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  1. Im thinking it has to be a windows 10 issue since both my rtx 2060 and my 2080 ti had the same problems?
  2. thats my gpu, just before the massive spikes is in game rest is just at desktop. My other gpu did the same thing on a different setup.
  3. Yea been thinking that too, 3 different monitors and 2 of them with gsync and still no difference. In the clip, when characters turn they stutter. Not seen in the clip but when they are close to each other they collide/overlap or shake hands 2 feet apart 346413402_NBA2K212020-11-2921-18-50_Trim.mp4
  4. Every directx game i have tried, NBA 2k19,20 and 21. Metal gear solid v, Assassins creed valhalla. I have reinstalled windows maybe 10 times, even bought another copy. Tried every driver as far back as early september 2019.
  5. I have been having problems with games using direct x. Mostly playing games using dx11 and they look terrible and have "weird" physics, like characters colliding and stuttering/shaking. Ive been dealing with this for a year, i know for a fact its not my hardware because i have upgraded every single thing in my computer, monitor and keyboard/mouse controllers etc. This have been done i stages and nothing ever helped. Tried every nvidia setting and "windows tweaks" i can think of. My current setup is. Cpu: Intel i9 9900k Gpu : Asus Rog Strix Rtx 2080 TI Ram: Hyp