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    Xeon 1230v3
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    ASRock H87 Pro 4
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    8 GB DDR3
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    GTX 770
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    Coolermaster N400
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    Samsung 120/250GB SSD, WD 1TB HDD
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    Corsair CX600M
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    Cheap Logitech G105 (sucks)
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    Razer Abyssus
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    JVC 300W Grandpa thing

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  1. If you have time I highly recommend getting them from aliexpress since they are incredivle cheap for the size
  2. Yeah gets a little warmer than I would like it but only noticable when you have it on your lap, which makes it a kind of a LAPtop This, but altough the laptop is made out of plastic it still doesn't feel that cheap because the material is somewhat mate and therefore feels waaay better than those acer plastic laptops. Also the screen on my one is really bright and sharp in color for the price.
  3. Actually having the "i7" version and I am more than happy, just wanted to share it since I think the laptop is a little under the radar
  4. Have you looked into the Dell Insprion 2 in 1 series yet ? They technically have an i7 in them EDIT: here is a link, but not sure if you can view it. http://www.dell.com/de-at/shop/2-in-1-pcs/inspiron-13-2-in-1-system-der-5000-serie/spd/inspiron-13-5379-2-in-1-laptop
  5. Imagine LMG really buys the netlinked team, kinda have to rethink lmg as a real company not an excuse for linus to play around with gadgets all the time :P

  6. If you thought AMD vs NVIDIA is a stupid debate try arguing about washing your car in a car forum

  7. I really don't see the point there because for a long term solution it is too much maintenance and for short extrem overclocking there is already liquid nitrogen. Also when dry ice evaporates it creates CO2 and I doubt you want to always open the window or else be scared of suffocating. And if you would seal it you would just create a huge dry ice bomb and if you ever been to a festival that allowed dry ice you should know that its not exactly a nice thing
  8. Wow Apple seriously charges you 351€ to repair the iPhone antennas, I was expecting a lot but this is mental

  9. OMG Linus is in the MKBHD studio, hype officially activated

    1. Nup


      Oh shit that is pretty cool... twitter? 

    2. C0LL0SS0S


      saw it on marques snapchat 

  10. I also think that there aren't any major discounts coming because when Project Scorpion is launching most companies will already sell entry-level 4k TVs.
  11. Ordered for the first time on aliexpress, no I get it way people become addicted to buy things....

  12. Do you really think that DDR3 and your current CPU is limiting your PC ?
  13. I think one of the 20+ employees at LMG should really be responsible for adding metric units to videos...

    1. comicsansms


      I thought Canada used the metric system and I thought they used to use metric in their videos. 

      I really just don't even with their measurements, metric or don't do measurements, people who use imperial need to know how to use metric, but not the other way around. 

    2. C0LL0SS0S


      yeah I thought so too but in the acer Predator video they used pounds, its not a big deal but thats way I feel like they could just simply add it too

  14. True I really kept it short because I think they sound just fine " The sound they produce is still a little beatsy but I personally think that they are far from earlier Beats products and only lack ever so slightly at the mids."