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  1. Funny
    Nup reacted to BuckGup in AMD Announces The RX 6700 XT, "Available" March 18 For $479   
    Looks like a great mining card. 
  2. Agree
    Nup reacted to RejZoR in Search from Brave?!   
    DuckDuckGo not being as successful as we wanted it to be? I disagree since over 2 years ago. I've had DDG as primary search engine for several years now and not once I thought "gee, I need to open Google to find something". Not once. It's working great and it's serving me great. It's people's dumb fixation that only Google exists and only Google can find everything.Which is total bull.
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    Nup reacted to s_k in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Pretty damn unexciting, but rather useful.
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    Nup reacted to jasonvp in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Three BenQ 32" 4K/60 EW3280U displays.  These are to replace my two LG 27" 27UK650 displays and my Asus PG27UQ when I work.  All three panels are connected to my Mac Pro (off camera) via USB-C, and have HDMI cables running to the CalDigit Thunderbolt-3 docks you see on the desk, for my employer's Macbook Pro.
    I also have the two side panels connected via DisplayPort to my gaming PC, but the center one is not.  Instead, the center one has an Ergotron quick-release VESA mount on it.  My Asus PG27UQ also has an identical mount on it.  When it's time to frag, I pop the BenQ off the center monitor arm and swap it with the noisy PG27UQ.  It's a bit weird to have a central 27" panel and two 32" flank panels, but oh well.  When I'm gaming, I'm concentrating on the center panel anyway.  Then, when I'm done fragging and it's time to switch back to the Mac(s), I pop the Asus panel off and put the BenQ back.
    Future plans will include an Asus PG32UQX when... ever that gets released.  That'll only be for fragging though.  I work from home and don't want to sit in front of a panel with a fan on for 10 hours a day, every day.
  5. Funny
    Nup reacted to leadeater in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    I don't know about that, think you might just notice a rock to the face 🙃
    I do find it amusing though the best feature about the RTX 30 series is the raster performance uplift, reading between the lines Nvidia knows that game development isn't ready for it yet so put less weighting in to it this time than in Turing.
  6. Funny
    Nup reacted to FloRolf in Exadrive still not enough? Got you covered - New IBM/FujiFilm 580TB Magnet tape   
    Thanks Sherlock.... 
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    Nup got a reaction from whm1974 in So who enjoys Anchovies?   
    If a dish is boiring - add garlic and anchovies! (salted anchovies)
    Or in preserved in vinegar as a snack.
    Not the biggest fan of them on pizza
  8. Funny
    Nup reacted to SebastiKing in Linus tech tips clickbait be like...   
    When I saw ltt's most recent video I remembered how simirarly titled they were...
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    Nup reacted to Eschew in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Keeb Haul!
    Someone bring me tissues I'm really 💦. 
    Keeb Haul! (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Purchases)
    REALFORCE R2 TKL Gateron Black Ink Switches (110 pcs) Deskeys Switch Films (120 pcs) Krytox 205 G0 (5 mL)  

    REALFORCE R2 TKL (Topre 55g Switches)
    Ordered it on Black Friday/Cyber Monday for $174.77 (free shipping, not counting taxes).
    Way too good of a deal to let pass. It usually retails for $220+.
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    Nup reacted to army_greywolf in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    This one is being sold, its a convergent technologies logic scan hall effect keyboard.  The visual 300 is the same thing, no pictures just yet.  I have it completely apart in about 600 pieces. I am going to do the plastic polish on the switch plastics to reverse some of the scarring from dirt embedding into the switches.  I really REALLY want to turn that one into the ultimate daily driver with custom wood key caps.  I am looking for someone that lasers keycaps so I can have them made.

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    Nup reacted to WereCatf in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Do one's own, custom PCBs count as a purchase? I mean, I am ordering them from JLCPCB and I am paying them money for them, so I would argue it is a purchase.


