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  1. No reinvevting anything, they are simple to build, for much less then to buy. Those little wire carts you can buy at the grocery stores or drug stores are $40+. Besides those wire or bag carts can't hold much weight.
  2. Why dont you make a folding cart with wheels on it. basically two rectangles, pivoted, large wheels. Folds up into an I and when you want to use it it folds out into an L
  3. Range anxiety is an issue with pure electric. Fuel prices havent gone up at all, they have actually fallen a lot which is too bad. I wish a barrel would increase so people can start making lots of money!
  4. I know right, but I just got on a roll. Nope, I guess it has to be TECH pet peeves @Arika S
  5. RGB and Virtual Reality are my pet peeves or is it peaves ok its peeves. People who are glued to their cell phones. People who drive like fucking assholes and taxi drivers they are the worst of the worst. Vapers who have no respect for others and just allow unregulated smoke to enter my lungs. I got into a good one last year, war of words nose to nose.
  6. Those people will never learn the economics of depreciation. How to deal with that, tell him the truth and leave it at that. Tell him to look at the online classifieds and ebay for similar pc's and he can then judge what price he thinks he can get for a $150 pc.
  7. To many people that is the case. There are other channels to watch for your tech fix, computer fix, server fix, programming fix. All depends on the age range that the channel is trying to secure and the morals they have. Lots of content on YT, but sometimes you can get lost in all the non sense that goes on, all the silliness, all the fakery. Its because of YT's algorithms. There is one East Indian Canadian fellow, is quite funny. Lots of fireworks he uses, like when he plugs in a cord, a smoker will let off. I forget the name, but you watch one or two of those, and it gets old quite quickly.
  8. Canada EH

    500 mph Bicycle

    Yeah I think I know the one you speak of, I remember something about a women, bicycling really fast with the help of draft assistance on the salt flats. I am sure they get an adrenaline rush from it. Well before biking ski mountains became popular and you could take the lift up, I rode down Paskapoo now renamed and a few other ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains this would have been 30+ years ago now. It was quite fun, much skill. I watch a few YT's on dumb fucks buying BSO's from Walmart and taking them to Whistler/Blackcomb and those bikes never survive. The dipshit even returned
  9. WOW!!!! That is quite a bit of bike riding, you should buy an electric bicycle kit, you'd pound that out in no time. Welding and Chemistry is off the table, want to be healthy and out of prison, Breaking Bad comes to mind.
  10. Well lots of shipping is FREE from CHINA, which I wonder how they even make money! Like I purchased a $1.00USD plastic pointer from China with FREE SHIPPING.
  11. Well actually it was a legit question, we are just trying to gauge your age, if you are 60 yrs old, 50, 40, 30 or 18 then maybe we can direct you in the right direction. Not sure why I missed that. That is a good age to get into the industry. Seattle, ok I will look for schools for you. https://www.seattlecolleges.edu/ looks promising.
  12. Why not hire a high school art student to sketch something up for you?