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  1. Hey. Yesterday and today i got notification from chase that someone received payment from me via zelle but there wasnt any transaction pending on my bank account. Is there anything to worry about? Any explanation behind those notifications?
  2. Honestly i dont even know what updates do i need but if i want to play.games i believe it will require sp1. Appreciate any tips
  3. Well i have 2 computers with windows 7 that never were updated since 2013 and 2015 and they were working amazing to this day until one crashed after 8 years. To me lack of support or whatever Microsoft decided to do with win 7 doesnt matter as long as i can get this updates. I have no drivers anyway for my older pc for win 10 so i have to make that work.
  4. Hey. After years I had to install windows again and i thought updates will go smoothly but not really... it runs into errors when i try tp update i keep googling them and fixing and another comes. How do i get service pack 1? There was referral to Microsoft's website but link is expired... i dont care about any updates honestly but i want my hands on SP1 that many things require that. Any tips because it gives me headache
  5. Made it work. Thanksss. I have widows 7 home premium oem bought years ago It worked on one of my setups, then on another and im wondering if the same key will work on the same setup with different ssd. Is there a way to make it work if it wont?
  6. How do i open command prompt
  7. Hey. Its been 8 years since i installed this Windows but i got new ssd and o tried to install it and ssd is not detected. Do i have to connect it to another pc and somehow create new partition? I forgot how its done.. thx
  8. Hey. I had this setup for a few years and never overclocked this cpu. I need to squeeze more out of this cpu but not for games. Its for trading platform called tradestation that likes cpu and high frequency. It uses cpu the most for about 30 mins and then its not stressed that much. I have old prolimarech megashadow cooler and corsair h100i gtx in another cpu that im not using. I would like to ask what voltage and and GHz should i start with? I would aim for 4.4 4.5 if its possible Got evga 650 p2 psu. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys. Im buidling home office with stand up desk and im wondering how can I make my feet be comfortable? Standing on a flat floor hurts after a while so there must be a better way. Special shoes, some sort of pillow? Thanks for any advice!
  10. Question is if i pay manually wont i be charged again later on via credit karma?
  11. HEY. I filed taxes on May 12th via credit karma and both federal and state were accepted. I owed taxes so I was charged federal tax from my account ( on May 17th ) but still state wasnt charged and i already got letter saying i owe them money and already have fees. Does anyone can make any sense of that? Why wasnt I charged?
  12. Looks like FED will have serious talk about digital dollar. With all seriousness arent you guys afraid of that? This is really taking our freedom step by step away, isnt it? If one day we move to digital currency world wide, every single transaction will have to be done online. Probably most people use credit cards anyway but still not being able to use cash one day is so abstract as of right now.
  13. Ita always different number every other day from florida so i cant block it. I just hung up and no calls for few days and then it starts over again.
  14. Hey. For past year i was getting phone calls from automated voice that my vehicle warranty is about to expire. 2 things. I dont have drivers license and i dont own a car. The other day I get text message that i had appointment with some surgeon lol. Just curious why would that happen. Just a scam? Leaked personal data? Stolen identity?
  15. Hey. How do I download from link that is not public? There was addon called vimeo download helper if im not mistaken and it worked but for some reason addon disappeared. It created download option.