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  1. Cooling will have an impact, as GPU Boost 3 gets fidgety past a certain core temp. I slapped an Accelero Xtreme 4 on my 1070 and holding 2.1Ghz at 60C under load (or 1-2 freq steps below) is common with most titles. Its really luck of the draw, getting stable past 2.1Ghz is Golden chip territory, and even holding above 2050Mhz under load is lucky without water cooling.
  2. Not living in the US myself, I don't see much of a difference between the demo and repub candidates, at least when it comes to what they would do once in power. Trump is running on the platform that Hillary stands for privately, while Hillary is running on the "bread and circuses" platform. When you break it down, both candidates will end up supporting TPP, which only serves to lift the environmental regulations of companies by threat of lawsuits against governments. Its bad enough international corporations can sue greenpeace for 100 million, imagine the S**tstorm that will hit any government trying to regulate pollution produced by foreign companies on domestic soil. Both candidates will probably raise the minimum wage, pushing minimum wage families into a higher tax bracket, while the most wealthly (like trump and clinton) report losses and get refunds out of the pockets of the poor who will be taxed to death. Not really much difference between the candidates themselves, both criminals, both likely high functioning sociopaths. The narrative that was put out to the public from the start, was that no matter how bad clinton is, trump is worse. Wikileaks has likely had no impact on the election, if anything it makes trump look even worse because the propaganda machine continues to push the "trump is worse" narrative. Julian Assange has a personal grudge against political criminals, but you can't target a single country and a single candidate and not face retaliation, regardless of what crimes the DNC has committed over the past year. Those in the US who support Democrats could watch a video of Hillary executing someone at point blank range and people would say its fake. Mark Twain once said "Its easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled." These forums have seen their fair share of fanboyism, US elections is just another fanboy/fangurl battle. I certainly wouldn't vote for either of them, but luckily I don't have to.
  3. where's the power consumption graph? All joking about crap efficiency aside, This news bodes well for those not happy with 1080p and 1440p, or even 4K for that matter.
  4. As the owner of a DK2 (lawl) I can say that VR cannot be called a flop yet, we are still in the infancy of the technology. VR games and entertainment don't follow the same rulebook that conventional 2D does, and game design is still experimenting with what people like and want (determined by money spent). For example, a game like "The Visitor" which only costs a dollar, and only provides about 10 minutes of unique immersion, can be experienced several times and still have a similar effect on ones nervous system. It's all about immersion. People have become so accustomed to the grinding aspects of video games, and VR isn't about covering lots of ground and doing repetitive actions all day... its about experiencing a setting, and feeling like you actually experienced something, and your nervous system cannot tell the difference. People calling VR a flop or wondering if it will be a flop haven't experienced the immersion yet, because once you experience that immersion for the first time it feels dull looking at a computer screen again. And gaming isn't even the most immersive part, 360/180 videos are mind-blowing if done right. Just imagine being at a rock concert by connecting to a 360 video live stream, or instead of sitting in the bleachers, you can watch a basketball/hockey/baseball game from the bench.
  5. Don't worry. Hillary will get elected and get on the task of securing America's servers so they can't be hacked by foreign entities.
  6. Or they can just replace those people with robots, like every other industry. Each box should say on it "Warning! Robots will replace you if you damage this package." Then in fine print at the bottom "robots will be taking your job anyway. just stop breaking our sh*t!"
  7. Considering the sheer number of anti-trump shitposts Flying through my facebook feed everyday (and by shitposting I really mean shitposting on a monumental scale), It doesn't surprise me in the least to see anti-hillary shitposting being funded as well. For being near 70 years old, both Hilary and Trumps campaigns seem to follow internet protocol and behaviour to the letter.
  8. The most efficient method of securing your yahoo account is to follow this link edit.yahoo.com/config/delete_user I'm not trolling, yahoo accounts have been at risk for a long time.
  9. both whitehat and blackhat hackers have been saying for years that Yahoo has a lot of back doors left wide open for a breach. It's unfortunate that Yahoo takes all these years to publicly admit what they've known for years.
  10. no big surprise. a couple of 69-70 year old's running for president, in a technological age that is 3-4 generations beyond them. It's frightening just thinking about the ignorance that flows through Trump and Clinton, both who went to school learning on chalk-board tablets. That's not to say either of them are not intelligent, but neither of them grasp the information age in any functional manner.
  11. Its a mixed bag based on opinion and vendor. DX11 was never a great API for GCN as the architecture had its origins in Consoles, where design initially began 7-8 years ago. AMD have been playing the long game (really long game) with GCN, and even spent considerable time mimicking DX11.3 (Xbone) and PS4 API's with Mantle, but to be used on PC. DX12 was so similar to Mantle because Microsoft was helping with GCN and were working on the DX11.3 API for the XBone. No single entity was responsible for the eventual release of DX12, but it was a combined effort on the part of Microsoft, AMD and Sony (at least Sony for the hardware design). All that being said, AMD never fully utilized DX11 with GCN, while Nvidia have been taking full advantage of DX11 since Maxwell. While AMD put all their eggs in the hardware basket because consoles (at this point its hard to deny the architectural decisions), Nvidia structured Maxwell to take advantage of the DX11 API, which led to some insane efficiency gains, gains that AMD have still not reached with 14nm Polaris (again, low-power console architecture shoe-horned into high-power PC graphic cards). So to answer the question, how long will DX11 last? Probably at least another 3-4 years, maybe longer. For AAA titles DX11 is already being abandoned, but thats because those studios have the best programmers in the business, who have a grasp on how to optimize and utilize DX12 (and even then they are struggling because of DX11 ports). It took a while for DX9 to be weeded out, and DX11 wasn't a huge step up in difficulty like DX12 is proving to be. It would be nice if everyone switched to DX12 overnight, but then you would end up with hundreds of broken games that crash and stutter, and then both AMD and Nvidia would lose.
  12. Technically its Maxwell v3, as there were two generations of proper Maxwell (although Gen 1 was just the 750/ti), and sadly Polaris 480 (GCN v4) still uses more power than Gen 2 Maxwell for the same performance (vs 970 and 980), and given the low hanging fruit has already been picked for GCN driver optimizations over the past 5 years, you won't be seeing the 480 improving over time quite like we did with Hawaii/Tahiti. Its sad to say but the shitty parts of Maxwell are still beating Fiji/Polaris in VR performance. In many ways, Maxwell should have been called Pascal Beta, as 20nm was the intended node for the architecture, but because they were stuck with 28nm, a lot of the Pascal technology had to be left out until Finfet.
  13. Maybe the recent SpaceX rocket has some samsung batteries in there (yes, i know i know, before some pointdexter tells me, it was probably a programming error in the fuel mixture calculations)
  14. Not to mention future sales that will be lost over this. There's no way to put a price tag on consumer confidence.
  15. Yeah, it's pretty standard fair for Amazon. I ordered a vga video splitter last year from Amazon, and they shipped me a 400 dollar Server Power strip instead. Their literal response to me when I emailed them with photo's was: "Normally we would create a replacement order for the item right away, to be shipped to you as soon as possible at no additional charge... Unfortunately, this item is currently unavailable from our supplier... therefore, I've issued full refund for this order in the amount of CDN$ 45.19 to your MasterCard. there's no need to return the wrong item. You're welcome to keep, donate or dispose of it, whichever option is most appropriate and convenient for you."