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  1. You can still add me on steam if you want: Comrade Vodka
  2. I'm still here, Luke isn't reading my PM
  3. Guess I was more respected than I thought I was, now it's just waiting on luke to read my PM and do that ban: Edit: The title fits, also message to all of you that still want to keep in touch, my steam name is Comrade Vodka
  4. Even in a thread like this you cannot help but point out specific members? I did not point anyone out for a reason, this is exactly my point.
  5. Hello everyone Archangel here, Here to announce my departure from this forum. Here's why: - CoC is not being upheld properly, not by any mod I see aside from a few extreme cases - Too many people are douchebags, there is disrespect everywhere and literally people just almost humilliate other forum members - You can barely say a single thing without someone implying "OMG YOU IDIOT YOU ARE DEAD WRONG X FANBOY" - You cannot have a healthy discussion about anything AMD/Intel/Nvidia without a cir This has been bothering me for a while and now I'm totally done. The only are only a few
  6. I'm assuming you mean sound card and there is no sound card that works with the A50 because it's USB
  7. Noctua NH-D15 or Cryorig R1 Those are your best options
  8. Soooo, they made that little bar at the top orange, nothing that could not be done by manually painting Still though the guaranteed to run at 3400MHz is insane
  9. Having multiple drivers in the same ear is detrimental. The drivers can interfere with each other,and can cause quality loss and other mean thing like that. A good pair of open headphones is better than whatever 7.1/5.1 headset can give you in terms of spatial awareness. I would go to the audio section here or go to head-fi and ask for a good pair of open-headphones and use a ModMic 4.0 with it or a condenser mic on a stand
  10. 1. Max out the power limit slider 2. Add a tiny bit of voltage, maybe +10-20mV 3. See if you can get slightly better clocks However you might just be very unlucky in the silicon lottery
  11. Leaving the forum, I'm done with 99% of the people here

    1. Hatsune Miku 「 」
    2. wolfgang


      That sucks. Seems to be more and more common though.

    3. JoaoPRSousa


      Bye man. :(

      I missed your thread, that's why I'm here.

  12. Resorting to bashing another person's gear even though he/she might not be able to afford better This is low, really low and 100% unconstructive. Is it that hard to have some decency around here?
  13. If you bothered to read my post I would've read critically read it instead of globally reading and looking at what you and zappian said For someone adamant on having his posts read properly you are disappointing me severely in not having the decency to return the favor
  14. @Razzaa The graphs you linked literally prove my point not yours. Bf4 and metro maxed, crysis on high instead of very high and fxaa instead of msaa You are comparing maxed bf4 to non-maxed c3. That's not how you should compare how demanding a game is