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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Frankie in reason for building a PC   
    you would build a pc because the price to performance ratio is worlds better, also with a desktop you can upgrade it when it gets outdated or when something breaks.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from NeatSquidYT in reason for building a PC   
    you would build a pc because the price to performance ratio is worlds better, also with a desktop you can upgrade it when it gets outdated or when something breaks.
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    madscientist56 reacted to QuadNine in looking for some opinions (POLL)   
    "Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor saftey." - Benjamin Franklin
    thats all I need to say
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    madscientist56 reacted to Dealzon in [GMG] Counter Strike: Global Offensive for $6   
    Basically cheaper than Steam right now
    Use coupon WINTER-SALE20-GROGRE
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Steam) — $6 (list $15) Counter-Strike: Source (Steam) — $8 (list $20) Counter Strike Complete (Steam) — $12 (list $30)
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    madscientist56 reacted to KomandO86 in looking for some opinions (POLL)   
    What is freedom? The freedom to have your own will perhaps?

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    madscientist56 reacted to KomandO86 in looking for some opinions (POLL)   
    The quote is stating that the "average" man wants to be safe and holds this as a priority over free. I don't know much on Menkin but a quick wiki look and I see he is admirer of Friedrich Nietzsche, which can explain his position a lot.
    The point he is making is that the majority are sheep. It's actually interesting that the majority in this poll think that the majority of "average" men care about freedom over safety; I imagine many of them are American. Globally, the value for "freedom" is perhaps not quite so high. Also, I assume that the freedom Menkin is taking about is less to do with American perspective of "freedom" and and more to do with Nietzsche's idea of freedom, which is freedom from the herd. The herd obey social contracts, abide by laws and submit to the herd in order to keep the peace and have safety; it's a daring man that goes against the grain and walks away from the safety in numbers, perhaps even goes against them.
    I don't know Menkin well, but I know Nietzsche. Its important to note the word average. You can teach the average and majority to value "freedom" but they are just obeying conformity, they have no idea what freedom is.
    Hope that helps.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Th3 Mans1ay3r in looking for some opinions (POLL)   
    All those weapons for a 16 year old. I just want a pistol for home defense because I'm not much of one for range play as I have agitation issues with loud noises and at my local range every single person brings massive .357 magnums and shit that about ring my ears through the noise dampening headphone things.
    Also I think we derailed the thread.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Th3 Mans1ay3r in looking for some opinions (POLL)   
    Both because fuck your over simplification. Freedom does not mean you must sacrifice safety and vice versa. 
    To me it feels like the choices are either pure anarchy or pure totalitarianism.
    Slap your English teacher for me.
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    madscientist56 reacted to loccilucas in Worst time of your life?   
    Probably the time I had to use IE to download chrome
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    madscientist56 reacted to brownninja97 in (Rumor) Microsoft Revealing Oculus Rift Competitor At E3 2015   
    id love to but my keyboard has died, im using the on screen keyboard, its hell
    stole fathers keyboard, game on
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    madscientist56 reacted to Trik'Stari in (Rumor) Microsoft Revealing Oculus Rift Competitor At E3 2015   
    *for xbone only (watch them do it)
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    madscientist56 reacted to Victorious Secret in (Rumor) Microsoft Revealing Oculus Rift Competitor At E3 2015   
    Title shouldn't say it all. Format your post better, include proper source quotes and stop making shitposts. 
    @brownninja97, please make your own post about this but with 120492304% more quality and humour. 
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    madscientist56 reacted to xtroria in looking for headphones, any recommendations?   
    Search up for second hand HD600 and then add some for E10K or schiit fulla. It will blow you away
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    madscientist56 reacted to dylan43270 in looking for headphones, any recommendations?   
    Those don't have much of a soundstage...
    I am not well versed for headphones over the $200 price range, but modded T-50RP's would seem like a good idea, as well as either some Beyerdynamics, or HE-400's.
    My first pair of headphones that have cost me over $100 are about to be the Massdrop editon AKG K7xx's.
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    madscientist56 reacted to creatip123 in looking for headphones, any recommendations?   
    So basically, clear highs, big soundstage? My mind goes to Audio Technica AD700 without X, the one on my avatar. It's discontinued, so you'd have to find 2nd hand. The X version got more bass but less soundstage (tradeoff) 
    Don't get the T50RP and modkit. It's not bad, but I don't think it's what you're looking for. Planars are known to have distinct warm sounds, instead of clear highs. 
