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  1. So can feedback damage a mic? I'm worried i subtlety damaged the mic while the feedback happened for a short time.
  2. I have had one TRS microphone and more recently a xlr microphone. Both of them hum when at high gains is this normal or am I just unlucky
  3. Whenever I turn the gain up there is a ringing nosie that gets worse and worse. This is a brand new mic, cable and interface. 20210126_141147.mp4
  4. Yeah my old steel series has started getting stains but I just think that's the material wearing down. It feels very different from when I got it I also think it's smoother because it's been worn down so I'm worried going to a stitched mouse pad is going to feel rough
  5. Oh ok but the core of the mouse pads will feel very similar, the more premium ones like you said have things like anti fray stitching.
  6. Will it glide better than other mouse pads? They all seem to just be made out of cloth
  7. Funny but it's sold out and I live in the so lots of added tax an shipping cost
  8. Im looking to get a new mouse pad that covers your mouse and keyboard. I've seen a couple that intrest me a aukey one which is about £20 and a logitech one £40. Both claim to have the same material so will they both feel the same? Am i just paying for the brand, or will one feel less rough and more smooth?
  9. Yes that is where the management tray is. Ok that seems like a good option thank you
  10. Needs to be able to fit in this gap and be able to be tightened
  11. I recently bought a microphone and monitor arm but they don't fit my desk because the built in cable manager rack gets in the why of the Clamp mount on the arms. Currently I have the mic arm at the front of my desk and the monitor arm i can't use. Is there any decent mic and monitor arms that use a different mount?