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  1. The motherboard should have a memory support list to download, but yours only has it from zen1+zen2 not zen3 (Vermeer), but the zen2 list probably will be similar to the zen3 list. As for the ones you have mentioned CORSAIR appears alot on that list so you should be fine, but I would explicitly check as I haven't. As for zen2 vs zen3, zen3 likes faster RAM again so the 3600MHz out of your 2 options might be better, but 3200MHz is fine as well. (the performance up lift will only be 1-5% depending) https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B550I-AORUS-PRO-AX-rev-10/support#support-doc
  2. We haven't heard anothing about the 2660 ti, this time around, we are still unsure if its all going to be RTX or if there will be able GTX.but as for the RTX 3060 ti, romours are saying in December at somepoint, but this is hard to say, especially with nVidias supply issues at the moment this might be pushed back to January, weh it will be easier for them to get stock as the Christmas rush is over
  3. Hey, I want to get an ultrawide as part of my next rig, I have the other displays from my last rig as well, but I am trying to cut the number down a little bit. I will mainly be gaming on the system, but I will also be doing work on it as well, mainly CAD and PCB design, and screen realatsate is always handy. it will be running off a RTX 3080 (min) but maybe a RTX 3090. I have alooked a wee bit into what I can get, and I have found the following 3 options, my budget is capped about £1000, but obviously less is better if possible. MSI Optix MAG341CQ (3440X1440 100Hz, 21:9) £440 (put
  4. Personally I feel like this is a move by intel that means when it comes out they can point at the game and go "See we are better" that being said, I also can't see the game being terrible on AMD even still, because AMD is starting to get more and more market share, it would be a mistake to just ignore AMD, especially as the AMD fans are a bit vocal at times. I personally don't think neither AMD, nVidea or intel should be doing stuff as I feel like it artifically affects performance in a way to make the one side look better, but it happens but especially now the FX days are gone, they can't jus
  5. The problem is that cost an extra £500 roughly, and digs into the budget for the ultrawide, as I don't know the cost of that yet its hard to pull the trigger on one, but it is in my mind if the ultrawide isn't too expensive, although it does require a "downgrade" from a 2TB SSD to a 1TB SSD I was going with that motherboard, as it has enough USBs, I ran out of USBs on my TR build which I believe had 13, so yea, I use quite a few, which stops B550 I believe as for the other 2, X570 gaming edge, hasn't got as many rear USB 3.2s as that one, same with the X570 Tomahawk. (I get this is
  6. From what I can see from a brief search, the 1660 (non super) with a i5 9400F gets about 200 FPS, not sure on the settings though and the CPU and GPU are both heavily utilised, so I would say with a 3770 and a 1660 Super, you might be bottlenecked by the CPU, but 144 FPS at 1080 should be reachable and not too far out of the possible ballpark.
  7. Hey pretty much I want to build a new PC, as my laptop aint cutting it and my old desktop died (think it was the GPU and possibly Motherboard that died on it (1st gen TR)). Informationis below Budget (including currency): £3750 (GBP) (I know my wallets gonna regret me saying thisbut I could strech to £4k if the gains are good enough) Country: Scotland Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: MATLAB, CAD (Mainly autodesk, but other ones will be done), Several AAA, lots of indie games, VR Other details: I have the keyboard and mouse as well as the extra s
  8. Hello So I run 2 weekly sessions of D&D online, on roll20, and I went to make the tokens the other day, at which point my machine seamed to start having issues, so the output from the image is shown below, it just flashes through all the colours, and any image I upload to roll20 looks similar. How do I fix this as this is causing issues.
  9. Shit sorry thought it was the otherway round, yea, stick with the Acer, it looks good enough for your uses
  10. The Lenovo has a better CPU, so if your just needing CPU power go for that, it will do webrowsing and light gaming etc just fine, as well as do some CPU heavy tasks as well. The Acer one if you need a gaming laptop or need a GPU for whatever work you do. From what you've said though Lenovo will be fine, as long as you are streaming non gaming stuff and what you are doing isn't something that requires GPU, like if its just cameras for you chatting or something like that your good
  11. depending if you can wait but there is new AMD CPUs and a RTX 3070 (if you can get your hads on it) next month so you would get a better bang for the buck if you wait. In theory.
  12. Ah right, yea I don't really use Macs so it was just from memory from what I heard a few years ago so yea, also that makes sense for Apple
  13. Linux is open source and free so no activation etc unless you go with very specific versions for enterprise etc. As for the components you'll be fine Linux runs on pretty much anything.... apart from macs from what I remember because Appple.
  14. Ok so if your willing to spend a little bit of money, this is a tricky one 2000 Series is going really cheap as people are getting too hype for 3000 Series (which is why I sorta want it to be a bit of a let down because I just want to see the out roar) but if its not quite as good as people are expecting 2000 Series price might go up or if it is as good the second hand 2000 Series might go down further. In the end I would wait because I recon it will stay the same or be the latter but I would say maybe even look at the 1000 Series as the diffrence between 1000 and 2000 is very small and you mi
  15. Probably not. Most people would probably need 30 Mbps for themselves alone, 100 Mbps for a family for a decent experience. I would say most people on this forum would be looking for about 100 Mbps for themselves (for both bragging rights and because we can occasionally use it) and double that for their family. As for 10 Gbps most of your devices will (at the moment) only be able to handle 1 Gbps anyways and its not worth it.... unless its really cheap