    Disregarding the budget, Beyer's Tesla series got very clear highs, crystal clarity. Their flagship, the T1 surpasses the renowned Senn's flagship, the HD800, in terms of high clarity.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Flight1sim in why are girls never without a boyfriend   
    lol makes them sound like graphics cards going out of stock
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    madscientist56 reacted to Jobbe03 in MY GOD THIS IS ODD   
    Your ISP is called Farmers telephone....
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    madscientist56 reacted to Toddwjp in Best headphones for a major audiophile and gamer?   
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    madscientist56 reacted to Statik in 2,500 Posts GIVEAWAY!   
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    madscientist56 reacted to GingerbreadPK in @Linus   
    Looks fine to me
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    madscientist56 reacted to Pugs501 in ddr4 memory   
    You don't need it, It's not mainstream yet
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    madscientist56 reacted to SSOB in Can I run Windows on my Phone?   
    If you have to ask you cant. Unless you are a godly hacker that is a pro in coding and building kernels etc it will be hard.
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    madscientist56 reacted to minibois in McNuggets 'Pink Slime' Myth Debunked   
    I don't care what they are made of, because I never eat at McDonalds!
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    madscientist56 reacted to Redheadsrule13 in Running FarCry 4 on a dual core CPU guide + my FPS numbers.   
    Everyone knows that the intense, advanced modern games of today require huge amounts of processing power in order to offer the incredible, immersive and cinematic gameplay experiences that they offer.
    If you didn't realise when I said 'cinematic', that was satire. This is a guide I'm making to show that FarCry 4 can be run on a dual core system with more than sufficient performance that offers a good gameplay experience.
    The first step in this process is to get the game working. In order to do this you'll need to inject a .dll into the FC4 executable when it starts. I'll link all files at the bottom of this post.
    Now, with the files you have downloaded and unzipped,you should see this:
    Run the 'Extreme Injector V3' executable. If it isn't already, you'll need to organise the .dll files in this order specifically, which you can do by adding and removing them:

    Then, just run FarCry 4 and hit 'Inject' the moment you start it. You need to do it while the splash screen is still up, otherwise it might not work.  
    Once it works, the game should be running! Woo!
    Now, for the performance numbers I get on my PC, which I would consider a mid-to-low spec system.
    As a forenote, I did consider using Fraps, but decided against it and just kept an eye on my numbers as I played as to give general, but more realistic numbers.
    My specs:
    CPU: Penitum G3258 @ 4.4ghz
    GPU: Asus GTX 760 DCUII OC @ Stock (Not a good OC'er)
    I'm also using a 1080p monitor (Asus VE248H)
    For the different scenarios, I just looked at a wall for 'looking at a wall', then I ran in circles and jumped around a small outpost for 'Running around', and for 'In a firefight' I ran into an enemy outpost and went full retard with an assault rifle. I also didn't test the high and very-high settings as I didn't think it was really worth it. I don't think there's enough of a difference between med, high and very-high to worry about it.
    Low: (Game looks like absolute ass, no AA, near no shadows.)
    -Looking at a wall: About 61-62
    -Running around: Mostly high 40's (Pretty much the same as med settings.)
    -In a firefight: Mid 40's.
    Med: (looks alright now, still no AA)
    -Looking at a wall: High 50's
    -Running around: Around 50, down to mid 40's.
    -In a firefight: High 30's to low 40's.
    Ultra: (Looks darker and more bland, plus the HBAO+ contrast is too damn high.)
    -Looking at a wall: Low to mid 50's
    -Running around: Average around the 40's, dips down to mid 30's.
    -In a firefight: 30's with the occasional dip into 20's.
    So, it seems that as you increase in quality, the max fps lowers by a few fps, but the amount that the fps dips during more intense scenes increases substantially.
    Injector and .dll files:
    - https://mega.co.nz/#!s0IS1QgT!WpNxdc6dSANIs6HFfsFKWzm887weHxVRcq7Sliu2cek
    - http://www.multiupfile.com/f/3fc26958 (I tested Zippyshare, can't guarantee the others.)
    Thanks to @SkilledRebuilds from whom I borrowed the multifile link from.
    Turns out that Skidrow actually made this crack, so kudos to him for that. More of his cracks and other such things over at his site, which is about his (Skidrows) game cracks, which you might even call SkidrowGames. Which could be a network (.net) site. #TechnicallynotbreakingtheCOC
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Castdeath97 in AMD FX-6300 or FX-4350?   
    lol 6300 by far