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  1. With the while new world thing that happened, I've heard that the issue was tones of fps in the menu. A couple games that I play also have lots of fps in menus like ark and doom eternal should I he worried?
  2. I'm going to try not to dwell on it considering it's not even a 2 percent drop in only multi core, (single core still performs the same) and I'm not going to notice it unless I do a benchmark which I not normal use.
  3. I'm just wondering why my cpu is performing slightly slower. Could bios up dates do this? Edit. It could also be slightly hotter in my room now its summer meaning a bit slower clocks too.
  4. Can I put a installation of windows on another drive and switch between installs?
  5. i have a question about my 5950x's clock speed to see if i got unlucky or not. so my 5950x has a maximum clock speed of 5.06GHz (since then it's gone down to a max of 5ghz not sure why probably bios updates and a unclean windows install) but only a couple cores can get to that speed with the rest varying from 4.9 to 4.72. i have seen some 5950x's get up to 5.15 and the rest of their cores being able to reach 5ghz are they extremely lucky or did i just get unlucky?
  6. Clocks are normal. your gpu seems fine
  7. That's a lot of negative airflow you got there. You should probably flip some of those fans around