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    Still a newbie

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    Tech, Mycology, food, holy crap Mass Effect 3 and it's MP and more...
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    Profile picture original; http://tohad.deviantart.com/art/Alice-in-Wonderland-BADASS-420181853
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    i7 3770k @4.5 @1.28v
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    Asus P8z77-V-LX
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    8gb Kingston @1800 MHz
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    GTX 660 (Asus Direct Cu ii) & nitro+ Rx 580
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    Nzxt Phantom 410
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    WD black 500 gb, BX100 (256gb), Skybox drive 500gb, 1tb laptop hdd, old 80gb drive, 8tb he8 ultrastar (second hand, WIP)
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    OCZ zs 650w
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    Asus mx239h + + LG 29um68(?)
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    Nzxt Havik 140
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    Apple M7803 & A1048 + Razer Orbweaver
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    Logitech G502
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    Harman Kardon CL, & DT990 Pro 250ohm, Fulla Schiit (its shit - now make a static)
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    Windows 10

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  1. Looks real clean. Loverly.
  2. Full showcase of steam in home streaming, and how it works for "out of home streaming". Especially at the LTT studio were the ideal internet connection can allow you to test the minimum limits of a good experience. Also can you get to work on a mobile connection, 4G, 5G?
  3. Nice graphs, thanks. Surprised such a large percentage doesnt use tablets!
  4. There is a branch of chemistry which focuses on this; its called pre-biotic chemistry, if you're interested.
  5. A lot of model Ms in here! Time to add to the pile; I came across this model m from an old instrument which is obsolete and lying in pieces gathering dust and dirt. it’s a french board with azerty- so a pain to type on for me. The key feel: granted it’s old and dusty, but honestly, the switches haven’t convinced me - first time trying buckling spring and I’m not the biggest fan of ping. Also they’re scratchy and very inconsistent feeling, but that’s certainly just dirt. Very cool board overall, I’d love to use it more and to have the chance to be won over. bottom
  6. Bleach is used as a disinfectant. Use dilute bleach after the main cleaning to wash/clean followed by rinsing using boiled water (but cooled) to remove any excess. Vinegar will leave a stronger taste.
  7. A worthwhile cost Cheers! I think ping is part of the deal for buckling spring, no? Good to hear tho. Thank you for the guide! Very much appreciated! Seems like the company has really kept things loyal to the older designs alright. nice too that they can be bought new. Overall really sounds like nicer option than tracking down an older model M in good condition - for the layman anyway. And damn they look good in black. Really great website too, fair play, ill be reading through it in the coming days.
  8. Great, yeah model M is always a name that garners attention! Seems theres a lot out there just looking on ebay quickly. What do you think of the modern remakes, by Unicomp? Zenith seem nice, just saw a chyrosan video on one. But seems they are mostly in the US, though the prices seems reasonable, so shipping might be much more palatable. Good to hear for the BOX switches! Really want to get to try them eventually.
  9. Hi LTT, The time has come again, the urge to explore the world of keyboards is coming again, stronger than ever. This is where the LTT hive-mind comes in; what next? Currently I have two boards: an apple MO116 (alps salmon) which was cleaned up and given some lube - absolutley love this board, Great typing feel. The second is more modern; novekl keys creams on a bent steel plate board. Really nice too, i find it harder to type on, but still enjoy it very much. and what great sound. Its been very much fun having these two polar opposites to t
  10. Not sure! I think catnip is more potent for cats though, sadly not for us
  11. That's it. It's just a very close cousin.
  12. Camomile, tilia (lime tree says wiki), catmint is ok I guess - but taste a bit funny, elderflower is nice, verbena
  13. If a dish is boiring - add garlic and anchovies! (salted anchovies) Or in preserved in vinegar as a snack. Not the biggest fan of them on pizza
  14. Yeah I was thinking that too. The prododuct stack shift is more and more evident. looking forward to the 200$ range launches more.