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  2. Need Help for PSU

    You should be able to just slot in the new card, whether it be a 1050 or 1050 Ti, and it should work just fine.
  3. Need Help for PSU

    The motherboard and power supply will fit fine in the case, as the motherboard appears to be MicroATX. As for whether the board supports a GTX 1050Ti, it should work fine. Lenovo likes to use whitelists to lock certain hardware from not working, however users online have been using the non-Ti GTX 1050 without issue so it should be the same case for the Ti.
  4. Need Help for PSU

    Yes. Corsair's VS units are the lowest end units they make. They use an older, group-regulated design that is less reliable than current independently-regulated units. The grey label CX units are better as they use better internal components and they're independently-regulated.
  5. Need Help for PSU

    They should work together, however the VS units aren't particularly good. I'd try to get a grey-label CX unit at least. You can get a CX450M for $50USD on Newegg.
  6. Help

    Either something in one of your USB ports is shorting it out, or the port itself is shorting out. Try unplugging all USB devices and booting, then if it is successful, plug each device back in one-by-one until the issue comes back. That last device will be the issue. If the system still refuses to boot with no USB devices, it may be an issue with your motherboard.
  7. what do you miss from Rainbow Six Siege?

    I think it's fine the way it is. The advancements that they've made help the game feel less stale and more dynamic IMO.
  8. The only thing worse than The Verge's shit tier PC build with spaghetti cable management, missing cooler screw and incorrect RAM configuration is the people who keep making new topics about it as if they've made some novel discovery.

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      lol "but it still works"  reminded me of this



      "NOW It's perfect"

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      More like...

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  9. Damaged Amazon Warehouse item

    Talk to Amazon about it, generally they're very understanding of situations like this.
  10. what up @wataboutum_94 @MajorKitty, you lookin to catch these hands? square up hoes

  11. Can you crossfire two nvidia cards together

    Crossfire is AMD-only, so no.
  12. I can't confirm, though the 4% decrease in Cinebench score would make sense given the microcode update is a Spectre variant 2 patch.
  13. That is correct. You will have to use a 300-series Intel motherboard with socket LGA1151. In this case, that would be Z370.
  14. matx case

    The Q300L is not a poor quality case. It lacks some amenities like reusable PCI-E slot covers, but it's not a bad case. It does have a window though.
  15. I3 8100

    The only benefits are potentially increased lifespan and decreased sound given you choose the right cooler. And unless the fan noise is really bothering you, there's not much of a point.