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    BC, Canada
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    Gaming/PC building/Various types of electronically made music
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    Pc gamer/minecraft expert/Pc builder
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    Computer Technician at Aspengrove Private School


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    i5 4590 Stock cooler (for now)
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    ASRock H97M PRO4
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    Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4gb)
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    ZOTAC GTX 760 2gb
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    Enermax Ostrog Blue Windowed
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    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB (soon to get 120gb ssd)
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    Thermaltake TR2 500W
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    LG 24M35, and dual 19" @ 1280x1024
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    Corsair 120mm sickle flow/Stock 120mm/Lepa vortex 120mm
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    Ducky DK2087 Zero Red Switch
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    Razer DeathAdder 2013/Steelseries Quk mini mouse pad
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    HyperX Cloud

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  1. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in Canada to get a A7iii. Im going hiking and i want a small prime lens. Anything through 20 to 28mm would be ideal. Ill go with E mount lenses, or adapters to Nikon or Pentax lenses, any good ideas?
  2. So the site im buying from is fantastic, and easy to use, but doesn't support selling Ethereum in Canada. But i can export to a wallet. Which site would you guys recommend selling Ethereum on. I have an account at CEX.io which works, but the export to bank account has a $50 fee.
  3. I have a home server with windows server 2016 installed on it right now, and I have 5 identical 320gb HDDs lying around. I would like to put these in RAID 5, but the crappy power supply I have for the server right now only has 2 sata connections. The case takes an ATX psu, but if there's a good deal on a rack mount form factor psu I'll just duct tape it in place or something lol I don't necessarily need a high wattage power supply, just one with alot of sata connections, any ideas of what I should look into?
  4. if you raid between hdds that are different sizes, even in raid 10 they will all be effectively reduced to the lowest sized hdd. same goes for speed. this might work in therory but it would be running at ~100MBs because thats probably the hdds max speed
  5. GTX 650Ti boost 1GB GTX 760 2GB Still rocking the 760
  6. yes i do think its worth it, the extra battery life is a nice bonus. not like you super need it. i finish a day with about 20-70% remaining depending on the day. Also finding a regular OP3 is quite hard now
  7. I own a OnePlus3, its great. Get the 3T. The 4 wont be released until june/july at the earliest, probably more like late 2017.
  8. I am taking computer science and im working on database design. This is my second join table, but its essentially the same format as the first one. #second CREATE TABLE `Enrollment` ( course_ID SMALLINT NOT NULL, student_ID SMALLINT NOT NULL, finalGrade SMALLINT NOT NULL, letterGrade CHAR(1), FOREIGN KEY (`course_ID`) REFERENCES `Course` (`course_ID`) ON DELETE CASCADE, FOREIGN KEY (`student_ID`) REFERENCES student (`student_ID`) ON DELETE CASCADE ) ENGINE = InnoDB; What i need to know is how to get data from three other tables. this is what the tables contain Course: co
  9. I am taking classes at a local university and for my next assignment i need to get a antivirus and install it on a domain controller and then have it send updates to clients on that domain. Which one would you guys recommend?
  10. well... the Pirate bay it is... Thanks Microsoft
  11. those both go to the same place, and when i run the software it says windows 8.1, i need 8
  12. Im reinstalling windows on a friends pc. I have their windows 8 product key (they were not using 8.1). They system was locked up so bad i could not upgrade to 8.1. What is the easiest way to get a windows 8 iso so i can install windows 8, enter the key, and then upgrade to 8.1?
  13. its a usb 2.0 stick plugged into a usb 2.0/ps2 combo port yes i have, but ill try again
  14. So i am trying to install windows and i cant see the 500gb seagate HDD that i have connected. It is visible in the BIOS and if i connect it to another computer with windows installed, i can see it and store files on it just fine. So why cant i see it in the windows installation menu? It says I can "load a driver" to detect more hdds, where would i fine a driver for my hdd?