Toaster still wants to be a bumble bee and the Proper Computer is the only one with enough horses chopped up and chucked inside of it to get playable frame rates on.
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    Stealing electricity.


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    R9 5950X
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    ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming
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    64 GB 3600MHz (2X32GB)
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    Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity
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    Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C
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    Gigabyte AORUS 1 TB
    WD Blue M.2 1TB
    Seagate IronWolf Pro 4TB
  • PSU
    Corsair HX1200

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  1. Do you know what video you say them on?
  2. As the title says really, I want a new phone, and my budgets about £500. The main things I am intrested in are Battery Life Camera Headphone Jack (not required but would prefer it) 128 GB storage+ Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.
  3. Corsair being reviewed Be quiet, teir B (midrange systems) Seasonic Core GC - Teir B Seasonic Focus - Teir A low priority units - minor issues or lack of info Out of those 4 the focus is the best Other Options
  4. One Solution is if you wanna have just one cable is to have a PCIE Thunderbolt Card which accepts a HDMI or Display port in you could then run this set up ot your desk and then output the video again and also pass the Thunderbolt adapter for USB needs. Also I'd recommend using wireless keyboard and mouse to make life easier in general with this solution Other solution if you can get away with just a keyboard, mouse and monitor you could get a Wireless HDMI Adapter to send it from your PC to your monitor and use wireless keyboard and Mouse, but don't expect good framerates or resolu
  5. Problem is although theoretically possible I would need to do that repeatably, to the degree it will not be fesable. As I said above the two materials are far to intertwined to do that, so the swaping of materials would be required, but it would happen too often to be practical
  6. Unforchantly I don't know of any places like that in scotland. yea thats fair, the design has it inherent as one will needs to be embedded in the other, its ok if they don't join as long one is inside the other. And good to know, as I said the thinness is something I can compromise on, so thats not a problem. As for modding/making my own I am open to that idea and might start looking into it, and I am open to writing my own firmware, as I am not a complete noivice on that side....... in theory we will see in practice. Yea I did have a look and saw a couple, but y
  7. Hey, so I have a couple of stupid projects I would like to try and for them I need a 3D printer so whats a decent 3D printer that meets the following specs. I am willing to build it myself so thats not a problem Main Requirements (this can't be compromised on) Max £500, but round £200-300 is much prefered Should be able to print 2 materials simultaniously Filament Fed (PLA and ABS and Weird PLA composite types e.g. Wood Filament) Should have a nice finish (I am willing to sand etc but a nice finsih is nice) Print Bed should be at least 200 mm by 200 mm (bigger is
  8. OK so there is no GPU on the R7 but you have a decidcated already no matter how "good" it is it will work although not sure how your gaming will go on it, but its also probably the best your gonna get. I downgraded the motherboard slightly to a ASUS PRIME B550, still has PCIE 4.0 etc and is fine but its $30 cheaper and the main difference seams to be theheatsinks and integrated heatsinks. It doesn't support the new USB3.2 header for type C but that being said you can get a cheap $5 to adapt a standard 3.0 to this. I put the money saved into a better SSD, which is a 1TB PCIE 4.
  9. Its hard to say what the value is so its hard to recommend a components however it looks like it's an C0603 Capacitor, and I would imagine that the voltage should be around 10V. As for its value again unless I had the schematics I couldn't tell you but a 100n is very common. So I would guess its a 100n 10V C0603. Hoever that is with no real knowledge of the schematics just on looks and guesses. To be safe though buy a 100nF (0.1 uF) 100V C0603 Ceramic Capacitor. they are normally the same price or cheaper than 10V anyways. Don't blame me if it doesn't work this is all guess work an
  10. I have the boom and pop filter already so don't need another one
  11. If anyone finds this in the future, I believe my issue was with the Motherboard, as I think it had a dodgy Ethernet circuitry, and replacing it fixed the problem
  12. Headphones aint a problem for me at the moment I have a good enough pair at the moment as for the mic, I have had a wee look through everything there, but I can't find aby of the mics that you recommend on amazon, so where could I get them in the UK??? Or is there any other alternatives you would suggest???
  13. As the title says, whats a good audio setup for about £150, its pedomently the microphone I need to set up as I have a good set of headphones, but my microphone and interface is a bit lacking I feel, current setup is:- Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 A cheap XLR Mic What would be the best option for an upgade??? I was thinking of getting a Depusheng HT4 and a Audio-Technica AT2020, but I am not knowledgable enough to know if these are great parts or not, especially at this price. Any help would be handy, thanks
  14. I have a new PC that i built myself, specs below. My problem with it is that when I first turn the PC on from sleep/fully off in the morning about 2-5 minutes after turn on it will randomly crash (no blue screen, straight off) and then restart itself, but after it restarts itself I have no issues for the rest of the day, unless I turn it off for an extended period for any reason. I am unsure how to fix this, any suggestions??? Specs R9 5950X Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity Corsair Vengance 64GB (2X 32GB) 3600 MHz ASRock AM4/X570 Steel Legend Define R6 Corsair HX 1200W
  15. I think he bent the 2 pins, and they touched, I dunno, I didn't do it, but it was the VSS/GND and VDDCR_SOC pins that were touching and I think he realised he fucked up when he turned it on and they shorted.... I could be wrong Theoretically, if there is no internal damge it will be fine.... I mean if you look hard enough you can find a reddit post about it, as I mentioned in my post it was the VSS/GND and VDDCR_SOC pins, with alternatives next to them so theoretically it was fine I think thats the plan if he doesn't want it, as you know, I do h