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  1. Well i tried and it asks me to put password It was on mozilla browser so no. I dont think i had anything syncked and its not on this website.
  2. Hey guys. I still have access to my gmail but i realized i forgot password and i dont have phone number assigned to account. My computer that had browser with saved password died. What can I do to prevent losing this account down the road? Im still logged in on my phone or ipad. Anywhere i can look up this password?
  3. Hey Im wondering if anyone have issues claiming weekly benefits. Here in ny thats the message.
  4. You know i was put under medication to treat depression and it gave me anxiety and panic attacks. I feel not myself anymore for last month. So no im not taking vaccine under any circumstances at this point. It takes months for side effects to show up after getting vaccinated, if any will ever occur, and we have to keep in mind everyone will react differently. Im just curious if they can force it on people or make life more difficult if someone doesn't want to take it. I already had covid few months ago with very mild symptoms. Im very paranoid after experience with meds for depression.
  5. Do you guys think those who dont want to get either vaccine will have difficulties down the road ( travelling to other countries, getting job, entering certain places, etc ) Is there a chance for that to be mandatory?
  6. Can someone explain how on earth either moderna or pfizer are not responsible for side effects if any so you cant sue them? Isnt it abstract? They keep talking over and over about this vaccine but what if i take it and something happens to me? Cant wrap my head around it.
  7. Let me know what information would be helpful Also what was weird internet went off when this happened. So confusing situation
  8. Hey. I had 5820k overclocked to 4.4ghz with 1.275v for a while with threads turned off. I never got bluescreen under load but this happened first time. Is any specific reason why would that happen. My computer cant crash while i work on it. Prior to that i had some issue with radeon software that stopped working on my r9 390 strix.
  9. Will mini dp do the job? I remember regular dp stopped working a while ago.
  10. Hey guys. I got 43" acer et430k screen connected to r9 390 and im not sure why my refreshing rate is at 30hz. I can either select 29 or 30. Any explanation for that?
  11. Hey Im just wondering if someone existing in google with service as restaurant, doctor etc can block me from seeing them there? Lets say if i was typing before doctor manhattan there was specific list of same people showing up but after reaching out to one i cant see them anymore.
  12. Hey. What app can i use in order to play just a sound from a movie while having screen off on android device? Thanks!
  13. Well its weekly unemployment. If i can keep it and work hell yeah I can try to find something but if it means i will lose them i can't do it for now. Cant find clear info on that.
  14. US, NYC Do you have any idea what they do with money we give them without a lease? I thought about asking them to pay even with cash if it would work with them.. i know its kind of against the system but hey.. this are really hard times. Thing is Im kind of scared to pick up a job that may shut down like Europe wants to do again. Not sure if i would still get benefits if i lost a new job. For now at least i have money every week and i dont have to worry if im told not to come to work because its not busy, they dont need people or they gonna shut down again. For now its really ha