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    Still a newbie

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    Tech, Mycology, food, holy crap Mass Effect 3 and it's MP and more...
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    Profile picture original; http://tohad.deviantart.com/art/Alice-in-Wonderland-BADASS-420181853
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    i7 3770k @4.5 @1.28v
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    Asus P8z77-V-LX
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    8gb Kingston @1800 MHz
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    GTX 660 (Asus Direct Cu ii) & nitro+ Rx 580
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    Nzxt Phantom 410
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    WD black 500 gb, BX100 (256gb), Skybox drive 500gb, 1tb laptop hdd, old 80gb drive, 8tb he8 ultrastar (second hand, WIP)
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    OCZ zs 650w
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    Asus mx239h + + LG 29um68(?)
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    Nzxt Havik 140
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    Apple M7803 & A1048 + Razer Orbweaver
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    Logitech G502
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    Harman Kardon CL, & DT990 Pro 250ohm, Fulla Schiit (its shit - now make a static)
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    Windows 10

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  1. Not sure! I think catnip is more potent for cats though, sadly not for us
  2. That's it. It's just a very close cousin.
  3. Camomile, tilia (lime tree says wiki), catmint is ok I guess - but taste a bit funny, elderflower is nice, verbena
  4. If a dish is boiring - add garlic and anchovies! (salted anchovies) Or in preserved in vinegar as a snack. Not the biggest fan of them on pizza
  5. Yeah I was thinking that too. The prododuct stack shift is more and more evident. looking forward to the 200$ range launches more.
  6. Finally I can trace rays too. (...with VMD.. )



  7. Ebay, usually check what the other items are selling for, then undercut that by a bit and sell it fast.
  8. 100% the whole room watercooling series. That was such a good project. I really like the BTS videos letting us peer into the workflow a little better.
  9. Hahah yeah, an unhloy combination! Lovely idea to have an adaptive background though.
  10. Discovered the world of keyboards this year - it's been fun reading through this thread and discovering the projects here on LTT. A lot of nice projects. Build this board with POM Creams and kailh sage clickies for thé mods. The second was a restoration of an Apple board with Alps salmon. Did some tests and considered whitening the plastic, but honestly the yellow look is nicer. It was great having to have the two boards to compare. The hobby is dangerously absorbing.
  11. Yeah, i think just soak it in a solution of bleach and that'll be good. Or hydrogen peroxide.
  12. With new iPhones released its time for an upgrade! The oul 6s+ has a failing battery and camera, which is really annoying. waiting fir the release of the 12 series dropped the price on older models decently. Snaged an iPhone xs 64 gig from eBay, pretty much mint condition. The speaker grills are a little dirty but that’s what you get.
  13. I have always made it with kidney beans, peppers and shank of beef - no idea how close that sort of taste is to the older recipes. What recipe do you use OP?
  14. Yes, feels that way with chemistry, no two tasks are really the same - also can be a source of frustration tho!