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  1. why are Europeans paying almost 30 usd for a microfiber cloth?
  2. you should ask to be a pr representative at some big oil corp.
  3. well many wealthy people are getting busted for using tax havens right now, so i guess that's where my rage for "successful" people are coming from.
  4. fucking hell, i'm working 8 hours a day and 3 shifts and i make about 14 an hour, these fuckers are playing video games at home and make 10-300k a month. fuck this world.
  5. If there is a demand for the things a company make, and they have too much of it and destroy it to keep the prices high, that shit should be illegal.
  6. implement this into an operating system, i want my own J.A.R.V.I.S.
  7. I think everyone who has an 8gb card is gonna have to upgrade in the coming years even though their GPU will have plenty of power to compete, they just won't have the vram needed to run on max settings. Which fucking sucks. Unless direct storage is going to eliminate vram limit's.
  8. Problem here is the manufacturer of the EVs, not being able to chose the size of the battery is a fucking dick move. Having a smaller battery would allow more people to actually afford a brand new car and keep the car much longer. they should also have the ability to upgrade to a bigger battery and upgrade to a much more efficient battery in the future (solid state). companies just keep shitting out new models and not giving a damn about the older models, that's not how it should be. They need to stop looking at cars as a smartphone. A car should be like a PC meaning you choose what goes in it
  9. Oculus quest is spawning a bunch of shitty looking games being designed around the standalone VR experience. And ported to the PC without any extensive graphical enhancements.
  10. I completely agree, once you have gained this much money and you don't aim to improve the world anymore. You no longer deserve that money. They could bring an entire country out of poverty with the cash they have.