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  1. also since its a pre OC card it might be already at its top...
  2. remember to quote or tag people so they get notified, but I would go for an rma through whoever you bought the board from, ie. amazon
  3. parts list helps, what cooler, mobo, psu, gpu and monitor
  4. ive never heard of "kogan" before, might look at some reviews from well known reviewers
  5. not if you use ethernet, might look into a bluetooth adapter if you use that tho
  6. just make sure you have a wifi adapter, i dont think that board has wifi but the vrms are very well cooled on that board and will be great for overclocking
  7. try a latte panda, small enough and could probably run on a large battery for a while. ive seen people add graphics cards to those maybe a raspberry pi i havent seen anyone add a graphics card to those but im sure its possible
  8. Seriously, don't spew, rtx 3000 is supposed to come out in ~june
  9. Looks like the edgy boi he wants to be
  10. intel 4th and 5th gen should be just fine, the fact that your even thinking about doing this makes me happy. i never had the opportunity to get into pc gaming when i was little. a tech company *cough cough* comcast *cough* got listed in the news or donating a "brand new laptop" when really it was only $200 and sucks more ass than a brothel worker, they probably ended up making more out of publicity, so with you looking to actually put money into this is great.
  11. look at old ddr3 prebuilts and throwing in like an rx 570 it will be substantially cheaper than building your own. contact the seller about extra pcie cable on the psu