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  1. Tried it, so I can confirm it works. + The amplifier is needed because the receiver by itself doesn't have enough current to properly run an IEM or headphone.
  2. Wait, don't tell me you think better and worse is not subjective? True, high fidelity audio is defined, measureable and quantifiable. But it's just one of the many possible standards people use when they are judging if a thing is better or worse than the other things. As I understand it, high fidelity = how close the reproduction result compared to the original. One of the measurement is how low the distortions, right? Ok, you and maybe millions of other people judge a (audio) thing is good, bad, better or worse using this standard. But you can't seriously be thinking that 6 billion peopl
  3. That was actually my point, and what I said earlier, more or less, before I got bombarded by quantum mechanics and empty spaces. Never said anything about more expensive or multi-thousands cables being better and reaching heaven. Different cable materials can sound different, and that's that. Different is different. Better and worse are just humans labeling things.
  4. That, haven't found the proper answer yet. Thought about resistancy, but doesn't seem right. Well, based on the procedure (where the cables were the only free variables), and the fact that I got 16 out of 19 right on the ABX, it's either different cables indeed change the sound, or I'm a powerful psychic. Of course don't dismiss the possibility that I was cheating. That's why I uploaded the exact files for anyone who wanna double check, and swore that I didn't swap the files before uploading.
  5. Well, I know about 'too closed minded' but it's actually the first time I've heard of 'too open minded'. Granted, almost anything with 'too' in the front is bad in some ways or the other, but comparing the two (too closed vs too open), I'd choose 'too open'. An example, what I read in a science article: prior to 1905, people would either call you crazy or simply ignore you if you say matter (as in solid matter, etc) is another form of energy. Classic physics clearly separated those two as different 'beings'. Well, good thing Einstein got 'too open' of a mind that enabled him to write and
  6. First off, why are you complaining? Nobody was telling you to run errands or do what you don't want to do. Make it clear first, the 'taking it to HA', is it what I want or what you want? Because I never said or implied anything even remotely close to 'taking it to HA'. Now if it's what you want, why are you complaining to me? The plot is very simple, I said yes, you said no. I said I'm ready and willing to give the test subjects, testing methods, and procedures for you to recreate. You're free to make your choice. You want to challenge my test data or methods or results, sure, why not. I l
  7. Poppings are normal, usually caused by the amp powering up, giving some electricity offset signal. This can be corrected with a 'soft start' relay, which isn't really on the user's end. Some devices have these relays, some don't. In the past, people make a habit of just turning the volume knob down when starting the amp/powering on, and turn it back up after a few seconds.
  8. Well, I posted about this (sound difference of cables) in the 'beginning...' private discussion group, posted step by step process of separating the differences with audacity. I'd be happy to provide the original test files, and you do the separation process yourself, just to ensure there were no foul plays.
  9. As far as soundstage (narrow vs wide), this might do it: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/362631-closed-vs-open-back-headphones/
  10. If not taking into account the scale of differences, I actually agrees with him, and in audible spectrum of course. The (audible) differences are there, just in tiny scale. I'd say it's like wearing 100% cotton shirt vs 90% cotton + 10% polyester (or something) shirt. Is it different? Yes. Can you feel it? On and off for me, but maybe someone somewhere can. Is it worth the extra money? Not for me, dunno about others.
  11. That and also one of the purpose of an external dac is to be somewhat portable, for using with laptops and/or mobile daps/phones. Although maybe not portable enough to put in breast pockets (some are really that small), but portable enough to bring around in a bag. Well, unless it's one of those bookshelf dac devices....
  12. Well, if it's speed you want, you could always flip a coin. 5 seconds, and you got your answer....
  13. In term of bass, open backs don't pound on your ears as much as closed backs. Some people find this 'bass lacking' (while it's not technically correct), others find this much more enjoyable and comfortable (for the eardrums)
  14. For the money, or in terms of bang for bucks, yeah it's good.