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  1. so youtube has the function to play videos within x2 time faster while vimeo doesn't have that is there anything like a browser extention (I use firefox btw), or a client that can enable a similar function?
  2. either way if he is really concerned he should look for a psychiatrist not for suggestions of some random dude on the net also since he is underage, he shouldn't be that much concerned about the possibility of the psychiatrist whispering to the police
  3. isn't this whole thing a winwin for the medias(and government)? if google (and not only) is forces to pay (and "cooperate" with) those scumbags they win if google (and not only) is forced to pull out from the market, it will basically reopen (and let it dominate) the whole market from them if this scales down, the implications might be worse than china's policies
  4. they description sucks and are random you could get something that's like new, and something that doesn't even work or something that's not what you bought they usually just check the weight of returns, or if there is any item in the package; I guess that for them it's just cheaper to send all over the items, and let them check to some customers lol
  5. I don't tollerate the click sound it would be great if it had some hotkeys, like those mmo mouses it should be cheap (under 50?)
  6. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00502-w all of this mess because of shitty politics
  7. dropshipping is pretty repetitive usually it's waiting for an email, get the information, insert the information for the shippement and ship so I was looking for something that can manage to read stuff from a browser (like firefox) or any other application, and be able to do some user input (like move the cursor, click, insert some text) but I have no idea how to do it nor where to look for ps: I'm sorry but at the time my phone was missbehaving
  8. I don't like the taste of alcohol so.. I do sometimes like alcoholic things, but while I do like the main taste, I totally hate the after taste, besides the fact that I cannot stand to alcool, it's like poisoning yourself so in case I usually look for non alcoholic alternatives or similar drinks, like fraussbrase, or Almdudler cool drinks discovered in Germany that somewhat resemble beers and have a grassy/fruitish flawor
  9. for free there is google colab, but that's for gpu stuff
  10. this remembered me an episode on my exschool someone bought a peppermint soap or something like that, with a label that said like it was safe for mouth contact or something like that, I don't really remember anyhow, some guys had the brilliant idea to start to eat it because of that, and many other copied that because they also were doing that, and the soap was really yummy, and they restarted to explain to me how that it was safe to eat, really wtf
  11. Besides what anyone else has suggested to you for soldering irons, I would check: ts100, ts80p/s thepinecle soldering iron, it's just like a ts100 but cheaper and with more features also get a pcb holder/third arm or whatever they are called, they are extremely useful
  12. dunno what's about this whole argument but those are all different personal interest I don't think that any of those is objectively superior by some type of scale also not, it has a lot to do with the currency, in the international market usds are pretty much dominant, by so the us pretty much has a good control over whatever thing, but those are politics stuff, so better avoiding those (but I'm not so sure if I actually understood you or not, I might have misunderstood you) anyway how did they actually comprove that it was due to mining? also why
  13. would be cool if witstudio released the dropped drawings of the final season of attack on titan, but dunno if there is some legal stuff that prevents them from doing it the work from mappa, is utterly garbage, it seems in the line from those garbage isekai series like overlord (ok maybe not that bad, but still bad) dunno the average quality of anime (and not only) seems that is getting down, I suppose that's because the public has also changed?
  14. yeah, but which one? I just need the damm thing to work (I need it for documents and photos, so even colours) without annoyances budget.. well less I do spend better it is, but not over 200 euros