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  1. mining cards only exist to make sure you can't buy second hand cards, nvidia doesn't get a cut if you buy a card second hand.
  2. I can't make counterfeit money but the cryptocurrency market sure can... Burn these motherf*ckers to the ground already.
  3. Valve is not publicly tradable, and my lord GabeN holds 50% of the shares.
  4. CPR should not have released the game on the OG PS4 and Xbox one, the consoles are too weak to run it.
  5. Wasn't intel also doing the little cores and big cores, is so couldn't they just put the slow cores under the fast cores?
  6. No, if your shit doesn't work good on a much more powerful system you really fucked up. First gen PS4 and xbone is just really weak systems compared to today's standards.
  7. The game is really detailed, I'd like to know how many triangle's there are in a scene. It could maybe explain why it's so heavy to run.
  8. I overclocked my 5600 xt (unlocked bios) till it died, and AMD had nothing "cheap" available or in stock, So this will be my first Nvidia GPU. For some reason it looks like textures are lower resolution on Nvidia in superposition benchmark. Gonna have to double check that or maybe I'm just miss remembering.
  9. Maybe Nvidia sold the stock they had to crypto miners because amd's new GPUs were a big threat. and they don't want to lose to amd, and are now preparing to release the new ti series.