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  1. Hey guys...thanks for so many responses. We are on the cusp of completing the survey, just 30 more responses required. I feel like many people are stressing on our word "Loyal". To be clear our only criteria for filling the form is if you have owned or currently own an apple product! Thanks for your support again... https://forms.gle/SRxjvGqny6eQbHTQ9
  2. Wow guys I didn't know my one post would get so many responses. Thanks a ton...
  3. Hello everyone, Now that this topic has been moved back to off topic, I'd like to request you to fill the form. We are a group of 5 students doing a research for our Marketing research class (PGDM 20-22, Greatlakes Institute of management, Chennai). Many people have viewed to topic, but not filled the form. Even if you are not an apple user, please say NO for the first question and submit the form. The Linustechtips community help is much appreciated. https://forms.gle/SRxjvGqny6eQbHTQ9 Thanks and always open to discussion...
  4. And still you have a PC setup most people can only dream about...
  5. We is a group of 5 members doing a market research project...
  6. Also Ladies and Gentlemen, seeing the spirited discussion, please fill the google form. It will be of much help to me. Thanks.
  7. Guys Thank you so much for all the replies...I have been watching Linus since long ago and knew the community wouldn't disappoint. I personally have used some Apple products but am not loyal in anyway to the company...as many of you have said, Its about the product not the brand. On the fix your own products aspect, I am completely of the opinion that we should be allowed to do that.
  8. I completely agree to you @Arika S, but honestly all of us know that some people are loyal to a brand for no reason. Be it Apple or any other. Apple without a doubt has created a brand image that no other brand has, and I am saying this without owning any apple products.
  9. Hey Tech Enthusiasts, Greetings! We are a group of 5 students doing a research for our Marketing research class (PGDM 20-22, Greatlakes Institute of management, Chennai). We are taking a quick survey to understand what has made Apple, the brand that it is today. We would love to hear the LinusTechTips community take on the subject. It would be of great help to our study. Request you to spare a few minutes for the same and answer the questions in the link below. https://forms.gle/SRxjvGqny6eQbHTQ9 Thank you!