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    Asrock Z77 Extreme4
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  1. Don't know the dev branch version but the I have the latest version of Arma 3 through Steam and my version number is: Game version: 1.62.137494
  2. Not sure if you can do all that, even with Cyanogenmod. I'm running Cyanogenmod on my phone right now and I have wake on notification and no breathing but also no wake on shake. Maybe check out the XDA Forums to see if anyone has fixed your issue in the past?
  3. I believe that's called Ambient Display and you should be able to disable it in the Display sub-menu in the Settings app. I could be wrong though.
  4. Honestly if you are just looking to do some coding for fun go with Python or C#. If you are looking to really learn how to program effectively I would start with C++ since that is where you will learn a lot of the lower-level stuff you wouldn't need to learn with Python. Also if you choose to start with C++ don't use Visual Studio at first, use G++ as your compiler (Under MinGW in Windows or standalone on Linux) and something like Notepad++ or Sublime Text to write the code. Writing your code like this will teach you how compilation and debugging really works instead of just letting Visual Stu
  5. Checkout QRes, I think it should be able to do this for you. (I may be wrong, I just found it in like 2 minutes of searching).
  6. They could damage your CPU, it's not a definitive yes or no.
  7. Well if you saw bent pins and you went along with it anyway take your system apart right now, check for bent pins and if there is any, fix them... After that if you still have stuttering, check your display cables > reinstall your display drivers > re-seat your GPU > reinstall Windows 10. In the order until the stuttering is fixed.
  8. If the pins are seriously bent then the system wouldn't boot at all and the CPU could be damaged. If the system is booting then I doubt you have anything to worry about. Anyways, if you mean stutters as in display stutters then I highly doubt the CPU is causing problems, it is most likely your display, display cables, GPU, display drivers or OS. PS: You are fairly certain that the pins are or aren't bent?
  9. Well if you have a reason to think that you have bent pins why don't you just check? If there is any bent pins there are many videos online showing how to fix them. I highly doubt you would be able to boot with any seriously bent pins whatsoever.
  10. I like LastPass since it has a mobile app and browser plugins plus it allows you to have 2 factor auth to access the "Vault". I personally pay the $15 a year to have the Premium version which lets you use their mobile app and some other things but I managed with the free version for about a year.
  11. Depends on what E5 you go with. An E5 around the same class as a 5820K will likely be a bit cheaper and more reliable but either work.
  12. This is being used JUST to host the servers right? Unless something has changed lately no game servers actually utilize GPU power so anything more than integrated graphics or an HD5450 or a GT610 would be a waste of money. For most game servers you just want a strong CPU, a decent amount of RAM (Especially when running multiple servers), decently fast storage (SSD's preferably) and a great network connection.
  13. Done it a few times just for fun. Only really one tip, READ EVERY SINGLE THING THROUGHOUT THE BOOK. You will be able to get it all setup by just copying a lot of the commands and such but you won't really know how everything works unless you read EVERYTHING.
  14. Sarcasm? Your CPU cooler doesn't cool your motherboard. You would only burn out your CPU without one once it get above it's max temp which doesn't only take 2 seconds. Besides, most motherboards should auto-shutoff to protect components from overheating.
  15. Sadly, your CPU (Like mine ) doesn't support VT-d which is the technology required for PCI devices like your graphics card to be passed through into a virtualized environment. Also I'm not sure if you can even do PCI Passthrough at all with VirtualBox, that might only be available through other virtualization systems such as Xen, KVM or the one that unRAID uses (Not entirely sure what it is.)