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  1. yeah gotta look for one if it was real or not dunno but what I know is that I'm terrorized and I cannot sleep fuck
  2. what are auras? sleep paralysis I doubt because I was pretty active at the time anyway I see that a good amount of starlinks have flooded the sky, should be possible that those were starlinks? https://findstarlink.com/#769;3
  3. or if I do put some cameras? and if there is really this shit wth could I do?
  4. the first time (a while ago, Idr how much time ago, maybe in the 2019? idr): I see a red light without moving in the air, I think it's like mars, but it's weird, after a while it moves, and stop, move and stop, until it doesn't light up some white and strong light, and reveal the shape of it, if was something like a trapeze,it turns off the lights, and move, I cannot see anymore because it got behind some buildings this time after the stars thing that do move, I see a red light after realizing it, I see again and now it was a red light + 2 white strong lights, and one was turning o
  5. well to be frank, sometimes I do have allucinations but those happen when I'm between sleeping and being awake (there was a peculiar name but idr, )and are very different, I mean I can understan when I'm not that lucid, but that red light shit I've already seen it in two different occasions, today it was more close than the first time, so I literally shit myself screaming around, also I was already concerned on why some stairs did apper one time in a location, one time in another, and one other time, there is nothing, and after that there was something that was doing "ah ah ah ah"
  6. I've already seen something like this (only one time), but never recorded because I shitted myself unless I'm not seeing things/confusing with dreams Now I was playing some games at night (because I wake up and I couldn't sleep anymore), and I do notice this star that sometimes is there and sometimes is in another location and some else time there is not, I thought that maybe it was just some cloud that was hiddening the stars but after a while I think I've seen an intense redlight with two others white light, that do remember me what I've seen in the past, I shit myself and go in
  7. there are different ways, you can use soap, alcohol or the same products that you do usually use to clean your home also you can use uvc if you wish so, but they are dangerous just a curiosity what's the bronze contributor?
  8. they can if there is a crackdown, usually they will just pay some type of fine, and nothing else is really done
  9. dunno about the price, I could spend more if necessary I'll use the bike to drive around the city, but it should be lightwave and not gigantic, since I need to easily put it into elevator and do a pair of stairs, I don't trust to put it outside with a chain or something like that, because it's like the 5th bike that gets stolen would be cool if it was electric, or easily allows modifications, initially I was thinking to do a completely diy one, but I don't wanna risk that while biking some piece fails/breaks apart so. any suggestions?
  10. also get stuff directly from china, don't use amazon for such thing because you will pay too much or also store like digikey or arrow.. but even there the shipping timings are bibblical so it doesn't really matter if you want a price comparitor use octoparts also if you want to do embedded stuff, I would start to learn the c language, or even the cpp is great as long you do use the core stuff, the std library is usually too heavy to be used, or even assembly is great, you can easily learn "underground stuff" and not for the last learn mathematics if you don't already
  11. it doesn't really matter, as long there aren't extra taxes to deal with and/or an absurd amount of time to wait I guess or from: amazon, or AliExpress and same chinese store with eu magazines like eglobal, banggood, gearbest, or random shop on trovaprezzi.it (it's a price finder) even though I would prefer amazon, so the guarantee is really a thing, but it doesn't really matter if for example on amazon a phone cost 300 while in a external shop it cost 100 but also if it's from chinese store I would try to find the global versions, since some manufacturers do cut on n
  12. Italy though for what I know, on that budget the camera quality is more or less the same(but I might be wrong), and considering that those photos will be likely uploaded in some shitty social with tons of filters, it doesn't really matter.. but well.. I don't think they would like the answer
  13. it's ok even if it's from older generation as long stocks are found
  14. can you also close the thread? people are still replying even though the thread was already solved thanks
  15. Individual/group experience are not that trustworthy, unfortunately your homemade food might aswell really taste bad, or you might aswell influenced by the circumstances to thinks so we should for first define what's "food quality" and "shit food" do mean for second to try to get an objective answer to it, take different groups of people and dose to them different foods (that they would like to eat) that go under the category of "quality food" and "shit food" in different periods of time and in different places and in different social situations without their knowledge, a