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  1. Electronics and water CAN mix...

    TIL the MSI GTX 460 Cyclone was just a slightly larger stock cooler without the plastic shroud.
  2. Looking for a budget cpu $30-$80

    This. It's very important to know what you're considering. For new platforms, a Ryzen 3 2200G is $100, but it's certainly worth the $20 jump for what is GT 1030-class graphics along with a quad core CPU. You could also go with a Pentium G4560 or similar 2C/4T Pentium, but this would require a dedicated graphics card for decent gaming performance in Rust.
  3. Is aweply.com a scam site

    What I think is interesting is how their stuff breaks down from being sub-$100 unbranded/obscure branded crap to being $400+ name brand stuff. I think that if anything, they have the cheap stuff in stock for people like you to try buying and the more expensive stuff is a sham, if they've even gone that far.
  4. No game, whether CPU or GPU intensive, should kill hardware simply by being itself. Your system's death was most likely due to a dodgy power supply. What were the full specs if you remember?
  5. Is aweply.com a scam site

    Yeah, not even with a 100 foot pole.
  6. Is aweply.com a scam site

    https://aweply.com/product/factory-refurbished-msi-gs65-stealth-gaming-laptop-gtx-1060-6g-i7-8750h/ Just from the fact that they're offering a "refurbished" $1800 laptop that just came out quite recently for $800, I wouldn't trust it. Also an iPhone X for $600? Absolutely not.
  7. Wraith Max vs Noctua & Be Quiet coolers

    To the TweakTown review for the Dark Rock TF, yes. As for the NH-L12S, I made an inference based upon what I've seen (TweakTown also tested it, however they didn't compare it to a lot of more well-known coolers including the EVO.)
  8. I have a crazy idea

    Wouldn't that be a chink? Yeah, but how would one detach the original IHS and put that new one on? You can't really make a quick disconnect system for that. Also, the reason why Intel and AMD wouldn't do that lies in the fact that maybe 1% of the user base will actually take advantage of it (and there's no reasonably easy way to do that.)
  9. There's no base to that argument though. The argument is a more general one about the GamerGate movement. It's about how the movement was just meant to "put women and PoC back in their place" as opposed to people genuinely caring about the ethics of the game review industry. In reality, both groups existed, but TB was not in that first group by any means (and that second group never seemed particularly large.) What I haven't seen is any evidence that he was part of that first group, just Twitter ranting as usual. I mean the guy gave an anti-Trump speech on stream after the 2016 elections (which I disagree vehemently with, but the forums aren't the place to talk politics.)
  10. All BIOSes are compatible with the Summit Ridge chips, as they were the first Ryzen chips. Raven Ridge (2200G/2400G) and Pinnacle Ridge (2600/X/2700/X) are the codenames you have to worry about. I would go for the newest BIOS possible, as bug fixes and AGESA updates have occurred between F10 and F23d.
  11. IPS vs tn

    It's better for situations where input lag is king (say competitive FPSes), though you can get good VA panels that give you the best of both worlds. Isn't that kind of a matter of preference though? I mean having made the choice, I'd rather have some backlight bleed than have my monitor look funny at an off-viewing angle.
  12. Wraith Max vs Noctua & Be Quiet coolers

    The Wraith Max should perform a little bit better than the NH-L12S. In TweakTown's testing, the Dark Rock TF performed as well as a Cryorig R1 Universal (quite the feat as the R1 Universal is a dual 140mm tower cooler.) This will likely put it far ahead the Wraith Max, though there's nothing wrong with the Wraith Max so long as you're not pushing overclocks too hard.
  13. Wraith Max vs Noctua & Be Quiet coolers

    The 212 EVO and Dark Rock Pro 4 are worlds apart, and the Wraith MAX is about as good as an EVO (so it would be a poor purchase). The Dark Rock Pro 4 is nice though, as are the other 140mm towers. Tough to fit in a lot of cases though.
  14. IPS vs tn

    Elaborate? I've been using an MSI monitor for months now without an issue, easily the best monitor I've owned yet. But most of the time, yes. IPS is that good relative to TN. There are good TN panels out there, but those don't hold a candle to good IPS ones (and they're few and far between.)
  15. What a disgrace. John certainly had his failings but to mock his death is a move that lacks any semblance of dignity.