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    Probably a red-head.
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    Probably the same as the top 10 most common interests for people on this forum.
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    PC enthusiast with never enough money. Also a student.


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    4690k @4.5ghz / 1.3v
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    Asus Maximus VI Gene
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    12GB Assorted DIMMs @1600mhz
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    GTX 760 DCUII OC
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    CoolerMaster Elite 335U 'Modded'
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    Kingston SSDNow 240GB and 1TB 7200rpm WD Blue.
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    Silverstone Strider ST75F-P
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    Asus VE248H
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    Hyper 212 Evo with Corsair SP120's
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament edition
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    Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi original
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    Logitech Z506 5.1 Speakers
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    Windows 8.1 Pro
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  1. Not sure exactly, I didn't take note of the temps before hand, however I can comment on the amount of fan noise. Previously, even watching youtube for any extended period of time would have the fans operating at 100%, whereas now, even while playing games they max out at what I'd estimate is only about 60-70%.
  2. I've had the intention of replacing the thermal paste in my old Macbook Pro for a while now, and recently got around to actually doing it. I had a suspicion that the thermal paste had never been replaced since the laptop was bought back in 2008. Here's what I ended up finding. To start off with, my workplace. The empty shell. And now, the sight that greeted me when I removed the heatsink from the CPU and GPUs. As I had feared, it seems like the thermal paste hadn't been replaced at any point, hence it being entirely dried out and decrepit.
  3. Oh lord. If you want to get the best out of them, play the games in chronological order of release. Otherwise just start by playing AC 2, or at least don't make a judgement on the entire series until you've played it. Assassins Creed died with Ezio.
  4. I have a Vita. Great machine, shit support as we all know. I'm simply planning to exploit it and use it as a PSP emulator for all my old games that aren't on the store.
  5. I have a Vita. Great machine, shit support as we all know. I'm simply planning to exploit it and use it as a PSP emulator for all my old games that aren't on the store.
  6. Slow-mo is the best. It's one area where phones are really keeping up with much more expensive equipment. Even a flagship phone now can be outdone relatively easily by a camera of equivalent price, but in order to have a camera that matches the slow-mo quality of a smartphone is really quite expensive. DSLR's and mirrorless cameras at the same price point just don't match what a phone can do in the slo-mo arena really.
  7. camaro by Tauss ., on Flickr Nice shot, the center framing works well, however the angle of the shot seems kind of indecisive. If you were trying to make the car seem large and imposing, an even lower shot that filled the frame more would have really accentuated it, and if you were thinking of a more lengthy shot that makes the front of the car seem like a runway that directs your eyes vertically along the image, a higher angle would have been better. I do like it though, if it's a large enough image, cropping down to a 16:10 sort of aspect ratio could work well to improve the look, less p
  8. Vessel username: Redheadsrule13 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  9. Why in hell did I watch that video with a migrane... Send help.
  10. It's funny because I have a Macbook Pro, but I use it exactly like a chromebook.
  11. Riiiiiiiiight. So it's specifically an adapter that allows you to use a larger lens than the given camera would otherwise support.
  12. Yeah. I'm also wondering about this. Does it also mean that you're going to be getting black bars around the edges of your images since there isn't any light hitting the sensor there? @nicklmg Don't know Brandon's username. Can you ask him?
  13. Absolutely anything from here: https://xforma.com/ Not very practical, but they look angelic.
  14. Damn. I was expecting some closeups and perhaps some female modelling MSI style, but that was something different. I can't deny that I'm a suckers for those folding, construction/assembly animations. So cool.