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    Repasted I5 3570k @4.5Ghz
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    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
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    32GB Corsair Vengence 1600 Cl9
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    2X R9 290
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    Corsair AIR 540
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    SSD: Kingston SSDnow V300 240 GB; SSD: OCZ Agility 4 120. HDD: 1x Seagate 1 TB 7200 RPM barracuda
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    Thermaltake SMART M Series SP-850M 850W 80+ Bronze
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    3x acer 23 inch led backlit +1 40 inch Hisense TV
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    Swifttech H320 stock fans.
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    Logitech G510
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    Razer Naga (Original)
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    Razer Carcharias

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  1. Moved this over to the troubleshooting section.
  2. Let the dead lie. Thread Necro Locked.
  3. This. Could we get the name of the case you are using or a picture of the inside of it. Or better yet a link to the prebuild from the vendor.
  4. You could try installing speedfan and forcing the fan to run faster, assuming it is supported on your laptop.
  5. Minor Cleanup In Progress. Cleanup Complete Keep it Civil
  6. How many VMs and what kind of applications and tools? Switching to fewer VMs and more containerized setups like Docker could save you a considerable amount of resources while keeping things modular.
  7. SmallNetBuilder used to do a lot of reviews in the space your looking at. they might not have anything for the newest parts but if your just looking to make sure whatever you pick up isnt terrible and weren't picking up the latest thing it should at least give you an idea of who is putting together quality kit. Edit: Servethehome would also be a great resource to check out.
  8. The 7700k wont be compatible with any Motherboard that would have an upgrade path to be able to effectively use the amount of ram your looking for. IMO grab a non OC capable board for the 7700k and sit it out on base clocks while you gather money for an upgrade to a enthusiast platform if you want to play with the features. With new chips out in a few days some old Enthusiast gear is bound to end up going on sale or up on craigslist.
  9. What motherboard ate you using? What are your other system specs? and have you done a second look through to make sure all your cables are and cards/ram seated properly?
  10. Unlikely the version of HDMI on that generation of GPU did not support 4k. the 5000 series as a whole only supported 2560x1600 max. That said while looking I found http://viewfinderdesign.co.uk/archive/757/running-a-4k-screen-using-a-radeon-hd-5450/ it mentions using CRU and a driver patcher to get it to run at 4k/30. but I am not certain it will work with what ever the most modern drivers are. if your dead set on trying and it fails on newer drivers I would roll back to some drivers from before the date that was posted. Good Luck.
  11. I would guess that when you installed windows on the SSD windows decided to remove the boot manager on the HDD (or the Boot manager was always loaded on the SSD.) and filles you needed where lost. I would try running https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ (Bottom right of the page; non commercial version is free) with the SSD unplugged (to avoid making any issues with your fresh install.) with any luck you'll be able to get back in.
  12. Have you tried using you onboard graphics to poke around in the bios with the new card installed to see if it is detected there?
  13. I would check back (With a new thread as old ones don't generally have a great response rate) a day or two after the ryzen 3000 launch on July 7th
  14. (CyberPowerPC) he might nit have original boxes. IMO removing air cooler and GPU should be sufficient if everything is screwed in tight so they don't shake off.
  15. What is the CPU Cooler. Lots of AM3 MoBo's are thin* and a large air cooler is a major liability.