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  1. If anyone wants to check out a great game Google - Phantasy Star Universe Clementine. It's a private server and community... and free This is the only game I play
  2. Loot boxes are stupid, games like Quake Champions is completely destroyed. I totally support Senator Josh Hawley , and see this happening
  3. I dunno, the graphics look super cheesy. It looks like Colorforms. People might be too young to know what that is.
  4. Nothing wrong with advertising, but promoting some trendy flight by night operation all at once. I can't think of the correct term to call this at the moment, but I see the same pattern that happened with Bitcoin. Just the other day I started calling everyone Clowns and my attitude changed. Everyone and their mother seems to be promoting VPN and it stinks of rotten scam. I put my foot down after seeing some Flat Earth conspiracy video the other day and at the end they were promoting some VPN.
  5. More like reverse psychology. UFD has lot of click bait videos and among the other clowns now promoting VPN. This is all a joke and not safe or protect privacy. There is some conspiracy and collusion to push VPN lately and I do no trust any of it.
  6. I'm seeing Jays 2 Cent now Promote VPN. What's up with all these clowns promoting VPN software? This is a joke and scam.
  7. Apple Sux, I'd never use any of their products or software
  8. gtx 1050 ti vs 1660 ti is only +141% difference and not worth any upgrade. You want over 300% performance difference when upgrading. $360 and Summer is looooooooooooong way ahead. No excuse not to save up money AMD will be making some announcements in July I think at some Convention this Summer.
  9. I heard it's only for vrlink devices. I'm using WIndows 7 and it's not even supported and have a Ding/Unknown Device in Device Manager.
  10. It's a Joke, no Privacy and NSA has Black Boxes on their Routers just like with AT&T and other major T3-OC3 lines..etc
  11. I'm not sure what good prices are but. You could take chance on eBay, but then its a gamble and you could more issues paying cheaper. If not going to pay more than $300 for Intel CPU, then I don't think it's even worth it. AMD will give you a better deal and performance
  12. If it's not a hot item being exploited in price, I always shop Amazon.
  13. Looks like these Corporate Pigs have been scamming us all along if they going to brag they have features not released to the public yet.
  14. You'd have a mountain of cash if you bought AMD stock when it was under $2.50 a share
  15. This company sucks and now they have a bunch of Millennials working in the company that will really drag them 6 feet under. No Unreal Tournament ? With this Google game cloud service thingy, It looks like classing games like UT and Quake are dead and no community custom maps made by fans.