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    Still a newbie

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    Tech, Mycology, food, holy crap Mass Effect 3 and it's MP and more...
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    Profile picture original; http://tohad.deviantart.com/art/Alice-in-Wonderland-BADASS-420181853
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    i7 3770k @4.5 @1.28v
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    Asus P8z77-V-LX
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    8gb Kingston @1800 MHz
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    GTX 660 (Asus Direct Cu ii) & nitro+ Rx 580
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    Nzxt Phantom 410
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    WD black 500 gb, BX100 (256gb), Skybox drive 500gb, 1tb laptop hdd, old 80gb drive, 8tb he8 ultrastar (second hand, WIP)
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    OCZ zs 650w
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    Asus mx239h + + LG 29um68(?)
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    Nzxt Havik 140
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    Apple M7803 & A1048 + Razer Orbweaver
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    Logitech G502
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    Harman Kardon CL, & DT990 Pro 250ohm, Fulla Schiit (its shit - now make a static)
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    Windows 10

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  1. Nup

    Why You Feel Tired When It's Hot

    thermal throttling
  2. Rtx on 



    1. 2SidedPolygon


      That would actually make for a cool raytracing demo. Make it happen, Nvidia.

    2. Nup


      Wouldn't it just. Thought the same thing, the pendulum was rotating with the spin of the earth. 

  3. Is there a better image?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DildorTheDecent


      FR tho, need to be places tomorrow. Not saucing tonight 😞

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      a better image you say?


    4. DildorTheDecent
  4. Woaah... fits right into the distopian future. 



    1. Frankie


      That's some 1984 big brother shit right there. Now give me 20 pushups for that pizza you had! :D

    2. Nup


      Hey if a distopian future lets you get pizza with pushups :P 

    3. Frankie


      That's how they get ya! :D

  5. Wake up and out the door in 30mins. No time to think, makes mornings shorter & easier.
  6. Nup

    Show off your Lego!

    Ahh great thread!! Ill get some pictures up at some point. Like many of you I loved the Star Wars sets most. The big droid was always a favourite I’ll throw up some pics next week.

    1. Frankie


      And that's one of the less bizarre songs from that era... :D

  8. Saw the DF video on this, really interesting stuff. I have to say the quake mod really sells what ray or path tracing can bring, I thought it looked fantastic! Even on such an old game. Also they mentioned that the lad who made it said that the shading of the textures that had been hit by a ray was much more intensive than the rays themselves. Interesting stuff.
  9. Nup

    How Did You Get with Your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)?

    Befriended her brother.
  10. Nup

    galvanized steel for dehydrator

    That’s interesting, hard to guess tho isn’t it. Had a read here, was interesting. I would guess that fruit wouldn’t be too corrosive, as they’d likely still be mild acids in food quantities? Also if the nicked coating does corrode, where does it go? It likely won’t go volatile, so from that point of view I guess it’s relatively safe (like what you said on smoking vs non smoking temps) One articel i read mentioned that air borne salt content had an effect on corrosion, so maybe the salty nature of food will have an effect on this. Also seems the type of glavanisation chnages tbings. https://www.gsa.gov/node/1100?Form_Load=88553%3FbypassAkamaiCache%3D1507917842 keep us posted.
  11. BFV is the first game that pins the 3770k (4.4ghz), causing a GPUs bottleneck at times... 

    Upgade time later this year. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nup


      I didn’t no, I much prefer the direction and implementations being taken in this version though. 

    3. wANKER


      Then you would also prefer the direction and implementations being taken in BF1 then.


      Honestly, I don't ever get bitchy about games I buy, but this was the first game that actually made me angry. 


      Don't have BF1? Then yeh, buy it.

      Have BF1? Continue playing it. 


      There have been 3 differences I've found so far - SLIGHTLY different UI (by slightly, I mean slightly), different maps and different weapons/vehicles.

      Other than that? Same fucking game 









    4. Nup


      Fair enough the visuals haven't changed very significantly (also interesting how dx12 is now worse?) , other than aesthetics. 


      But i very mcuh like the mechanicals chnages made; health regen, revive tweaks, attrition, reduced explosives, changes to the reward mechanics (no more behemoths or "power classes"), reduced 3d spoting , chnage to land vehicle mechanics, all make for a nice chnage of pace.

  12. Nup

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Lol. That’s a looot of whiskey. Send a glass down!! ;P.
  13. Nup

    Megathread: a noncomprehensive list of CES 2019

    Do you guys know if noctua has a booth this year? Nice thread vegetableStu, fair play for keepiinh it up to date.
  14. Nup

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Well I’d consider kracken a fancy one :p. Darmbuie sounds interesting! I’ll keep an eye out for that then.