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    Coventry, UK
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    Computers and tech. aersospace (planes). anime. yeah im pretty geeky
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    Currently a student of aerospace systems engineering at Coventry university. we have a harrier jump jet in the basement :) with a flight sim in it. you jelly? enjoys watching anime in bed till 4am regardless of lecture start time the next day.
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    i5 3570 (4.12ghz)(base clock OC)
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    Sabertooth z77
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    8gb 1600
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    Gtx 980
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    NZXT S340
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    2x1080p 23 inch
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    razer blackwidow stealth 2013
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    razer deathadder
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    AKG K702
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  1. If you have nvidia, right click desktop, bring up nvidia control panel go to display resolution, click customise, accept the mumbo jumbo about non native screen sizes and set whatever resolution you want. as for why, i have no idea why you want this
  2. Box.co.uk has a physical store in Birmingham they might have plenty of of stuff for display
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35557725 This man had the right idea.
  4. i said generic and slightly above average, Spice and wolf is too good for that. also last light novel comes out in english soon so i can complete my legal collection. Apparently were also getting a sequel series of novels. so woo hoo. ill just go to MAL and search shounen above 6.5 rating. Thanks for trying though @BashZeStampeedo pain is just figurative. im team leader for a Final year project thats worth a third of a degree and i havent slept in 36 hours. i need something to keep me awake for around 12 more so i can reset my clock and get a good nights sleep
  5. quick give me a generic anime that is slightly above average in story and characters so i can dull the pain for however long it takes to binge
  6. Even though its satire i think a few too many people actually belong to the cancer. also are we not all Weeaboo at least for the first few series
  7. I cant even remember the last time i linked anything
  8. nah its £240 credit at a bookstore, (probably got them a deal eg £240 of credit for onl 190 etc) however the thing thats meant to make it work for academic books only is broken as long as theres one academic book in the basket at checkout all others are accepted. so i have just been buying a cheap dictionary for different topics each time
  9. Uni gave us a £240 book allowance, however the bookstore its for stocks everything so i may or may not be spending it on manga and lightnovels
  10. i love durarara, but id be lying if i said i remember all the plot lines and character stories at this point. Probably the one show i wouldnt mind them releasing 5-10miniute recap episodes every so often
  11. just use the word building blocks.
  12. Anyone else think it would be nice to see korea start producing there own take on anime. they have alot of good manwha id like to see
  13. The fun of Being in the UK, All engineering is done in millimetres, a large amount of engineering companys still use imperial. so swapping between both all the time is something you get use to. its gotten to the point that when your looking at some older aircraft (that are still in service) some bolts will be using metric wrenches and some using imperial. also super annoying as you go in and design everything in metric. find out the manufacturer gets there materials from a supplier who only does imperial, have to redo entire design because 5mm is 0.3mm more then 3/16" thick balsa
  14. WTF is that, thats not mouse design thats a shit tone of plasitc glued onto a mouse.
  15. really were you watching the same show. she pretty much stopped trying after the first episode.