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    i5 3317U
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  1. I think you could have gotten a FX-6300 instead of the FX-6350 because I don't think there's a big difference between them (instead of the price) But taking that off, it's a really good build and the only thing that looks like should be eventually upgraded is the GPU, but it's pretty good for now
  2. Please share a different link (maybe on pcpartpicker)
  3. Really interesting topic, I've been waiting for a long time to see someone describe their personal experience with the FX-8350 and the i7 4790k. Also, are you going to post a conclusion in the end of the 30 days? (Like, if you thought the upgrade was absolutely worth it and if you're really happy with it)
  4. If I got the i7 5820k, I would finally be able to build an awesome PC (for video editing, 3D rendering and, since I saved a lot on the CPU, I'd be able to get a nice GPU), what would make my brother realize that PC's win to consoles
  5. Looks good, unfortunately I only have a 14-day trial and after that I have to pay 199$ per month, so I'll stay with the free stuff But thanks for the suggestion!
  6. It's from 2009, do you think it is outdated?
  7. They only teach javascript, python, html, css, jquery, php and ruby
  8. I've decided that I want to start learning Java and now I'm wondering if any of you know any website where I can start with it? Thanks!
  9. Thanks a lot, this looks really good I don't need the DVD bay anyway so I really like the idea
  10. Only one? I'd really like to have the SSD and then another HDD (maybe a 2TB) for videos, movies and games
  11. Looks good Do you know how many drive bays it has? I'd like to add another HDD and a SSD (or at least just the SSD)
  12. Hey!I have an old laptop (the one I'm currently using right now) and I can't do anything with it anymore (like intense gaming). So, I'd like to get your opinions on what are the best and cheapest (total budget of 900$-100$) laptops that will allow me to do some gaming, video editing and coding. Some notes: Preferably get things from Amazon or any other website that ships to Europe If you know any website that does custom built laptops, feel free to tell me I intend to game at 1080p I prefer a Quad-core CPU - I'm getting a laptop because I travel with it a lot, so it's easier to just ge