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    Jackson, MS
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    Sleeping, food, games, anime
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    Does Stuff go here....

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    My Rig:
    AMD FX 6100
    Crosshair V Formula
    Gskill Sniper Series 16gigs @ 1866
    2 MSI GTX 560TIs in SLI
    Antec 750watt psu
    H100i with NF-F12s
    Seagate Barracuda 5200 RPM 1.5tb
    Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 1tb
    Seagate GoFlex external 1tb USB 3.0
    ASUS Blu-Ray Player/RW
    APC UPS battery backup for up to 800Watts
    and last but not least HAF XB
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    Tire Salesman


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    i5 4690k
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    MSI Z97 U3 Plus
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    16GB Gskill Sniper Series @1866
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    GTX 980
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    Enthoo Luxe
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    250GB Samsung 850 pro, 1.5tb seagate, 1 tb seagate, 3tb seagate external hdd, 1tb seagate go flex
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    Antec Earthwatts 750watt
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    AOC 27in, Asus 23.5in
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    H100i with Nf-f12's
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    Ducky Shine 4 ,Saitek eclipse 2
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    Mionix Naos 7500, Logitech G600, R.A.T. 5
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    Fiio E10, Sennheiser HD 558, Sennheiser HD419
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    Windows 10

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  1. Thanks for the help I just wanted to know if there would be a problem in low light so bearing in that and everything else i've read about it i can prepare for it.By fast motion i should have been more clear and said fast moving objects for action shots, my fault for being unclear. I watched lot of youtube stock footage and it seems like it good enough for I want to do and is better than my current camera. Thanks again for the help
  2. While it is common sense to look up something beforehand some may not know where to start or are just confused from they have found. There is no reason to be rude to someone because they don't understand alot about a particular topic. Sometimes people are just posting to get a second opinion to verify that are making a good purchasing decision(happens with me alot). I thought the whole point of this forum was to actually help people, not put them on blast for not doing enough research or not knowing how to phrase their posts/questions better.
  3. What happened to the  LTT forums. People used to be nice here and help even when you didn't know anything. Now its a bunch of toxic, sarcastic users who just say look it up or buy whatever is more expensive.


    1.   Show previous replies  6 more
    2. DudeWazap


      Scrapyard wars Premiers this Sunday on Vessel but sadly it is true that the latest LTT videos have been pretty dumb. Not sure if I will renew my Vessel subscription though.

    3. GeTecknics


      Ill do it for the month to get my scrapyard wars, but thats it 

    4. DudeWazap


      Yeah i guess $3 isn't so bad. No other Youtuber is doing early access like Linus on Vessel so it kind of makes it pointless to have it.

  4. I appreciate the help. I really do. But instead of sarcasm and suggesting that i drop 5,000 on camera for youtube videos could you actually give me some useful advice. Like would the G7 be good for anything? Would i be able to record decent video or atleast better than my current Canon SX40HS? I just wanted some help because reviews and articles dont give a clear answer and i just wanted someone to hopefully point me in the right direction, but instead you said buy a $5,000 camera or a $1700 one. Like really man can you please give me a real response?
  5. Hey everyone, recently i've been looking into a new camera for mainly recording video and taking some pictures. I have been looking into the panasonic g7ks which does 4k and seems to have decent enough picture quality, but i've read that the low light performance isn't good at all and some have said that it doesn't do good with fast moving video. Any thoughts on this. I want to get a camera for under $600 and it just seems like the best right now. Any help is appreciated
  6. cant wait to try it out looks really nice
  7. why didnt they compare maxwell numbers id figure they would since that is the current generation that they are on
  8. DragonBall Dokkan Battle is now getting very hard to stay F2P

  9. Being sick is just lovely isnt it

  10. My teacher doesnt understand electronics and asks if people know how to fix this problem.....i sit quietly enjoying the dismay it causes while not a single person besides me does

  11. its weird i was expecting a lot more ces spam than we are getting

  12. CES is here can't wait for sub box spam favorite time of year for tech

    1. DudeWazap


      Been refreshing waiting for first video to release.

    2. GeTecknics
  13. Back to school and BS unfortunately

  14. Is it still the holiday season

  15. its almost christmas i want to open my gifts