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  1. Banned for showing fake reptile that did not exist
  2. That's funny, but defeats the purpose of enjoying photography as a hobby. We don't need 8k Edit: Just a theory and trying to fully connect the dots is the great push for technology is to help push Fake AI. I've noticed older analog photos, Facebook can't even tag the faces of people.
  3. I'd call Nvidia, you should still be under support and would love to hear what they say
  4. LOL, that's the whole foundation behind every war and conflict. If you don't pull the weeds out of the garden directly from the root, it's just going to grow back.


    We can play and pretend the weed is gone, but the root is still in the ground.

    1. piratemonkey


      what the fuck are you talking about? if you're talking about the master race thread, reply in there. Don't take it out of the thread

    2. Spotty
  5. LOL, what a bunch of BS. Master Race did not originate from Nazis. OP needs to study more on history. It was used over 3,000 years ago. Everything in life is a repeat of something else.
  6. ok, this sounds like a choppy frame rate issue with full screen ? There is some setting I remember doing with Bordered Full Screen, but should not happen with every game
  7. Did you do a fresh Windows install during this time of adding upgrades ?
  8. Stay away from anything from China. I'd go with Asus, you will get quality support and drivers.
  9. Maybe it's that secret CIA server that just got raided and taken down by Special Forces
  10. I get that too, but seems like a backdoor entrance though Google and can access some parts of forum
  11. I look at this as a positive and will greatly lower the price of 16TB drives
  12. wow, it really is a small world after all. I actually know this person and from Australia too. About 14 years ago, I used to play this evil game together and the Tower of Babel is trying to resurrect, but will collapse for good this time. Unfortunately, they are trying to recruit and steal some helpless souls along they way, but nothing can be done and won't be many
  13. It's all run by child labor slaves. They keep getting a slap on the wrist and promise not to do it anymore. How many times has Apple been busted?
  14. 10 years ago Ive seen a Smart Chip or almost like Credit Card you insert and required to boot up laptop. I like that better than fingerprint
  15. I have a feeling 1440p is not fully dead. If they are using the term Mobile Workstation now, I can totally see 1440p being used AMD rumored to be working on a Ryzen Pro mobile workstation Renoir APU with Vega 11 iGPU, more PCIe lanes and increased RAM capacity https://news.sellorbuyhomefast.com/index.php/2020/08/01/amd-rumored-to-be-working-on-a-ryzen-pro-mobile-workstation-renoir-apu-with-vega-11-igpu-more-pcie-lanes-and-increased-ram-capacity/