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  1. i spilled an 8 oz cup of hot coffee in an old logitech wireless keyboard, i freaked out took it too the sink and poured all the coffee out i could get and prayed it would work, sure enough it worked. this keyboard is from 200-2005 cant exactly remember when i got it, its just been lying around. about 5 months ago i spilt coffe in a g512 and it stopped working, none of the keys worked. popped off every key and cleaned and it didn't work. it would be nice if all keyboards were built to the same standard
  2. or buying 3200mhz especiially if hes going amd
  3. i woukd just spend the extra money and not worry about upgrading later... im going with 3600 mhz on my next build its like 60 more but will still be competitive for a fat min
  4. i wish it had a side view so i could see the buttons but i dont think theyres enough to sue
  5. me to, i remember seeing an old video on ltt where they had to cut a chunk used to lock in the graphics carb because the mobo didnt lock the graphics card in, but it would be weird to see that on conventional parts
  6. wonder if he's trying to put it in the ram slot weve all made mistakes as begginers
  7. its a carbon fiber patern phone case for the iphone 11 i dont think they can really make a claim except that they used the same print and its for an iphone 11
  8. use an rgb splitter so and make sure that the splitter can support enough led's for your room because most rgb headers only support a certain length.
  9. go to the saved parts list and press "details" right below the title, mak sure "private" is un-checked and save
  10. just make a pc part picker and put your system parts in pc part picker so we dont have to open so many links
  11. your home profile pic is an apple computer lol, by higher end do you mean more expensive??
  12. just do it manually like twilight said, you dont need software except file explorer
  13. uhh whats your ram speed and uh you might not be able to get 150 fps on games with hardware like that