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  1. i plan to use the keyboard for alot of document typing, some gaming and general use. i dont mind noise but need to feel the key being pressed
  2. 6800 xt Red Devil or Refernce 6900 xt?
  3. i know these two 6800 xt are supposed to be the best i wanted to know how similar they are in performance to the 6900 xt? which should i get, one of the 6800 xt should be in stock as well as a reference 6900 xt in a store near me
  4. basically these companies reffer to the MSRP this year as in, the price you can buy from their official website and not including shipping and tax
  5. from what i see, it seems they dont. its mostly the Adobe Softwares
  6. prices likely wont change, before the 3080 launched the 2080 ti still costed 1700 in my country, we have terrible tariffs considering how i wont be editing for the next 3-4 years, couldnt i buy amd and just sell it and buy nvidia in around 3-4 years?
  7. prices in my country are already ridiculous, the 3090 for example costs around 3.5-4 grand (depending where you buy) essentially instead of my pc costing 2 grand it has to cost 4 because of prices in my country. im forced to pay essentially nearly double for everything i honestly would have bought from US and imported for far cheaper if i could but no stock due to covid. as for the other question, i do plan to use the pc for: - Gaming - Game Development - Video Editing (Though not for the next 3 years likely [university]) - Graphic Design
  8. it seems like all the cables are in, ill try to check if anything isnt pushed in fully but no hub for me
  9. Hi, i have the ASUS TUF X570 Plus which has integrated RGB onto it. but i noticed when the case moves sometimes, even slightly the rgb starts to flicker and stays that way for some time (im not sure if i ever do something that fixes it or if it fixes itself) does anyone know why this is happening or how to solve this issue?
  10. Hello! i have a weird question. my hands get pretty warm when i use my mouse, it happens when i interact with most things im looking for a new mouse, my current one is around 8 years old and i am looking for a new Wireless Gaming Mouse. i cant really find anything online does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. I think that's the one ill go for (6800 xt), thank you and everyone who replied so much!
  12. honestly, im in a strange situation because i know two smaller stores each has one of them in stock. do you think games will need over 10 gb of vram in the next 4 years?
  13. Hi! I am buying a new graphics card, currently using a 970 from 2015, I have 1000$ to spend on the graphics card, I have already bought the rest of the PC. I had hoped the RTX 3080 TI would come in the next 2 months but it seems it has been indefinitely delayed until NVIDIA can secure more stock. so im currently thinking between the 3080, 6800 xt and the 6900 xt, ill use it mostly for gaming, I only upgrade once every 4 years. i use a 1440p display and honestly, i would have gotten the 3080 closer to release because of NVIDIA's features but the VRA
  14. i saw the event live today and just read the post. what about it were you referring to?
  15. very fair estimate, that's what the leaks are currently saying