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  1. 1. this laptop should be able to use a quad core https://www.thinkscopes.com/2013/02/06/thinkpad-t520-cpu-upgrade-quad-core/ for a list of compatible sources 2. unless theres some crazy bios lock or you're using a 32 bit OS you should be able to use 16gb of ram. 3. ehh... YMMV personally have never tried it. 4. you can get a 9-cell vs. a 6 cell battery. Just look on amazon for lenovo t520 9-cell battery. and you could switch the dvd drive with a secondary hdd drive. That's what i did on my t61 a couple of years ago. As for battery in that slot idk.
  2. here's something that might interest you, and if you can you could try finding a cheaper 1070 on ebay, or going down to a 1060. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pZ7J4C
  3. for me? probably a new ssd for my new system i ordered this weekend. Can't wait i5-4590 with h97pro4m was a steal for $197
  4. got an i5-4590 and an asrock h97 pro4m. Feelsgoodman finally can actually move out of the core 2 duo dayz

  5. my current setup? it's my lenovo t61 keyboard, and some brandless mouse...
  6. this looks like a lot of fun. Lots of places to use this.
  7. Yea I looked at that and am going through it. I thought that maybe someone here might've had the same experience. And now can confirm it works!! thank you so much
  8. Yup! worked perfectly in the exact same pc when running windows 7, drivers and all
  9. It won't let me. The driver installation software doesn't recognize that there's a card there at all.
  10. oh no... it's an e6300 that's my dad wants to keep around for a little while longer
  11. so I needed to revive an older machine by putting in new graphics card and updating it to windows 10. However, when it finished installing windows 10 the graphics card (evga gt610 1gb)has refued to be recognized in device manager. When I look at the pcie root port it says it's an error code 12. I've tried looking to see what's causing it but to don't know how to look that the resource identifiers... any help?
  12. Everyone should have an ssd somewhere in their household. Maybe not on all of the computers but at least the main ones. They are cheap enough now where their adbantages outweigh the cost
  13. If you get a SATA to USB cable and save a couple of bucks you can also download clonezilla to clone the entire drive to the ssd if you really don't want to mess with re-customizing everything