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    Intel i7-8700k
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    Asus Strix Z370 - E gaming
  • RAM
    16Gb (2x8) G Skill Trident Z RGB 3200MHz
  • Case
    NZXT H700i
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    Samsung 960 Evo PCIe M.2 500Gb, WD Blue 2TB
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    850W Seasonic Focus Plus Gold
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    Acer Xb271HU 1440p 165Hz IPS
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    Corsair H150i pro RGB
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    Razer Naga
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    Logitech G633
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    Windows 10

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  1. i currently have 3080 only and when im mining i undervolt and lower power limit and my 3080 uses only 240W of power, so is it safe to assume that with a 3060ti it's safe?
  2. good day! i recently bought a 3080 and have been mining with it at night or when im out, now im considering purchasing another 3060ti to add to it but am not willing to buy another psu, the PSU i have rn is an 850W 80+ gold from seasonic, question is will i be fine with it? thank you! and also if anybody would know how to configure the second gpu (undervolting and memory overclock) when put in a single system? like would afterburner be able to detect both and tune each gpu separately
  3. wdym get something cheaper? like another motherboard? lol im thinking of that one too i found one on amazon it's called "UPHERE" brand idk if it's good or will it even fit in my case
  4. Cool! thank you for this! ill be sticking with this charging brick untill im able to get a bracket. BTW what gpu bracket can u recommend to buy, a vertical one or an L one and can you name a brand or link an item if you have a suggestion? thank you!
  5. yeah lol the ram slot furthest to the cpu is fried so i moved my ram a slot cause when i insert the ram there it doesnt post
  6. unfortunately i dont have any legos around and im planning to buy a bracket soon, is this fine as a placeholder gpu bracket? will the charging brick cause any issue or will it be fine?
  7. Hey guys i recently bought a tuf 3080 and noticed that it's sagging, i know it's bad (although i dont know exactly why) but i dont have a gpu bracket rn so i thought of folding a paper combined with a charging brick to put at the end of the gpu to prevent sagging. is a charging brick as an anti sag bad and should I look for other stuff to use? or i can use this for the meantime. here's a pic of it
  8. is DDu after installing the BIOS update required?
  9. im wondering u have to download this separate from the nvidia driver? i just got my 3080 tuf installed this morning and downloaded nvidia drivers but none from the asus website so i was wondering how would you install this
  10. DLSS now has been very good and particularly required in cyberpunk to reach that 60fps in ultra for 4k. my question is, is DLSS a hardware feature or a software? for example, if ever DLSS 3.0 gets released, will all Turing and Ampere GPU get it or will it only available for the newer ones in the future thanks!
  11. just curious: if you were to buy one of those at their given price which would you go for? 1100 for ventus and 1200 for the Asus tuf
  12. does lower temps help prolong the life of the GPU? im targetting this card to last me for at least 3-4 years and probably more
  13. hey guys as the titles says which one would you buy as im looking to buy one of them and the 3080 Tuf costs 1200USD in my country and the Ventus 3080 is around 1100USD. is the cooling of Asus Tuf worth to spend 100$ more than the Masi ventus? numerous reviews are having tuf at 60-62 deg under load and the Ventus at around 69 to low 70s underload so idk which to pick (save money and get the hotter card or spend more to get the cooler card) before u guys say dont buy from scalpers, i would like to say that these are the prices of the retailers here in my country... i know it sucks a
  14. is that a good card? heard mixed reviews about it. it's currently out of stock but sells for 1200USD as well lol
  15. my ongoing dilemma with that is i only have the holidays as my vacation and dont really have time to play other than that so it might be a counterproductive if i wait for it to go down as i wont have time to play.. either way im wasting money Lol, i jsut wanna be able to play cyberpunk lol