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  1. right i have seemed to have figured it out. when listing though the go xlr software it seems to boost the signal so you can hear the noise more
  2. But it doesn't make nosie though any recordings or monitoring it only has a tonn of nosie when monitoring though the go xlr software. Which leads me to believe the software is broken a bit. I highly doubt my go xlr is defective considering 2 units have had the same behaviour.
  3. I don't have a microphone currently plugged in so I can isolate the sound just to the pre amp. When recording though OBS or listening though windows there is still some nosie. So i don't think there is a gate because the nosie is very quiet and the gate would cut it out completely
  4. This is a pointless post. The 3090 has over double the vram of the 3080 and soon 10gb will not be enough for 4k. And the 3090 does have value in synthetic applications
  5. Nope no gate on. I quess the go xlr software just adds a tonn of noise. when monitoring though anything else it's quieter than my scarlett solo
  6. Right there's something strange about the go xlr. if I listen to the mic though the go xlr software it is incredibly noisy, but doing any recordings though audacity or monitor the mic though windows it puts out barley any noise. Im not really sure why it does this but im not complaining
  7. 1. Microphones don't come with arms 2. All mics will pick up if you shout they will just clip but you can use a compressor to fix that 3. Not many mics come with pop filters and no usb mics come with one apart from 1 that i know of 4. I wouldn't recommend usb because you can get more for less and have a better upgrade path. If you want a usb mic that comes with a pop filter get the shure mv7. It's usb, comes with a pop filter, sounds amazing because it's based of the sm7b and it can be xlr too so you can upgrade later. If you want something cheap
  8. Hello I recently bought i go xlr to upgrade my streaming setup. As soon as I set it up with the correct amount of gain for the SM7B (60db) I noticed it had quite a bit of pre amp nosie, a lot more compared to my focusrite. Im a little bit annoyed at the moment because I bought the go xlr thinking I would not need a cloudlifter. I know the go xlr isn't defective because I had to send my first one back because it was heavily scratched and my replacement is just as noisy as the first.
  9. Do they use condenser, dynamic or something else
  10. I think I have fixed the loosening issue. Im now using the mic arm adapter included in the microphone box instead of the one on the picture. Now it turns without loosening but the arm sometimes squeaks but that's fine.
  11. So I have a sm7b mic and a rode psa1 mic arm. So when I have the microphone attached I can still rotate it, I have no idea if it's supposed to do that. As you can see in the video when I rotate it the silver metal disk thing rotates with it, but after a while of I rotate it too much the metal disk stops spinning with it and the mic starts to lossen and wobble and I have to tighten it . What am I doing wrong?
  12. im not really sure i quess i just get really protective over new things i buy. ok thank you for all the help
  13. no im not saying it's damaged im saying my stupid anxiety thinks it's damaged. ok and you saying that they are almost impossible to damage has helped so thank you