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    madscientist56 reacted to helping in How loud is the intel haswell stock cooler?   
    this is an approximation.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Speedbird in So I come back from a two-month hiatus to find THIS   
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    madscientist56 reacted to watts300 in Buy $45 of Amazon gift cards, get $10 credit to your account.   
    I got this from the IGN Deals email.  That's probably why the link is that long.
    It has a few stipulations, but nothing horrible.  For some one that shops on Amazon a lot and has a Prime account, this is basically $10 free.   Free money!   
    I got this deal.  I'll just use the gift cards myself. 
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    madscientist56 reacted to Agent181 in Anyone have a good experience with an amd cpu and planetside 2?   
    ok thanks, I was about to change my entire build just because of this problem
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Kellytm3 in Nvidia and Ubisoft Promo   
    Ubisoft just added a little dirt to their hole
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Agent181 in Anyone have a good experience with an amd cpu and planetside 2?   
    amd cpus work fine with planetside 2, I cant even tell the diffrence between them and intel ones, if there is a difference its probably no more than a few fps depending on the cpu
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    madscientist56 reacted to TheKDub in Kill your console for $400   
    Why not just kill your console with a hammer?
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    madscientist56 reacted to vinyldash303 in The Alphabet Game   
    No, I'd let this one go inactive first.
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    madscientist56 reacted to ONOTech in The Alphabet Game   
    this game is a lot more fun if you exclude it to only names. there are so many english words that this will eventually get tiresome, yet names are more limited and interesting.
    OT: Dish
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    madscientist56 reacted to EcoBoost in Dream Machine build   
    Not another one of these threads
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    madscientist56 reacted to OriginalPromise in biology/chemistry question   
    Google is your best friend.
    >>CLICK ME<<
    But really I think it's because of Amine.
    Amine is similar to Amino.
    I also found this: 
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    madscientist56 reacted to Wtalk2 in help with computer science homweork   
    I'm pretty sure the issue is the evenodd function is never closed. Just add another '}' right above the posotivenegative function and that should fix it
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    madscientist56 reacted to Just The Tips in help with computer science homweork   
    The number 69 is missing from all those strings.
    jk sorry don't kill me
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from fababaa in help with computer science homweork   
    hey its better than making a topic without any responses
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    madscientist56 reacted to nicklmg in Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway   
    Antec has been kind enough to offer you guys, the awesome Linus Tech Tips community, the exclusive chance to win a bundle of their awesome, silent PC parts!
    The winner will receive:

    1100 V2 Computer Case - http://store.antec.com/gaming-series/eleven-hundred-v2.html
    EDG750 PSU - http://store.antec.com/edge-series/edg750.html
    True Quiet Fans - http://store.antec.com/truequiet-series/
    Kuhler 1250 - http://store.antec.com/liquid-cooling/kuhler-h2o-1250.html
    Accent lighting kit (winner chooses the color) - http://ow.ly/CASzQ
    Pulse headset (winner chooses the color) - http://www.antecmobileproducts.com/products/#headphones
    So how do you enter? Just comment below in this thread and let us know what your favorite item in this bundle is and why. One comment (entry) per person.

    This is a world-wide giveaway and will run from November 3, 2014 until November 10, 2014 at 4pm PST. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator and will be contacted by me through the forum. If you receive a message anywhere other than the forum claiming that you are the winner (through YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter) please IGNORE that message as it is NOT from us.

    Thanks in advance for your comments, and thanks to Antec for sponsoring this giveaway!
    The winner of this giveaway is Sneddon!
    Since we did not receive a response from the original winner, we have been forced to redraw. The new winner is ryan9298b2! I have contacted them by PM - they have 3 days to respond.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Ahaber in OnePlusOne Invites?   
    I think that one plus should seriously get rid of this system.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from TheSLSAMG in Anxiety question.   
    just take a chill pill, try not to get worked up.
    also be weary of xanax ive seen people get hooked on it
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    madscientist56 reacted to DigitalHermit in that is a damn nice looking hoodie and its cheap   
    Looks stylish... Too flashy for me...
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    madscientist56 reacted to MegaDave91 in Is anyone else super hyped for far cry 4?   
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    madscientist56 reacted to Shroomster in EXTREMELY Dark Jokes   
    That epidemic is no joke.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from EcoBoost in How do you like my profile pic?   
    i think too many people have pictures of Linus as their profile pic.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Imabigmac in James Cameron Thinks Current VR technology is Boring..   
    whats exciting is the possibility's
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    madscientist56 reacted to the ginger gamer in Tactical shooters.   
    The new one...... maybe...... probably not, but it this point we cant really count on any good games from nearly an publisher. It makes me very sad but until more companies *cough* UBISOFT AND EA, can start putting quality before their own wallets i don't think we will see very many great games. 
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    madscientist56 reacted to Archangel1994 in Linus' consistent failure   
    You call this a failure. I call it most cases are not optimized for noise isolation. Also if they were to mention that every single video I can guarantee you that you would get different results because:
    1. LMG will most likely use different fans
    2. LMG will most likely use different fan speeds
    3. LMG will most likely have different obstructions (or none at all) between the case and themselves when testing
    4. The positioning of the case relative to you will most likely differ.\
    Also tone down your hostility. Most cases have roughly equal sound suppression except for the silence optimized cases with which they point out that the sound dampening padding inside the case will make it very quiet
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    madscientist56 reacted to AlwaysFSX in Whats your favorite stuff?   
    Mine? Normal colored text.