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    Dreaper reacted to Wolf ~ IRONI in First ever build :D   
    He already purchased hes psu. Also 650w is good for future proof
  2. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to Jurrunio in $1600ish 1st Time Build; Advice, Rookie Mistakes, and Incompatibility   
    1. Not big enough of a cooler to surpress the heat of a 5GHz 8600k. It's more like 4.4-4.7GHz before it gets too hot to be good for long term use.
    2. No need to buy seperate thermal paste unless you're certain you will screw up a few tries of thermal paste application. Cryorig's stock paste is decent.
    3. Get a 2x4GB kit rather than 1x8 (2x8 is the best, though budget reasons I guess) since this board can hold 4 sticks of RAM and you'll want dual channel memory. No necessarily high frequency though.
    4. Ryzen 5 2600 (X and non-X) are both slower than 8600k in games. If you dont do streaming or other productivity work, there's no point in getting Ryzens.
    5. An SSD is more important than a HDD. Your budget should be enough to add a 500GB SSD without sacrificing the HDD, but do so if money is a problem.
    6. Graphics card is overpriced for a 1070ti. Do you really like the reference design this much?
    7. EVGA BQ 500w sucks. Check here:
    Tier 4 or below should not come close to this PC
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    Dreaper reacted to Daniel Z. in Craigslist Graphics Card Buying Advice   
    lol true. Some stores don't offer refund as soon as you open it then. And online refunds can be painful af.
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    Dreaper reacted to AskTJ in Thunderbolt   
    Type C is the new USB. It is smaller, faster and can deliver more power, 100 watts total if you have the right cable. Thunderbolt is more centered towards data transfer, and can sometimes be used to power external graphic cards with your laptop.
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    Dreaper got a reaction from IronOxideMan in MicroStutters in gaming.   
    If you find a solution please tag me as i am having the same issue
  6. Funny
    Dreaper reacted to orbitalbuzzsaw in Long term cooling solutions for the Macbook Pro?   
    If you must keep your ShitBook Amateur, I'd recommend liquid metal
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    Dreaper got a reaction from O9B0666 in OC of 8700K with Water colling   
    I got 5.1 at 1.30 as you can see by the other people posting, the voltage will depend on the CPU
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  9. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to W-L in Know a good custom glass cutter?   
    If you want tempered glass go to a local glass shop and have them do all the work since tempering needs fairly good control to ensure a successful yield. Most places will not charge you if a custom sheet that is to be tempered shatters during the process and will just delay the delivery date. 
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    Dreaper reacted to TVwazhere in New Case Suggestions?   
    How many drive bays do you have?
    Fractal Design Define R6 can hold 6 easy and you can position them anywhere you need. It can also hold a 360 AIO at the top or front while doing this

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    Dreaper reacted to TVwazhere in Anyone know what case this is?   
    Whatever the case may be, (heh) It's definitely modded extensively. I couldnt find anything similar
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    Dreaper reacted to bellabichon in My Overwatch is lagging when I'm in Discord? Sometimes Discord lags too. Help   
    Have you tried putting Overwatch on lower settings? Does it still lag?
  13. Funny
    Dreaper reacted to Mooshi in Looking for a case   
    Good air flow and vertical GPU mounting...those two things is like claiming mayonnaise is healthy.
  14. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to Lathlaer in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    They also have 16mm OD.
  15. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to SolarNova in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    TBH if i were u, i'd use Monsoon Ev2 fittings, they are very secure and come with extra oring size to deal with difference in tube size between makes.
  16. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to SolarNova in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    Do you have a coolant in mind that doesnt like silver ?
  17. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to SolarNova in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    Maybe in theory but not so much in practice. I use monsoon fittings myself, and have Ek bocks which are nickle plated. No corrosion.
  18. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to Tech22 in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    If OP is using ANY nickel in his loop, he cant use the silver fittings (actually made of silver that is). It will corrode the loop because of the nickel.
  19. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to Tech22 in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    Just wanted to point out about fittings made of actual silver in any loop as it corrodes nickel. The bitspower fittings should be fine but I would order lots of extra tube because the glass may not be perfectly round and not fit the fittings with some pieces you buy - so if you buy extra you wont have an issue of not having enough fitting pieces of glass.
  20. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to B4Quattro in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    I use the Eiszapfen fittings with my glass tubing and have glass tubes from alphacool and some 90° bends that i bought from a local glass manufacturer for about 6€ a piece. Just check the OD of the tubes and the fittings.
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    Dreaper reacted to For Science! in Alpha cool glass tubing.   
    but these are the silver coated bards right? that would reduce coolant compatibility and personally I think silver needs to be phased out of watercooling generally. 
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    Dreaper got a reaction from Wh0_Am_1 in Best wireless mouse for Airplanes   
    I know there is wired ones but not sure about wireless
  23. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to Canada EH in Which PSU tier do these go in?   
    if its not on the list, then I wouldnt bother with it
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    Dreaper got a reaction from PCNoobie in Shipping PC Need help!   
    Sure and Good Luck!
  25. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to airdeano in Can i view offline youtube streams that have ended and i THINK are not uploaded as like an unlisted video   
    ok, before comments dealing in nefarious ways to offer content, let us be reminded such discussions are not permitted.