    Too bad I have to wait a month to actually have them in hand.
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    Nup reacted to FakeKGB in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Not really a purchase, but a fun find nontheless.
    It's a PSP-2001.
    My dad bought it and a few games for it, including Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. That's what was in there when I found it, and that's what I played.
    We lost its charger.
    For 7 years.
    I found another one online for 5 bucks and bought it, worked perfectly, except...
    The game wouldn't load.
    Oh sure, it would load, but as soon as the PSP logo flashed on screen, it would go black and nothing would happen
    For a while, I thought it was the optical drive. It would make this screech/scream sound, and it didn't sound great, so I thought it might be that. I looked into replacing it by myself.
    I then found a few other games and decided to try those. Those worked fine, so I knew it wasn't that.
    I looked at the back of the disc, and immediately knew the problem.
    It was so fingerprinty (a few scratches, but mostly fingerprints) I was amazed it read it at all.
    So I took it out of the case, cleaned it, stuck it back in, worked fine*.
    Here. Pictures.
    *The optical drive still screeches/screams. This makes new areas load more slowly.
    Whoa, new page!
    elephants cubed
  13. Agree
    Nup reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Try as you might but - new Intel 8-core still behind AMD   
    I still won't say Intel isn't in a position where they can't compete. Certainty the difference isn't as bad as people hype it up to be. It's not like we're seeing FX vs Core iX performance differences. That was truly a scenario where one of the two competitors had zero chance. Yay more cores! Except... they weren't actually more cores... In fact it was sort of fewer cores compared to Phenom...
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    Nup reacted to Velcade in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Home network day!
    New 42U rack, rack shelves, and a new hot swap cage for the Plex Server.  Lock-down has really increased Plex consumption.

  15. Agree
    Nup reacted to GoodBytes in Dell SCAMMED Me - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 4   
    I would like Linus do something similar to this with computer hardware in the DIY space, and actually RMA the part and see the experience.
    Something like motherboard manufactures. Who offer the best service? Same for graphics cards manufactures.
    Especially with the high prices these company now commands, I would like to see if their after-sale service improve... or they are just pocketing the money as profits.
  16. Funny
    Nup reacted to TempestCatto in James' Twitter was suspended   
    He finally did. The mad lad did it. He posted Linus's nudes. Shame I wasn't there to see it...
  17. Funny
    Nup reacted to GoodBytes in NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti Fire Strike, Time Spy, AoTS & Geekbench Scores Surface (Between 2080 Super & 2080 Ti Performance) + Other 3060 Ti Info   
    I am not impressed. No one should buy this GPU.
    Terrible at everything. Can't even play DVD's.
    Excellent... now that I convinced people to not buy it, now I can actually find it in stores. My plan is flawless.... wait... am I typing my thoughts? Nha... I am not that stupid.
    Huh... did anyone realized that Biologists are a group or cells that are studying groups of cells....
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    Nup got a reaction from FezBoy in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Discovered the world of keyboards this year - it's been fun reading through this thread and discovering the projects here on LTT. A lot of nice projects. 
    Build this board with POM Creams and kailh sage clickies for thé mods. 

    The second was a restoration of an Apple board with Alps salmon. Did some tests and considered whitening the plastic, but honestly the yellow look is nicer. 

    It was great having to have the two boards to compare. The hobby is dangerously absorbing. 
  19. Funny
    Nup reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Should Linus grow a beard?   
    Mildly surprised this thread took this long to be revived. 
  20. Agree
    Nup reacted to SpiderMan in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Quite a bit of sodium there...
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    Nup reacted to dogwitch in Show off your latest purchase!   
    a replacement psu for a old fx box.(to test funky software)

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    Nup reacted to TempestCatto in PC building is frustrating and tiring..   
    I won't laugh at you.
    It's not for everyone. Some people do it to have their own customized system tailored to their specific needs. Others do it to save a quick buck and get quality parts and to have that perfect price to performance ratio. There's also those niche people that want the most absurd system worth more than a family car only because they have the money burning a hole in their pocket.
    But hey, you're on the LTT forum! Tell us about your PC troubles, you've come to the one place that can help  
  23. Funny
    Nup reacted to GrayTech in Linus has to eat his stealth hoodie according to this GN video   
    "If LTX 2020 doesn't happen, I'll eat my Stealth Hoodie."
    That's what Linus said in the video down below at exactly 4:20.
    Obviously this is just a joke but I watched some old LTX videos in the background while working on a laptop and though I would share it with you.
    Please don't eat your clothes. 😅
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    Nup reacted to Nacht in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I bought hydraulic alphacool fans that are not ideal in horizontal orientation so if had to re lube 2 fans total so far with 3e fan failing, so i decided to replace them all cos i still want matching rgb
    I got some vardars as replacement.

    Only miss the old jst connectors instead of the connections from typical argb that can easily come lose no issues tho, took whole day to remove the top fans rest was easy to take out and put in new, pump bracket was bit of a challenge.
    Hopefully these fans work without failure for the next 2 or 4 years preferably, instead of couple of months between grinding noise and failing fans.
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    Nup reacted to Dr0y in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Kailh box navy came two days ago ... will install them in the gmmk this week end and give them a try.