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About Letgomyleghoe.

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    Drinking spicy liquid
  • Birthday Jun 25, 1995

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    United states
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    Hardware restoration, overclocking, general tech
  • Occupation
    jj's manager


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Auros B550 pro ac
  • RAM
    16gb 3200mhz vengeance lpx
  • GPU
    xfx rx5700 triple dissipation flashed to 5700xt

    Xfx rx 580 8gb- folding 24/7
  • Case
    Cooler master master box mb520
  • Storage
    Sabrent 1 tb nvme
  • PSU
    Cooler master mwe 650w
  • Display(s)
    27" 1440p 144hz VIOTEK
  • Cooling
    hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    Shitty redragon
  • Mouse
    ultra shitty redragon
  • Sound
    ultra shitty amazon headphone for my pc, airpods pros for general use
  • Operating System
    bootleg windows+ dual boot ubuntu

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  1. You may not understand but something you wrote long ago made my pc boot when I couldn't do so for 2 days. So I came here to thank you. Thanks @Slottr, now I've officially joined PCMR.

  2. Tried having the drive with windows be by itself and got the windows logo. Tried installing windows on the drive that had linux on it and got unknown filesystem grub rescue. I think im done for today; thats enough trying.
  3. If I try to boot off a windows install usb or a drive with windows already installed I get stuck on a black screen with a windows logo. Yet if I boot off a drive with linux on it it works just fine execpt on boot up it says no irq vector found. Plz tell me if you need any more info, but at this point im stuck and in need of assistence.
  4. I couldnt get into windows or even safe mode so I gave up and tried manjora. Worked first try
  5. I got this gpu for free and I was going to use it to boot into windows on my, yet, unfinished build. With the gpu I can boot into bios but the moment you try and boot it into windows it just gives me this. Things ive tried - lowering the resolition of my 1440p monitor to 1280 * 1024 - literally booting it off anything that has windows on it. - ive also tried booting it on a working computer but then I didnt set the resolution lower Any help is appreciated
    1. Levent


      Hope you been well?

    2. Schnoz


      Great to hear from you! How's things been going?

    3. Letgomyleghoe.


      Minus the fact that I have to much homework and still don't have a gpu everything is great. Also first marching band performance tomorrow so I have something to look forward to.


      Anything major happen in the tech world in the past few months? I haven't really been paying attention to tech new that much other than the intel 11th gen launch, lmao waste of sand (gn), so I was just wondering if samsung found an 8nm fab in a tsmc's basement or something while I was gone.

    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      There seems to be a little shortage of a few tiny niche components

  7. Is there a reason/story behind your name? I was reading a book and they used eschew which means deliberately avoid using; abstain from so I im just curious if there is some origin to your name as I remembered you had the same name.

    1. Eschew


      On 8/28/2020 at 8:50 AM, Eschew said:

      It's... my name? Sort of.


      First name starts with S. Last name 'Chew.

      Happy coincidence that if you mash 'em together, out pops a fancy English word I happen to like.


      This is the only place I've used "Eschew," though. Other places, I tend to use "Geminox" as my username.

      'Chew likes double meanings and other clever literary devices. thumbsupparrot.gif

  8. Sadly the only computer stores in my city are computer repair stores and a best buy which according to its employees hasn't had a gpu since launch.
  9. For those individuals who managed to get a rtx 3000/ rx 6000 gpu I have a question. How did you get one? Did you get one on launch day? Or was it from the new egg shuffle? Or maybe you just got lucky and it was in stock when you checked amazon? I'm just curious as so far nothing has worked for me and plus the site where I read my books is down so I have nothing to do at the moment.