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    Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than Hell
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    Programming, planes, tanks, birds and RuneScape.

    Also if you haven't noticed tech.


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    Notebook GTX 1660Ti
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  1. Kinda in the same place, what's there to even scare people with? I guess it's just good old crime ... that's just disappointing shouldn't be this easy to pass.
  2. My guess would be there is always a non zero number of cards that would do that under severe stress, just that the combination of this game putting massive stress and EVGA 3090s made people’s reports that more common and perceptible.
  3. Or it could be that a smaller proportion of AMD cards that also have bad electrical work frying themselves.
  4. Apparently that's one of only two tank rampages in modern history ... the other being a T-34-85 driven by a Hungarian pensioner.
  5. Doesn't sound like something with a lot of noise insulation, but is the buzzing louder than the fans?
  6. Sounds like coil whine, how bad is it (are the case fans louder?) and what case are you using?
  7. You can wait till the 14 inch MacBook Pro, or just get the Air on sale now since the next one is coming next year. The M1 MacBook Air seems pretty good for me and the Unix based command line might come handy if you end up doing linux courses. MacRumors buyers guide is handy anyway: https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#mac
  8. I would recommend spending on a better monitor and peripherals even before spending much on the motherboard and RAM, but if those are also top of the line then might as well go overkill if you want.
  9. According to the video it was CCed to multiple employees, so there was oversight. This is an issue with the entire department rather than one person going rogue.
  10. My brother owns this monitor and he likes it, heard good things about it from hardware unboxed as well:
  11. How are the CPU temperatures though? Not that I’m expecting much because the i7 9750H is a hot mess.
  12. I would assume this refreshes at 60Hz, right?